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Party Skills
Defend Run Pray Lifesense
Empty Embrace Empty Promise
Narrative Tattle Narrative Scan Narrative Hint Narrator Summon

Shadoo Trail Battle 5! - Shadoo Latukas

Round 13

Player Turn

Hex prays for safety. Zek answers his call, spending 2 SP to imbue him with an Empty Promise.
Lucas spends 2 SP, and imbues himself with an Empty Promise. He will have the last laugh.
Lightvayne tries to use a Final Attack, but he doesn't know that skill either. This is fortunate for everyone else.
Ultima embraces emptiness for 1 SP. The party recovers 10 HP and 5 FP from this aura.
Noivern buys a Stone Cap for 20 Coins, and makes an Empty Promise to Zekrom for 2 SP, before turning himself to stone.
Samario dons the Stone Cap, turning himself from soft, vulnerable metal, to sturdy, unbreakable stone. 🤔

Enemy Turn

Shadoo Latukas uses Execution Sentence. Noivern is blasted with shadow. No effect.

End of Round

The two dimensional plancks finally arrive. As sharp as can be, they slash everyone to ribbons... Zek, Lucas and Hex all hold on, an empty promise fulfilled. Samario and Noivern are unaffected by the attack. Ultima is protected by a miracle, surviving with 1 HP.

"... It's over, isn't it. I... I can't defeat you, not with the time I have left. I give up... I... I don't want to go back... But if Latukas can succeed, then my suffering will be over for good. He... Has to defeat you..."

Shadoo Latukas's shell finally splits apart, and crumbles back to shadow. Shadoo's shadowy tendrilous form scatters and fades away, as if de-materializing from reality.

Battle Over. Players are revived, and HP and FP is fully restored.

Each player gains one level up, and 250 coins. For reaching 10th level, each player gains a Star Shard.

Shadoo Latukas drops several items. You may distribute them as you please.
Shadookas Spell Token
Bootleg Antikythera Page
Anachronous Armour

For reducing Shadoo Latukas to 0HP before the plancks hit, the party receives the following item:
Aubade Bucker

For completing the battle with 3/4ths of the party still alive, the party receives the following item:
Through the Pain

And then, everything fades to black as you are once again yanked across time and space, back towards that one familiar city. Upon returning, your SP is fully restored.

Hub - Neo Bowser City

"Well, we're back here again. Some shopping tips: If you have any items you no longer want, I've arranged for the Petey Pawn Shop to buy them back at their store price - don't worry, we've subsidized all of it. You might not be able to sell unique items there however. If you've already decided what you want, but are waiting for other people, exploring might yield some interesting results. Good luck!"

Shopping Link

First off, +BP, +MAG.

Second off, unlock Spell Block.

Third off, take the Bootleg Antikythera Page, then equip it. Also, take the Shadookas Spell Token.

Fourth off, buy the Koopa Kodex Vol. 2, unequip Koopa Kodex Vol. 1, then go to the Petey Pawn Shop and perform an Item Buyback on the Koopa Kodex Vol. 1 and Helping Hand.

Fifth off, with the coins I've acquired from the Petey Pawn Shop, go to Koopa Kollective, then buy a Nullmind Scepter, then equip it.

Annnnd that should be it, I guess. Might edit this later.

EDIT: Sixth off, sell my remaining Star Shard to Noivern for 93 coins.

Seventh off, go to the Wario Pharmacy, and buy 1 "Calceum". Consume the "Calceum" right now, if possible. If not, then oh well, I tried.

EDIT 2: EIGHTH off, go to Star Seer's Services, and attempt to go to the Tomorrow Hill Wrongwarp. Then, meditate/get a Chakra Blitz. I don't even know if this is possible, but I can't really know unless I try.
A change of scenery is always nice. Avatar made by Zekrom PKStarship during Summer C3 2018, colored by me.

Having a bad sense of humor since 2015.
Grab Through the Pain.

Will edit later when actions I just want that item for now.
Alright, might as well do this then:

First off: +BP, +MAG.

Second off: Unlock Shatter.

Third off: Go to the Elementia Libraria, and then with 300 Coins, buy a Mistral badge, a Tremor badge and a Necrotic Touch Badge. Then unequip Helping Hand, and then equip both the Tremor and Necrotic Touch badge.

Fourth off: Go to The Badge Collectors and buy both a Charged Attack and a Exposing Attack badge, totalling 250 coins. Then equip the Charged Attack and the Exposing Attack badge.

Fifth off: Go to the Petey Pawn shop and sell the Helping Hand badge I have to regain 200 coins.

Hopefully I didn't do anything wrong lol
Layout by Mathos

Grab the armor.
Level up FP and STR
Buy Lock On and Tri-attack. Equip all 3.

Explore around as Suggested and see if I can find something interesting.
Layout by LDA during C3.

grab and equip aubade bucker for now, should go good with electoleech

+BP, +MAG, unlock Magnet Rise at the Star Seer

buy Focus Energy (100), Metronome (100), 2 Energize! Sodas (160), and Volt Absorb (200), 560 coins total.
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.
Originally posted by LucasRCD
go to Star Seer's Services, and attempt to go to the Tomorrow Hill Wrongwarp. Then, meditate/get a Chakra Blitz.

