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Favorite YouTubers?
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Here are mine(or at least the ones I've been watching a lot lately).
- Vinesauce
- BrawlBRSTMs3(whenever I'm working on stuff)
- Gaming Historian
- Commonwealth realm

My Youtube Channel
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"All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu. This is the truth!"

My Mario Maker Levels
goldleaderone (back when he uploaded regularly)
waluigimaster (hasn't uploaded anything in years)
MarioBros8989 (big nostalgia thing here, especially with the original Summer Fun)
yoshielectron (more so his really old stuff)

>Mark danced crazy!
Smooth McGroove
His stuff is pretty cool, he is talented.

I don't like all of his videos, but it's funny to see what kind of weird videos there even are on YouTube, and him basically making fun of them.

You Suck at Cooking
A weird and strangely entertaining cooking channel

Nitori Kappashiro - rip
The channel had a lot of neat Doujin music and went through copyright struggles but it seems like YouTube finally won. My favourites playlist has huge holes in it now.

Weird products reviews ahoy

Shitposter - YouTube version. He reads random shitty fanfics and stories from 4chan and all. He's pretty funny in my opinion. If I had to mention a favourite video, it's probably this.

Evident from my avatar, I like Retsupurae. Their old stuff is gold. I miss the days where they just riff on terrible LPers, nowadays it's just games (although I have to say those kickstarter videos are amazing). My favourite Retsupurae is Darkseed 2 even though it consisted of 5 (?) huge videos.

skippy62able - AKA "The L.A. Beast"
I don't know why. I just enjoy watching him eating weird stuff. Watch his videos at your own risk, they can be gross.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then
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Originally posted by Ersanio
My favourite Retsupurae is Darkseed 2 even though it consisted of 5 (?) huge videos.

Their Sonic 06 LP/riff was godly

"Why am I falling through Bayonetta worlds?!" exclaims Slowbeef, as Sonic unabashedly ploishes through the flooded castle ruins of Soleanna Forest's Kingdom Valley, entering NOCLIP purgatory
Casually Explained
Underrated channel about a guy who explains stuff (not in the usual way).

Has great unusual documentaries. Very varied.

iDubbbz, maxmoefoe
How do I explain lmao. I guess they do stupid shit and it's really entertaining?

Filthy Frank
"Filthy Frank is the embodiment of everything a person should not be. He is anti-PC, anti-social, and anti-couth. He behaves and reacts excessively to everything expressly to highlight the ridiculousness of racism, misogyny, legalism, injustice, ignorance and other social blights". Sounds about right.

Jon Tron Show
Another pretty entertaining skit comedy channel about "reviewing" videos games and movies.

Super Bunnyhop
A channel about talking, analyzing, criticizing video games or it's industry. It may sometimes be serious or funny.

If you love smash brothers and love to see compilation relating to smash, then is is the perfect channel.

EDIT: You Suck at Cooking.
Yoooooo how could I forget this one.

I used to watch GradeAUnderA, but I found out about some stuff in his subreddit and it gave me a really bad taste. It doesn't seem like he handled his popularity very well, and started becoming nearly what he complains about (relating to drama).
I Hate Everything - Picks something he doesn't like and explains why with valid reasons and arguments. Even if you disagree with him, you'll often see he brings up good points.

SomeOrdinaryGamers - He browses the deep web, reviews shitty creepypastas amongst other stuff. Pretty fun and humble guy.

Rob Dyke - He discusses the more fucked up people in the world, which can surprisingly be really gripping.

Channel Awesome - I just really love the reviews and parodies they do on there. Also Nostalgia Critic.

I'll probably add more later.
Markiplier: Despite his "Immature" humor (he's really funny all the time), His kindness, humility, willpower, heart, charisma, respect for others, and will to do charity and grow his skills, to name a few things, is why I see him as the ultimate earhtly role model outside of my family.

Game Grumps: I actually love the game grumps more for the NON let's plays they do, although I still like their work. I'm tlaking about NSP, Starbomb, Arin and Ross's art and animation, Suzy's Crafts, Hot pepper gaming, Commander Holly's existence, and so on.

Nostalgia critic: Successfully blends Movie reviews and sketch comedy, plus a cool guy. If a review isn't funny, it's either got something amazing you wouldn't expect from a shoestring budget, or it's got a valueable lesson for writers and storytellers.
Plus, he's spearheading a movement to save youtube.

Not in priority order. They're all entertaining, though maybe not all in the same ways. Roahm and Kevvl are knowledgeable about the games and make smart remarks about stuff that happens in them (especially the former), Pink likes to screw around and do things in an unorthodox way for the heck of it, and Masae is cute and perky. I'm actually surprised no one else really watches any of them; one person has mentioned Masae so far, and nobody has mentioned any of the others.

Yeah, I mostly watch Let's Play channels, and only a few of those at that. I do occasionally watch other stuff, though, such as Numberphile.
Let's see...

