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SMW The Princess Rescue 2 - Luigi's Journey! (Beta testing started!)
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - SMW The Princess Rescue 2 - Luigi's Journey! (Beta testing started!)
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Hello Guys, this is my newest hack in development, it's a sequel to SMW The Princess Rescue.#w{=P}

A lot of gimmicks from the first game returns like:
- Collect 5 dragon coins per level without dying to win a bonus star for that specific level.
- Dynamic Dificulty Adjustment blocks that respawn powerups and 1ups when the player have a low number of lives(usually 3-5 lives)
- Switch palaces opens alternate paths on other levels, those are required to find the secret exits.(It's basically like the color gems in Crash Bandicoot games)
- Collecting enough bonus stars and exploring the map opens 8 passages for new levels on the Secret World.

The story in this hack happens in paralel to the first game.
While Mario is ocupped rescuing Peach in Dinosaur Land, Luigi goes to Sarasaland to visit Daisy, but she also has been kidnapped by Tatanga, help Luigi in his travels through Sarasaland and various other locations and rescue Daisy!

Worlds planned:
Instead of 9 I'm planing 8 worlds I'm planning 9 worlds for this hack this time, eight for the main story and one secret world.

World list/Themes:
1-Sarasaland Desert(Desert duh!)
2-Orient Mountains(Mountains/Oriental)
3-Volcanic Iceland(Snow/Lava)
4-Cherry Seaside(Cherry Blossom/Beach/Water)
5-Forgotten Swamp(Toxic Forest/Jungle/Swamp)
6-Mechanical Town(Factory/Mechanical)
7-Bubbly Clouds(Sky/Floating Islands)
8-Tatanga's Spaceship(Space/Ship)
Secret World - The lost Dimensions(Other Dimensions)

I have some World 1 levels complete but I still have a lot of work to do so here are some Screenshots and comments for World 1:

Title Screen and Intro Screen:
I still have some tweaks to do like change the Save files to "Luigi" instead of "Mario".

1-0: Daisy's Castle
For now this is a single Screen level with a message and a sad tune playing due to Daisy's missing , it's pretty simple.

World 1 Map:
This is a pretty basic map for now, I'm using the vanilla gfx but maybe I'll add exgfx for pyramids and etc.

1-1:Sarasaland Dunes:
This is the first level of the game, so It's very basic and easy, it's for the player become familiar with the mecanics and main gimmicks of the game, basically a tutorial level that teaches thorugh level design.

1-2:Buried Catacombs
This level introduces Swoopers and Quicksand which is the main gimmick here, it's still very simple but there's some exploration required to find the Dragon Coins.

1-3: Desert Pokeys
A simple desert level with a lot of pokeys and quicksand.
The second half includes a slope slide with lots of pokeys that can be killed in chain.

1-4:Fishy Oasis
This is a oasis level with Spinning platforms and cheep cheeps that jump like dolphins.
The big twist is that there's also platforms on the underwater section!

1-5:Angry Sun Returns

A desert level with the return of a classic enemy, beware with his atacks while traversing this yellow-ish as hell sands.

Thats all for now folks.
I'll show more updates once I work more on this hack, I'd like to ask for you to sugest things about the first hack that could be fixed for this one#w{=D}
Here comes the second. If it's a Demo 1 version, play it once.#w{=)}

Han Me So#ab{^_^}
My Hacks : Banana's World (Work In 27 Starting from Exit)

Well, by the screenshots, looks like you're designing your levels fairly well. However, I have some notes:

1) Your overworld. I mean, it reflects well a desert atmosphere, but that lone giant tree... I hope there's a meaning to it. Some basic ExGFX would help in this case too (you're planning to do it anyways, so moot point);

2) Stage 1-3, the slope section: I hope you're using SA-1 or at least FastROM. This number of pokeys is prone to cause slowdown in a normal loROM.

3) Stage 1-4, third screenshot: I presume this 'jumping platforms over munchers' section is not too long, as it can become quite boring afterwards.

4) Stage 1-5. That green pipe... We have a problem with hue here. I mean, the brightest green in the pipe is kinda strange.


LadiesMan is a ladies' man,
Eevee is cute;
Noivern can shatter eardrums,
and beware, Major Flare blinds you.

Thank you Manuz.
I'm using fast-rom that section in 1-3 doesn't present any slowdown at the moment.

That muncher section in 1-4 is actually a bit short and its only a route that leads to the secret exit.

I'll change the pipe palete in W1-5#smw{:peace:}
Hello guys, finally some update to this thread, I'm currently working on world 3, but here some screens for world 2 levels and what I forgot to show from world 1.
Also, the game now have 9 worlds like the SMWRTPR1.
Give a look at the first post to see the new world arrangement.

Here's the screenshots:

1-A:Wet dry Oasis(Yellow switch palace)
This level gives you the Yellow switch button,its a simple desert oasis level with rising layer 3 water and later become dry.

1-B:Sandtotem Trouble

This secret level leads to the first entrance to the secret world and is based on the totem enemies from Super Mario Land.

Now for World 2 we have:

2-1:Chuckin Rock Hills(Bad name I know)
This level is based on Chargin chucks and breakable turn blocks.

2-2: Parachuting Away

The first atlethic level in the game, it's based on Parachuting paragoombas, later bullet bills and lineguided platforms is thrown into the mix.

