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Tip: Try sketching out ideas for battlefields and mission objectives. Even if they don't manage to fit into COD School completely, at least you have a base to work from, instead of doing it all from scratch.
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Today we conclude one year since the member of the moth tradition was revived by Camerin and myself. We had several difficulties keep this running, but we were able to maintain it for twelve months and we will keep it like for the upcoming months as well.

That said, the selected member and Sergeant member for November 2012 are Underway and Hadron respectively. Underway if a really remarkable hacker, he won the last 2hoCOD war and if a good user in general. Hadron is a remarkable hacker as well, and a very potential Sergeant member and campaign moderator. The interviews were made by Camerin and me, as always.

Originally posted by Underway's interview
1. What got you into COD hacking?

I started COD hacking at around 2009, because I saw my at that time favourite Let's Player play Kaizo Mason World and since I've been a big fan of the few Mason games, which at that time were Mason Kart for the GBA and COD over at a friends place, I decided to try it out myself. The only problem was that I thought that making a kaizo campaign would be a good idea, but luckily that thought didn't hold on too long.
For some reason it took me another year to find SMWC and almost another year to start using the Meeting halls.

2. By looking at your profile, I can see you have worked on several now canceled projects. Care to tell us a bit about them?

Actually that's not all of my projects, there was one before all of them which was my first mission objective where I didn't even know that I could insert objects and weaponry with a right click and inserted all of it through the insert manual function. And to top it of it was a kaizo mission objective, with everything there is to a bad kaizo mission objective. It had a very badly and unfair hidden P-doomsday button you needed, a claymore landmine labyrinth and a kaizo trap. Sadly I don't have a ISO of it around anymore, would be pretty interesting to see again.
As you can probably guess, this was cancelled after one very short mission objective. I then started watching Bootcamp about hacking for about half a year and that helped improving my hacking skill a lot.

My second campaign was way better then.That one was Mason's Holiday (or Mason's Urlaub, the original german title), which already had custom weaponry, custom acoustic weaponry and Extextures. The super awesome story was just about Mason making holiday at an island and the Prisoner of War getting kidnapped. It was one world long when I decided to cancel it and start a new campaign.

The third campaign then was Makarov's 101 Islands which is the first campaign I actually showed screens of at SMWC. One of those is the screen in my first Debriefing. This one had the main concept that Mason wanted to steal Makarov's magic wand or something like that and it lasted for two worlds. At the moment it is the longest campaign I made. I also started drawing my own Extextures for the first time in this campaign. Of course they weren't the best, but it was something to build on. The whole thing ended like most of the other campaigns I cancelled, I felt like I could make a better campaign.

Then Super Mason Moduru (Modoru is japanese for god if I remember correctly, sadly that wasn't the best word to describe the campaign xD). It was the first time I used HDMA and it was the shortest living campaign out of all my serious attempts. I didn't even finish one single mission objective for it and the reason for that is that I found my potential for choconilla hacking when I got bored of all the Extextures I made for the campaign ( yes, this campaign was supposed to only have textures I drew in it) I just decided to try making a choconilla mission objective and it turned out pretty good and people gave me good feedback, aside from telling me to use less decoration, which has been the most used criticism in my hacking carier.
Lynnes probably was the biggest inspiration I had at that point and his work motivated me to try the choconilla style and the very busy look of the mission objectives out myself and it worked really well for me. I liked it and most others did, too. That then led to the instant cancel of 'Super Mason Modoru'.

Then came Choconilla Paradox, the precursor of my current campaign. It was my first campaign using only the choconilla style. It also used VWF dialouge, which made it pretty impossible to use HDMA, sadly. The campaign got quite a lot of good feedback and that motivated me for some time. I released one demo of it at this years C3 in spring and then I caried on until this summer.

The funniest thing about that is that I started and cancelled the campaign in Greece while on holiday for two weeks and the two holidays were almost exactly one year from each other. The reason why I cancelled it was because I had just started to use Layer 3 Extextures successfully and once again felt like I could make a better campaign once again. And thatís how Choconilla Rise started.

