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The "criticise your favourite game" thread.
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randomly got the idea on discord, but no game is perfect, no matter how much you love it and every game has its flaws no matter how big or small. Take your favourite game (or one of your favourites) and post here gripes you have with it and other little things that it does quite badly.

I'll start, for one of my favourites which is Crash Bandicoot 2. One of the biggest issues in this game are sections that require you to backtrack. The game already proves it can do sections with a backwards moving camera fine with the chase levels, but then in levels like The Pits and Diggin' It, you're required to painfully move back against the camera if you want their box gems (for completion). In these cases, the camera doesn't pan back far enough, so a lot of the time you'll risk putting yourself into a pit or hitting an enemy who was off screen. This would all be completely fine if the camera here moved out to look more like said chase levels lol.

Along with that, the ice physics are awkward, in both the original and the remaster. In the original they will sometimes give you too much momentum and in the remasters they will sometimes not give you enough.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what other people have to say lol
Here's some freebies.

dota 2 clings to dated mechanics pointlessly, has no fucking clue how to make a good learning system for its players nor how the fuck a sane matchmaking system works, the player base is absolutely toxic with 20% of players being reported in most of their games, a statistic which is absolutely ridiculous, and even more so considering the community's inate resilience to all but the most overbearing shit flinging

desktop dungeons is a practically unheard of and fugly as shit game which has no idea how to sell itself, the fact that a game with a soundtrack which is a COLLABORATION OF THE LEGENDARY FUCKING GRANT KIRKHOPE AND DANNY BARANOWSKY has not sold any copies to practically anybody on this planet is an immidiate red flag as to how confusingly obtuse and hard to get into it is. nobody can even tell what its about from the screenshots

FTL's developers seemed to not give a single pig shit about balance and the entire outcome of a game is down to complete random chance, if you don't dodge game ending encounters and get ridiculous luck with broken item drops and scrap, you stand no chance of winning. don't get me started on how the final boss is completely unaffected by the "strengths" of half the ship types and strategies in the game, forcing you to completely ignore most of the mechanical depth. on top of that, the devs only updated it once and all of the mods take an even shittier tone to balance than the devs did, beyond all belief
Well, I can think of some right off the bat...

Half-Life 2 is a fun game and all, but I feel like the Bugbait was more of a gimmick than anything, especially since you can't use it after making it through the last area of the Nova Prospekt chapter. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure that you don't even need to use the Bugbait besides the tutorial for it, so it's somewhat of a pointless weapon.

I love Super Mario Sunshine a lot, but I feel like the Chuckster level was just too dependent on RNG, and the Corona Mountain boat ride section was just ridiculously hard as well.

Mega Man 7 is my fourth-favorite Classic Series Mega Man game, but oh my god the Wily Capsule fight is just unforgiving. You have to hit him with a weapon that's hard to hit with, you need to charge, and has an extra feature to it (hold up to make the coils bounce higher) that you are never told about, the only way to disable his "four orbs" attack is to hit him with another weapon, which you aren't told about, and you have to do that every attack cycle, and the "four orbs" attack itself is hard to dodge and you might find yourself getting out of it right as he shoots them again, which basically means you're stuck in a cycle of pain until you get hit by a yellow orb or get lucky enough to dodge.

*Insert witty footer here*
Yoshiatom's Post
I can think of a few games I love to bits but have nitpicks anyway:

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe: The PS2 port of the game is downgraded graphically and runs at a lower framerate than the Gamecube games, even though I think the PS2 should be capable of running it well (it's not the most graphically intesive game in the world) and the Competition Mode is clunky due it lacking SMB2 levels are the timelimits are all messed up (30 seconds on Exam-C?!?!), making some levels near impossible.

Splatoon: I've always felt like the single player content in Splatoon just leaves you longing for more; there are some great gimmicks and stage concepts that I don't feel were used to their full potential and the campaigns have always felt a little short and a bit easy at times. While the Octo Expanion improves this, Splatoon 2 has a nasty tendancy to have the same levels in the rotation constantly (I hope you like playing on Inkblot Art Academy and Stergon Shipyard all the time!) even when new levels come out and I swear this wasn't as bad in the first game.

Mega Man Series: I have never really liked the Charged Mega Buster; players seem to overrely on it rather than use special weapons , for example Mega Man 5 has a really bad set of weapons and it's easier just to use the Mega Buster for everything, which really undermines the series' main selling point.

Originally posted by Wise Person
Mega Man 7 is my fourth-favorite Classic Series Mega Man game, but oh my god the Wily Capsule fight is just unforgiving.

If you ask me Mega Man 9's capsule is far worse; it's weakness is Plug Ball, a weapon that travels across the ground and the capsule being in midair means you have to be right next to it in order to hit it (and risk getting hit by it's attacks), it's attacks are fast and pretty damaging and it's harder to dodge them because you can't slide in MM9. Finally it's the third phase of what is already a pretty tricky Wily Machine, mean you probably won't have full health.
I could probably beat 7's capsule without tanks with some practise but I had to stock up on E-Tanks just to beat 9's.