2-3:Autumn Lakitus

This is a autumn forest level focused on lakitu's type enemies, some of them are in pipes, other flying with clouds, also beware with some hoping flames near the end of the level.

And here's the main overworld and submaps for now, this is NOT the final version so I''l add a lot more thing to them later, specially gfx, but since I'm out of time lately I made them with the current vanilla resources fow now.

Main Map


That's all for today folks, I'll add more to this thread later, please leave feedback for what I could make better in the hack#tb{^V^}
Looking pretty good so far. The overworld maps have a few perspective errors, but aside from that I can't point out anything bad about this. Some of the screens looks a little odd, though, like screen 2 on Wet Dry Oasis. It looks really empty and having a high tide with some land way at the bottom with nothing in between just doesn't look very good.

Hacks I'm working on:

your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
I see, I'll add more decorations to it, to make it feel more alive.
Also, can someone point me perspective errors? I'm not very good with the overworld.

Also, I'm porting two realted songs from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justicer for all to use on my ghost houses, my ports arent the best but I'm working on it, here they are.

Cross Examination Moderato 2002

Cross Examination Allegro 2002
Is this hacking fun?

When will Demo 1 come?
When I finish World 3 I'll release a demo.
But for now there's some levels I need to finish.
This is a small update to this thread, its a small video showing a level from World 2.
Later I'll upload some videos of other levels.
Your main post seems to be "broken". One of the screens from Title screen and intro screen section, the screen from 1-0 Daisy's Castle section and the screen from World 1 Map section don't fit. They're the screens taken from the later levels. Like, what the heck happened, dude?

That level you linked to looks pretty good, but there's nothing really outstanding. I've seen yet another level from your channel and I assume it's also for the hack. I particularly liked the part with upside down Munchers and rotating platform, it's something not usually seen in original Mario games.

As of now, world 2 doesn't look oriental enough yet, maybe if you add some oriental decorations to your levels later, it'll be all right.

Also, cherry blossom world looks more oriental than mountain/oriental world on the main map to me.

I think what Epic_Manky meant by "perspective errors" is the way how cliffs look. Most lines seem to be broken there and I think you should keep in mind to make them all straight if possible.

Aside fron any errors, that hack looks pretty promising and I should try this one out as well!
How do you call an animation about cars? A car-toon!
Raibow Man - Thanks I didnt noticed the first post, that hapenned because I uploaded another screenshot with the same name.

About world 2, I decided to change the theme to a mountain with Autumn Forest(like world 2 from DK Tropical Freeze).
This is probably the video you saw, its for a level from World 4.
VIDEO - Float Muncher Heights

And here is another level I just uploaded, Icy Bullet Zone

I'll see some decorations graphics that match the vanilla style to use on those worlds yet.
So, I'm still working on this hack, actually I'm working on world 5 levels right now.
So I decided to show some new videos, from two levels in world 4 and a level from world 5.

Here we go!

Into ghostly waters
This level has a "ghost" water that interacts only with the enemies in the level.
There's a secret area not shown on this video which hides one of the star coins.

Dolphin Castle
It's the Castle from world 4, it's based on Dolphins and water.
I still will work on this level to "nerf" a bit the dificulty

Sawblade Factory

This is a factory level filled with conveyors and sawblades, I decided to use exgfx this time around to make the level feel more "factory-ish" and to my surprise Gamma V classic factory tileset worked very well with the vanilla setting this hack have.

Thats all folks!
The definitive version of the Demo I was going to release was delayed tough, cause I decided to finish world 5 too while I'm motivated and with free time to work on the levels.
A lot of things also have changed on previous levels since the demo I released on C3, so stay tuned!
Hello guys, I'm here to a last update before the release of the Demo coming soon!
Today I have 2 new video to show you.
There's only 1 level left to me finish the demo, and then I'll send it to be tested in the hack test section.

New Levels:

Sticky Choco Canyon

This secret level is located on world 5, the main gimmick here is the ground that is kinda sticky and makes you walk slowly.

Shelly Metropolis

World 5-7, this level is based on various koopa based enemies!
Hello everyone, I'm here just to reveal that the beta testing for the demo is available, feel free if you want to test my hack, and also if you find something that need to be fixed let me know

Link for beta testing demo
thanks bandicoot. I got a chance to try out the recent demo version of your game.

Desert Pokeys level in world 1 seems to have 4 star coins instead of 5. also no star coins are found in Poisoned Net Drains level in world 5. only minor problems I have found so far.
Hello guys, I decided to show a bit of every level in the hack, so in the next posts I'm going to show one screen per level, since I dont have the time to show evrerything at once I'm going to show just world 1,2 & 3 now.

World 1:Sarasaland Desert

World 2: Orient Mountains

And finally...

World 3:IcyMelt Valley

Thats all for today.
Hello guys, I'm just here to say that the game is finally finished.
And now the beta testing period have been started, I'll be testing the whole hack during this month to release it January 2019.
So I'd like to ask that if you have interest please help me with that by beta testing the game and sending me issues you find and glitches that ocur.
And leave sugestions of what could be improved with the game.

Also this hack will be translated to Brazilian Portuguese too just like the first game, thank you for everyone that have been helping until now.

And here's the beta test thread for you if you'd like to help me with the hack.

Beta Testing
Congratulations for finishing the hack!
I love all your hacks and I say you did a great job
I'm looking forward to playing it. #smw{:TUP:}
happy new year 2019.

the newest beta is posted in this thread instead of here.
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