You cross your legs and close your eyes, meditating at the top of Tomorrow Hill. They say that from atop the hill, you can see the bright light of tomorrow.
It's peaceful, although you can't shake the feeling, the dragging force which has been yanking you from place to place, without remorse. The sensation that you're not supposed to be here, in this city, in this moment.
You can't focus, and open your eyes again. The hill is serene, and the noises of the city seem completely muted out, as if this grassy mound stood as a sanctuary, a hallowed ground unable to be assialed by the march of machinery and progress.
The sun glows upon you, radiant, from a small break in the smoggy clouds above. You can hear the faint rustle of leaves as the wind twists and bends through the branches of the trees.
You hear motors and sirens, chattering, construction, wind traversing the deep gorges of brick and asphalt. The sounds of the city, distant and unimportant, but reassuring signs that you're not alone, an ode to potential itself.
You close your eyes again. You clear your mind, calm yourself. You are a rock, and won't be washed away by time. You are heavy, and will sink to the bottom where the currents are weaker. You feel the wave of time wash over you, trying to drag you away.
A rush. The waters of causality crashing around you, all running shallow and to one point at a speed that beggers compehension.
An anchor. You sink deep into the river, holding onto tomorrow hill with all your effort, but drowning in the waters all the same.
A thought. Are these waters your time, or everyone's time? How can this sacred ground let you hold on?
An echo. Within the rushing depths of the water, you can see more than just your present. A different item held, a different badge worn, a different skill used.
Futility. A temporal gravity pulls all water towards its singular pool of inevitability, a stinking cesspool of death, a fatal event horizon. Every action, every choice, only brings you to one conclusion.
Emptiness. A familiar feeling. Your body washes away as you give in. Your mind is wrapped in nothing, and nothing loses its form. You slip, through the earth, through the river, your body lost to you.
A patron. A flash of darkness. A world seen though. An eye which doesn't exist, and which sees all that is not is and all that is is not. Gravity does not pull you for you are not. There is no choice for all choices are always and never made.
A chill. A gnawing of guilt, of pain. All things are wrongness. Your mind pleading for the rivers. Your soul failing with sickness.
A fall. A landing onto ground, a place between rivers where time no longer flows. A fleeting respite, ground sloping down into the waters, gravity skidding your thoughts down into the rapids.
A respite. You see in the sky, other planets, other rivers, and oceans, and many pools of inevitability, and unseen ponds split across unworn trails, and rivers of time running deep under the crust, and all vast possibilities of other worlds. From above, water drips from them into these rivers like rain, drawn out by this gravity.
A reunion. You slip away from the ground and fall into the river. Your mind washes away by the raging currents, drawn into your own body with equal gravity to the pool which drags all time to itself.

Everything goes black. You feel like you're falling, and then you hit the ground with almighy force. You come to, standing inside the Star Seer's tent, as you had just walked in, unable to shake the feeling that your lungs are full of water as your heart pounds in your chest.
Dump my level in BP and IMMEDIATELY go to the Machine Garage and buy that Magic Missiles badge. Because YES.

Also completely forget how many star pieces I need for another unlock.

EDIT: Also open that present that's sitting in my inventory that I forgot.

yeah id like to do the chakra blitz as well if i can, in addition to my last post
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.
What wrongwarp? What chakra blitz?
Unequip everything, metamorphosis to Magikoopa, redistribute to reset levels.

Level HP x3, FP x4, BP x1, SP x1. Level MAG x9.

Item Buyback (for 1042 coins total):
- 200 coins: Baseball Bat
- 600 coins: Flower Economy
- 100 coins: Multi-Attack
- 6 coins: Cheese Sandwich x2
- 27 coins: Egg and Mayo Sandwich x3
- 9 coins: Honey Syrup x3
- 10 coins: Repel Gel
- 72 coins: Cheese and Bacon Sandwich x4
- 18 coins: Jammin Jelly

Buy (for 1650 coins total):
- 300 coins: Thundershock Scepter
- 600 coins: Band of Flowers x3
- 50 coins: Poison Attacks
- 400 coins: Chain Lightning
- 100 coins: Necrotic Touch
- 100 coins: Mistral
- 50 coins: Vital Glow
- 50 coins: Arctic

Buy a Star Shard off of Lucas for 97 coins.

Use Star Shards (10 total):
4 Star Shards: Unlock Intellect
6 Star Shards: Unlock Replicate Spell

Equip: Thundershock Scepter, Band of Flowers x3, Poison Attacks, Chain Lightning, Necrotic Touch, Mistral, Vital Glow, Arctic
I'm updating today, so last chance to finalize items (as said on discord too). I mention this because if you don't have what you want (or haven't posted) there will be no extra opportunity to buy items until the party defeats the next boss, or dies.

Don't buy anything for now. Also equip Out of their Misery.

Use Chaos Basketball on thread#smw{:trollface:}
Layout by LDA during C3.
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