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New to SMW Central? Introduce yourself here!
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Originally posted by TheSMWFanMan
Hi! I'm not just a normal SMW fan, I love it a LOT!
I've been wanting to make an account on this site, and have noticed how much better and different this site is from other sites. thank all of the staff moderator's and creator's for blessing this site to all of us.
it is truly a gift to have a site like this in the awful place called the internet. Have a merry Christmas!

Hey welcome to the site! And thanks a lot!! This really is an awesome site haha. I hope you enjoy yourself here!

And merry Christmas to you too!
Hello! :D

Looking for a GFX artist!

Current Collab Hack Details
Yah, Im new. One of my friends told me about this site, and it is pretty cool.
I love HTML, as you can see here I already made a layout.
So, yah. Im really exited to get into the new year!
¨Beauty is a way of saying thanks.¨
Hi, long time site visitor, first time forum poster. I don't do forums much these days, you'll probably find me on the discord a lot more than here.

My favourite hacks so far are THNAN and JUMP.

I'll do a layout for my posts when I can...
Hey everyone, I'm GoronGuy123 and I'm a YouTube gamer that loves Nintendo and FNAF, and also used to be heavily involved in New Super Mario Bros. Hacking but I've considered returning to it. Don't expect a hack from me soon, I'm still deciding what I want to do with it. Until then I may not be too active on this board because I'm usually always busy making YouTube videos and working on something NSMBW related so hopefully you guys will be excited for that.

I'm a YouTuber. I might consider returning to NSMBW hacking but I mainly quit due to drama and loss of motivation. But this might change soon. I also love FNAF
Hello, I am TruffledToad, and I'm here to make ROM hacks and procrastinate.

Okay not really. I am here to do some stuff with SMW to make something that anyone can enjoy. Over the past few years, I've been a little iffy over SMW hacking. While I know that some crazy stuff can be done with it and it's advanced more so than almost any game before the 2000's when it comes to ROM hacking, I still preferred the stuff being done with Sonic or Mega Man hacks. That being said, I do want to see what the hacking community here has to offer, and to see what I can make with the near endless tools given. But enough about why I'm here, let's just stop rambling and I'll talk a little bit about myself.

Currently I am 16, in High School, waiting on getting a part-time job and my driver's license, (which I plan to get over this month and the next) I like music, Mega Man, Sonic, Kirby, some more obscure video games, bad puns, riding transportation, and making people laugh or be happy. I do have a tendency to flip around interests between video games, only to come back to them a few months later, so don't worry if I don't show up for a month or two, I'll be back either way.

I hope to enjoy my time being spent here, and I hope you enjoy my company!

Truffledy yours... er... Truffle.

you are welcome for the non eyesore post layout
Welcome Truffled! Hope you enjoy your stay ;)

I'm a YouTuber. I might consider returning to NSMBW hacking but I mainly quit due to drama and loss of motivation. But this might change soon. I also love FNAF
Hi everyone,

I am MetallicKreeper, SMW hacker since 4 or 5 years, I don't really remember. I live in France.
As you can see, I registered here a long time ago, but was too shy to post anything. In fact, I watch the site and the forums since my beginnings in SMW hacking.
I have a hack in production too. This is my first serious one, and I think it is pretty decent (I don't want to be pretentious lol). I'll make a WIP thread for it later.
I also rip graphics. I have a lot in my folders, maybe I'll upload these. I recently began porting musics too.

I hope to make many friends here !
See you on the forums and the discord ! #smw{:TUP:}
(I think I'll be more present on the later though)
If you mean the guy who's very very mad, it's Todd Howard.
Calling things "triggered" is terrible use of language and you should feel bad for succumbing to bottom of the barrel memes, by the way.
Welcome aboard, JokingOnTheSidewalk! O/

Originally posted by leod
Calling things "triggered" is terrible use of language and you should feel bad for succumbing to bottom of the barrel memes, by the way.

I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not, but it’s kinda rude to just criticize someone’s word choice out of the blue like that and tell them that they “should feel bad” about themselves, especially if you’re introducing yourself. It leaves a bad first impression imo.

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
It's bad activism.
I learned "triggered" is a bad word to use so casually, as it's used to refer to what causes seizures in people with actual mental illnesses. Do avoid saying things that can be hurtful, but you shouldn't feel bad if you legitimately didn't know.
With that said, welcome! Hope you have a good time.

I never actually knew that myself. I always thought “triggered” was only a more memeier way of saying “angry.” It’s just that I’ve seen the word used so much to mean “angry” that I thought leod was just being irrational over JOTS’s word choice. My bad.

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
Hi, in case my username didn't give it away my name is Dan. After this post I'm most likely gonna become a long time lurker. I only signed up to leave a couple of reviews and thank the creators of Return To Dinosaur Land (RAGB)and Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalzed (Superwiidude) the first 2 ROM hacks I have ever played!

Still regret selling my original SNES for £20 back in the day, and with Super Mario World being my favourite game of all time I couldn't wait for my SNES Classic mini to arrive on release day. After completing the game again (3 times haha) I was sad that SMW2 Yoshi's Island was nothing like SMW.....and then I stumbled upon ROM hacks and Return to Dinosaur Land and I haven't really left the house since #ab{:LOL:}

I wouldn't know where to start creating my own hack, but I'll just keep enjoying playing everyone elses!

Thanks and keep up the great work everyone.
Hello everyone im Vadelma Kisu77 and im a music composer, artist and a Mario rom hacker. I have hacked SMW many many years ago but I haven't made account here before :D Im hacking NSMBW these days but I decided to join to this community maybe I could hack SMW once more? :)

-Vadelma Kisu77
Hello! I'm SMBTCDev. By my name and my sig, it could be told that I'm working on a new ROM hack called Super Mario: Before the Change. I've only made a few test hacks before, but I'm getting there! Other experiences I have with making Mario levels are with Super Mario Maker, where I made many of them. So bye for now!

Creator of the upcoming hack, After the Storm.
Greetings, I'm Magicant and I'm an aspiring Super Mario World hacker who looks to get back after being away from ROM hacking for so long.

It's good to be on here and on the Discord server!
Nobody's greeting new members D:?

Welcome Dan314, Vadelma Kisu77, SMBTCDev and Magicant #tb{:D}

Go follow my WIPs in my basement! Here.

Hi... I'm LoneWolf22113.
I'm a shy dude who loves games and anime.
I want to get into romhacking, but I don't know where to start :(

Also I'm too dumb to make a layout #w{xD} (atleast I know html and some css i guess... #w{:s} )

I guess that's it for the introductions and time to keep on trying with the layout #smrpg{roar}

Hello! Wandered over here from parts unknown.'s the right thing to do. :) Love anime, writing, and video games especially anything Mario related. Somewhat new...ok...totally new to the whole SMW hack scene, but I might give some a try.
Welcome, guys! Have a good time here.

Hey, I'm oracle. I've been hacking for about a year, though I only joined SMW Central about 3 months ago. I enjoy:
-Hard non-kaizo levels (like JUMP)
I'm waiting 'till the next Level Design Contest so I can submit something.

If anyone wants to help with anyone of these hacks
-Kaizo hack
-Regular hack
-SMB1 hack (maybe)
Contact me on discord:

I've only been hacking for about a year, so I'm sorry if some of my questions are a bit stupid
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