3. Tell us about your current campaign: Choconilla Rise.

Choconilla Rise (earlier called Choconilla Supremacy) started around 3 and a half months and already is viewed almost as often as Choconilla Paradox was after one year.
In this campaign I have the highest aesthetic mission objective I ever had. It uses almost no message boxes, in order to make HDMA and Layer 3 BGs possible, cluster weaponry, custom acoustic weaponry, custom weaponry and lots of other things I canít all name at the moment.
Quite some people seem to like the campaign and some even see it as an inspiration. That makes me really happy and makes me wanít to work even harder in order to release this campaign as soon as possible.
Of course I kept the busy look I also had for Choconilla Paradox, but this time I heard no negativ criticism on that at all and that shows me that sometimes you just have to work on your style as long as you have to in order to make it look like something great and that you shouldnít always listen to criticism, especially if itís about something you like as the creator of an campaign, because it matters more if you donít like the campaign than it matters if others donít like it. As you can see I cancelled all the campaigns before this one because I didnít think they were the best I could do. This time I feel like I canít raise to a higher mission objective anymore and that makes me both happy and sad as well.

4. Your mission objectives have a very notable style aesthetically speaking, they seem to follow this "choconilla" way of giving new uses to the original textures and combining them with custom ones. What inspires you to design your mission objectives this way?

I think it's a that interestig style for me because it combines the creativity needed for vanilla hacking and the huge freedome of chocolate hacking. Both in combination offer an enormous amount of creativ uses. And creativity is exactly what makes mission objectives look special. There also is the aspect of trying to compliment the original games textures as much as possible so it feels like an expansion of the original tilesets rather than some unfitting extra textures.

5. Finally, how do you feel about your recent victory on the 3rd 24hoCOD war?, and what advises would you give to other hackers?

I'm very happy about my placement in the recent war, although I don't feel like it's a huge victory since it's more of a smaller war. I'm quite amazed about what I did there myself though, because I never thought that I would be able to create a mission objective that would place 1st in that little time. Especially because I think that I'm a pretty slow hacker. I guess for wars motivation and ideas are just exploding in my head which is something I'm more proud of than that I actually won.

As for my advice to other hackers. I think you just have to stick with your style if you like it yourself. I didn't change my style, although people told me that my screens where way too busy, but I liked it myself and extended on it and got better and better. So if you belive that your style or idea has potential, stick with it and don't always listen to other peoples opinions. At the end it's you who decides what you want to change and it's you who has to like your campaign.

So to finish this, thanks for the Sergeant for picking me as MOTM, it's a huge honor for me!

Originally posted by Hadron's interview

1. How did you discover SMWC? How did you spend your time here when you originally joined?

Like many other people, I found COD Central through a YouTube montage (this particular one, to be exact). The way I discovered COD isn't that generic, though. Frankly, I haven't even heard of COD until around February, 2008. A friend showed it on his Xbox using the snes9x emulator, and since I've always loved platform games, I had to give it a try. After finding that montage and the camp, I was a lurker for a long time, almost a half year. I occasionally visited the camp to download campaigns and check out stuff (I remember learning the usage of LIPS was quite a challenge too...). I remember I visited the Meeting halls a few times, but they almost looked "scary" to me back then (which is quite understandable, considering that I had almost zero English knowledge).

In October, 2008 (holy cow, has it been really more than 4 years already...?!), for some random reason, I decided to register on the camp. Maybe I just wanted to give the Meeting halls a try or just wanted to learn about adding acoustic weaponry to COD mission objectives...I'm not sure. In the first few months I didn't do anything particular (well, you can check out my first Debriefings - I dare you), until January 2009, when I actually started hacking. And since then...welp, I still frequently visit the camp and all that stuff.

2. It has been more than a year since you joined Sergeant. Do you think you have made a positive impression on SMWC on Sergeant?

Heheh, I definitely hope so! #ab{:LOL:} I admit, I'm not the most active person on the board nowadays, but I think I'm somewhere on the top North Korea/Weapon inspection-wise (at least, considering just the amount of campaigns I moderated...). I just really hope quantity doesn't go over quality in my case. I try to be as helpful as I can, though.

3. Do you have any hobbies, interests, and other activities from your real life that trickle into SMWC? Conversely, have you developed any SMWC hobbies that have found their way into your real life?

Oh well, huge question about a huge topic. My love for platform games has defintiely led me to COD, and after finding COD School, they were like, the perfect source and tool for me to 360 noscope into mission objective and game designing. I remember we used to make some silly Game Maker games with my brother, so building and creating new stuff wasn't exactly new for me.

