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Item Abuse 3
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Finally, after the introduction to the first level back in 2009, the Item Abuse series comes to a close with the release of Item Abuse 3!

Watch The Release Video HERE.
Download Item Abuse 3 HERE.

The final episode was due to the product of 3 years of on-and-off work, with the approximately 40% of the past 2 months being dedicated solely to this project. And after furiously being frustrated at even beating my own level, it is completed (and hopefully without any major breaks to be found).

Over the course of designing each room, I was able to realize that the similarities between Item Abuse 1 and Item Abuse 2 were atrocious, and that is one of the major things I tried to sway away with the third one. In addition, I really wanted Item Abuse 3 to be known as the level in the series that really sticks out to everyone, which mainly meant increased difficulty. In retrospect to most tool-assisted speedrunners, Item Abuse and Item Abuse 2 may be known as the "average difficulty level," which is still much more difficult compared to the normal Super Mario World hack. Here, I wanted to really push the limits to even tool-assisted speedrunners.

Another I focused on were the palettes, as I did not like the ones I used in the former levels. If you look carefully, I tried to follow a day-to-night theme, starting with sunrise in the first room (and introduction), slowly gradually transitioning to midnight in the final room. Also a special thanks to GBreezeSunset for helping me with the palettes.

And here is a quick run-down of the themes I tried to incorporate with each room *SPOILERS*:

Room 1: Shell abuse
Room 2: Shell abuse
Room 3: Key-jumping
Room 4: On/Off blocks
Room 5: Throw-block timer manipulation
Room 6: Meticulous flying/Yoshi abuse
Room 7: Absurd (s)hell abuse (accidental typo is relevant)
Room 8: Water level/double grabbing items
Room 9: Block duplication abuse
Boss: Shell/Block duplication abuse

So without further ado, I present you with Item Abuse 3! And to anyone that can complete the level to its full entirety (without breaking it), I laud you.

P.S. I am planning on submitting this to SMWCentral, so yeah.

I'm dying laughing at some of these rooms, and it just gets crazier as it goes along. The shell room and block duplication was absolutely insane, and the boss was amazing. Well played, Panga. Well played.
(also sorry bahamete and I never finished that room for you)

Originally posted by PangaeaPanga
Room 7: Absurd hell abuse

Also quoting this typo because it's accurate as hell.

Professional frame-by-frame time wizard.
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Easily the hardest ROM hack. And a very beautiful one. I'm totally playing this soon...


I'm a SMW TAS'er and pit/kaizo hack mod. My pages:
New TAS blog - old SMW Blog, Youtube - Twitter

I'm so happier to see the third installment of this series released right now. We all pretty much expected to see something like this from you, given how insane it gets as it goes on. I absolutely loved every room, especially the block duplication one, it was creative as hell and didn't detract from the whole experience. What's the purpose of the Goomba at 1:44 if I may ask?

Overall, great job with this hack! I'm probably not going to play it since I'm not so skilled with such hacks, but it was fun just from watching the video.
jesus christ what universe have i stepped into
This is easily the most insane hack I've seen to date. Room 7 literally virtually made me die of laughter. I guess this also explains your absence from this forum.
It also didn't occur to me that "Absurd hell abuse" was a typo, because it's very true.
also glad to see you're back... again

audience laughs
I have been waiting a long time for this, but I didn't expect it to be quite this hard.
Since when did God have the spare time to make and train on His own parkour course?

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Thank you everyone for your feedback. I appreciate it!

Originally posted by Katerpie
What's the purpose of the Goomba at 1:44 if I may ask?

It is to show the viewers that I have no mercy on anyone's soul, including a seemingly innocent goomba standing on top of a mere ON/OFF block.

But seriously, I just felt like putting one in there haha.

I don't think I've ever been so impressed with a pit hack. With so many insane hacks like Colonthree, Walljump Abuse, and GA3, I didn't think there were many ideas left. I was obviously wrong, since this hack is the most creative, difficult, and hilarious pit hack I've seen. The shell section in the brown cave is my personal favorite and in my opinion the coolest thing I have ever seen in a pit/kaizo hack, ever.
Well Item Abuse 3 is out!
One question :do you have plans for other Kaizo / Pit hacks?
Originally posted by PangaeaPanga
And after furiously being frustrated at even beating my own level,

I know that feeling. That's pretty much why I have never finished a pit hack and why I don't think I will ever make one any time soon. I really hate when I get frustrated at my own level and feel like I have to change it because it was possible before but now it's seemingly impossible.
It may be the hardest now but sometime down the road someone will probably make a level that's even more difficult just when I think the SMW difficulty arms race is over.

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It's moments like this that I'm really in awe of this community. Absolutely amazing work.
Nice! #tb{^V^}
So for some reason, I decided to give this hack a try. The full difficulty of the hack isn't realized until you actually play it. I got past the first room, and it's still really challenging. Also, the first room is really well designed, more so than I noticed just watching.
It's pretty unoptimized and mostly just for fun, although I managed to beat the walkthrough time by 1 in game second in the first room. I mainly want to just see how far I can get.

Originally posted by PangaeaPanga
Anyone who can complete this is pretty much mentally insane.

Time to prove myself as a psychopath.

Your layout has been removed.
You guys speaking like that make me want to join the competition.
For the sake of the fairness, Snes9x 1.43 should be avoided.


I'm a SMW TAS'er and pit/kaizo hack mod. My pages:
New TAS blog - old SMW Blog, Youtube - Twitter
If you guys can do it, you might as well go out during a thunderstorm with an empty bottle, and capture lightning in it when it strikes. Prepare to sacrifice 99% of your social lives, muscle tone, and vitamin D.
Oh, and remember at the end of the final stage in MMD2 when the message box was talking about how you beat the tutorial and you're now ready for easy mode? Well, IA3 would be at least super hard mode!

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Gbreeze what do you think to back TASing? Yes or No?
Originally posted by Darkguii
Gbreeze what do you think to back TASing? Yes or No?

No. I've still quit TASing. I'm just doing Item Abuse 3 for fun, not for a good time. ShadowDragon is going to actually TAS it I think.
You know a hack is insane when it gets 1,000,000 views in only 2 weeks.

audience laughs
You know a hack is insane when the number of rerecords is more than the number of frames. ColonThree is ~23 minutes and a comment mentioned 85K rerecords. Item Abuse 3 is ~8 minutes and over 78K rerecords, so it's a much higher density of rerecords in relation to length.

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