Caddicarus - Does game reviews and is pretty entertaining. Covers stuff from his childhood as well as current games.

Casey Neistat - This guy's a self-made success story. He does daily vlogs and talks about his experiences. He's kind of a role model to me, tbh.

CGP Grey - Super informative and interesting videos.

Chadtronic - Does reactions to weird videos, commercials, etc. Pretty entertaining stuff.

Davepretendo - Home of the legendary SephirothSword57, the greatest game reviewer in history.

Extra Credits - Videos about game development, which are pretty interesting to me.

Jim Sterling - Home of the Jimquisition, a nice show about current issues in the gaming world.

JonTron - Not nearly as good as he used to be, but I still watch his stuff whenever it comes out.

Matthewmatosis - Super in-depth game reviews and analysis. Love stuff like this.

Vsauce - More very interesting and educational videos.

Yuriofwind - I really like his Gaming Mysteries and Obscure Gaming series.

So yeah, that's a super trimmed-down version of my subscription list. I have a ton more if anyone is actually interested (probably not).

Originally posted by K3fka
Let's see...
JonTron - Not nearly as good as he used to be, but I still watch his stuff whenever it comes out.
Vsauce - More very interesting and educational videos.
Originally posted by Undertaker
Here are mine:
Has an immature sense of humor, but he's pretty great when I need a break from maturity (JK he's funny all the time)
Originally posted by Hat Kid


The above, and:
Sethbling - He does a lot of SMW and Minecraft, and I happen to like both
EthosLab - Pretty much my favorite channel. His MC videos are the best.
ParkerGames - Minecraft, and a really funny guy.
PewDiePie - I'm sorry ;-;
SomeGuy712x - VVVVVV + SMW
High Quality Ripper SilvaGunner - Only High Quality Rips (tm)

Discord: CinnamonKiwi ☆彡#1540 | Site: | GBAtemp: Invision
Join the VVVVVV server!

I don't have any specific favourites except people that are on forums like board2 and places like that.
(I would appreciate if people also joined dailymotion too thats also a good video site)

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My favourite YouTube channels is:
Conner the waffle
Space Chicken
Daniel's game vault
And some other channels...

If you want in my basement to observe my projects, PM/DM me for invite link.

I don't really like the mainstream YouTubers, honestly.
MKGirlism (I like myself).
UltimatePisman (It's for a historical reason, although they have become much less active, since the Content ID Spam started).
たくっち (Their Gaming Videos are hillarious).
Langfocus (Awesome information about Languages).

I would as well list all the MKDS/MK7 CT creators' Channels, but they're all quite inactive, lately.
The amazing man himself, I love his personality and...everything! lol

A pretty nice channel, I love their long discussions and they're pretty friendly and entertaining too.

I like his Rockman and Pokémon videos, he's also funny (at least for me).

An inactive channel, he was pretty cool though. Also absolutely crazy! (Also probably masochist, if some of his videos are any indication).

A nice SMW hacker who helped me learn a lot of stuff in portuguese, I used to watch his videos to learn better and even in comments he used to clarify my questions.

Well...I find some of his videos entertaining.

Because I love the hacks he made.

Teppei Okada
His violin is epic!

Basically, these are the ones I can think of, but I kinda enjoy many. I tried to mention just some, because there are channels dedicated to hacks of various games, music and so on.


The snow is falling on the withering leaves, I am left in the cold, the shadows are crying in the moonlight. Is this night the last of my life?
This channel is great and everybody should know about it. Almost everyday he posts a short video of his dog skateboarding in a different outfit with different background music for nearly two years so far.
SiIvaGunner, the master of grand high-quality rips.

supermarioglitchy4, funniest and most popular SM64 Blooper maker.

Uncle Jobel, the grand Swede himself.

Me, totally not shameless self-promotion.

Naturally funny personality and does my favorite kind of LPs: BLIND. Also does ASMR. Pretty much the only YouTuber I need.
Mine are most of the Normal Boots (ProJared, Jontron, PBG, ThatOneVideoGamer/The Completionist, probably a few more but I dunno), whoisthisgit, SomecallmeJohnny, ClementJ64, some Youtube Poopers (in case I wanna laugh my ass off), some chiptune remixing channels (Dracula9AntiChapel, MyNewSoundtrack, Bulby, etc), Balrog and SpaceHamster (from the Hidden Block), Joel and Vinny from Vinesauce and some few that I am kinda lazy to name. Oh, and I have been recently enjoying SilvaGunner as well. XD
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Originally posted by Theultimate12

Originally posted by MercuryPenny


My favorite YouTubers are the usual ones you would expect: JonTron, FilthyFrank, iDubbbz, VideogameDunkey, etc. Another YouTuber that I also really enjoy is the one and only Smooth McGroove. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful voice.
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