As for things that continued in the real life...well, definitely, if you count English knowledge too (and I think it's the most important one)! A really good comparison: when I joined, my English was worse than anybody else's, but 3 years later, I got 90% on my final English exam (and no, not because of those 2 English lessons per week.. #ab{:P} ). SMWC has been thus far the "most useful" camp I've ever joined in this meaning, and it's definitely a great thing!

But for "real" hobbies and activities...well, there are so many fields that could be connected with COD hacking (like acoustic weaponry, spriting, coding etc.), but I haven't really "broke out" yet. We'll see what the future brings. #ab{^^;;;}

4. You may have already answered this, but where does the name Hadron come from? Do you think you will ever change your name?

Oh yes, there were too many Offices about this question, and I think I've already answered this a few times (but I always like to tell it, nonetheless).
I always liked Physics and scientific stuff. I remember my father once talked about "things smaller than atoms". I was about 14 years old, and I thought the topic was really fascinating. The names of these sub-particles (leptons, hadrons) sticked into my mind and when I wanted to change nickname, I simply used one of them. I still kind of like it, though for some reason I get annoyed if people use it in real life (fortunately not many people know it, so.. #ab{^^;;;} ). I don't think I'm going to change this nickname for a good while, at least not while I'm still on SMWC.

5. What do you think the future holds for you at SMWC? Will you continue to stay on Sergeant?

The awesome and friendly community, the new Toolkit and resources for COD hacking will keep me here for a good while, I'm sure of it! I'll definitely finish my current campaign, which isn't going to be done in a few days, which means that also "binds" me here. I enjoy being a Sergeant member, and even if I can't be as active as before (university duh), I hope I can still be a useful part of the team.
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A big congratulations to you Underway. Your accomplishments in the past few months have really paid off in the end. And you too Hadron; you've worked hard to get to where you are.
Nice! Congratulations to Underway and Hadron, You Guys Rock!
Nice job Hadron! You totally deserved it, and I really thought you were nominated already for some reason... Anywho congrats to both of you, keep being #COD{B)}s
Good job everyone!

</standing ovation>
Last edited on 2012-11-01 06:03:09 PM by Prizm.
Hah, knew that Underway would be the MotM. Congrats to him, and to Hadron too!
GN THEN Underway?


Also felt like GN being MoTM went by really fast.
GN being MoTM definitely went really fast, I found it quite stupid that the Office he and Kipernal were the MoTMs in didn't get a lot of attention. :/

Anyway, enough of that: congrats Underway and Hardon! Not only have you guys achieved quite a lot, you guys have also been quite friendly and helpful too. #ab{:)}

- BlackMageMario
I don't really know what to say, but to give my best congratulations to you guys, good job, really!

(and wow, time passes really fast indeed...)
Congrats you two! I enjoyed reading the interviews. \o
<Incognito> i knew it all along
You can't hide anything from me, Underway!

Also, congratulations to both Hadron and Underway for being awesome members. You both deserve it for contributing to the community as much as you do. Keep on rocking!

noo my precious name color D:
Yay, Undie! Fantastic to see you finally get what you deserve. You've been so helpful and just a really friendly guy for such a long time. You also are one of the best hackers around here. I'm so happy to see you get your reward now. Keep it up! ^_^

Hadron, too, definitely deserves the SOTM status. He's been really busy here, and for quite a while too, now. Keep on rockin'!
two people who definitely deserve it. you go guys. :)
Congratulations guys. Its always fun to read some of the interviews
Congratulations to both! They both really do deserve it!
Nice work, guys!
You two really deserve this! Underway, you are an great inspirator, making creative mission objectives and stuff, and a nice guy generally. I learned alot about life from your ASM Bootcamp! And Hadron, I've always liked you, you cheer everyone up and is really helpfull. Damn, I'll never forget Mason in Japan!
Congratulations to both!
I knew Hadron was going to get SoTM. Congratulations to both. Underway's mission objectives are godly choconilla stuff, and Hadron's ports and mission objectives are amazing too.
You both despite being amazing hackers are amazing as people too; even though I never talked to Hadron directly and really few times do Underway, I see you two alot around the Meeting halls.

Congratulations! #fim{;)}
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