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Donkey Kong Country 1-Feels kinda short, world 6 is an anti-climax that introduces literally nothing new, and save points are sporadic
Donkey Kong Country 2-Slime Climb feels too hard for where it's placed in the game, and Stronghold Showdown should have been a boss (it was in the GBA port).
Donkey Kong Country 3-looks a little bit too "cartoony" for my taste compared to the more realistic looks of 1 and 2, has too many mooks that feel like cheap knock-offs of the equivalent mooks from the previous games, and the final boss is underwhelming. Also had a bunch of gimmicks that appeared only in one specific level, which can feel like a waste.
Portal 2-This might be an unpopular opinion but the final stretch of the game wasn't nearly as fun as the trek thru old Aperture
Half-Life 1-even on easy mode, it kinda felt like playing thru a Kaizo hack. So many cheap deaths and having to abuse savescumming. On a Rail dragged on way too long. At least Surface Tension had a stunning variety of scenery.
Half-Life 2-the fact that episode 2's cliffhanger is still left unresolved (unless you count epistle 3 as canon)
Super Mario World-the cape feather power-up is way too over-powered
Mother 3-Too many instances of that one boss
Sokoban-Checkerboard puzzles can feel repetitive, especially if there are multiple instances of them back to back within the same level pack. Sasquatch VI is one of the more egregious examples. They often increase in size without really increasing in difficulty.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level of every single ROM hack I've ever made is easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Mother 3's final boss is a glorified cinematic. Mother 1's and 2's are more involving and exciting.

Some secrets in the original Zelda (like that one dungeon that requires you to burn an specific tree to get in, etc.) are too esoteric without proper guidelines at hand.

Super Mario World is a little bit too generous when it comes to give you extra lifes. Top secret area, more like top kek. Glad they go back to 5 after reseting.

Super Mario Bros 3's physics are iffy. It's not Adventure Island 1 levels of iffyness, nor it is a gameplay-breaking gripe, but it's still weird how rigid your movement can get when attemping quick turn backs on-air because Mario is so willing to get pushed towards the opposite side.

Even then, these still rock.

take a look at my youtube thingies
Chrono Trigger: not exactly the most strategic and challenging RPG out there.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga: a good portion of the novelty in the battle system wears off once you master the bros. attacks, which is relatively easy to pull off in this game compared with its successors. Some obligatory minigames are painful to get through.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Deep Jungle and Atlantica are very annoying worlds. End of the World is eh. The final boss is so easy to the point of anti-climactic. Some of the optional bosses could've really used less HP.

Burnout 3: fuck the US Circuit Racer and that one GP you gotta use it. Generally in the game running out of boost without any rivals nearby is almost certain retry.

Sonic CD: level design kills momentum a bit too much.
Come, join the waltz of the dead... | YouTube
Super Mario Galaxy 2:

I personally rate both the first game and second as equals as they both have a lot to offer.
Most say the second is better but I feel as if it slightly weaker than the first.

My main reason is that the atmosphere feels less ambient and mysterious.
In Galaxy 1 most of the levels are in deep space with some been in cloudy abysses.

In 2 a lot of levels and even the first main level take place in what appears to be the sky and not space.
Its a small nitpick I know but yeah. There are some levels in 2 that feel like your in the depths of space but a lot of them don't. :v
Persona 5: I love this game but for fuck sake, I don't need the tutorials again in NG+! Also, Shido's Palace wasn't fun. The rat maze was interesting the first time but repeating the puzzle again the next 3 times means it wears thin real fast.

Dark Souls 3: Amazing game but the first DLC was a complete letdown. It was over in just 4 hours. Also,
My favorite game is more or less a five way tie, but here goes:

Xenoblade Chronicles: I really love that this game isn't turn-based, but for me anyway it kind of lulled into a sense that my own personal skill was the most important choice for combat. only to have occasional rude awakenings later on. Equipment swapping is incredibly slow and tedious (why couldn't there have just been an "optimal" feature like in CT and FF6?), but because I never wanted to do it I kept finding myself getting stuck on minibosses and such that are normally considered easy until I spent literally hours or so straight of just changing gear. So don't even get me started on

Persona 3: I dislike how difficult it is to 100% this game. Even if you're following a walkthrough and do mostly everything correct, all it takes is for you to forget to advance a social link on a certain day a couple times or make a few other minor errors for your run to be screwed. Fortunately P4 improved upon this by adding more extra spare days toward the end. ...

I could also criticize the way Atlus handles this game in general, as we have yet to have a truly definitive version of the game. Portable has the best version of the main story but for some reason excludes The Answer! What gives there?

Silent Hill 2: The main character is a bit of a dum-dum. I can sort of understand it a teensy bit since he's under a lot of emotional stress and torment throughout the game, but there are moments in the story where it seems like he has some kind of deathwi- oh wait. (I actually can't think of any really legitimate complaints I have with SH2 tbh).

Undertale: I totally understand why the genocide run was handled the way it was in the name of story and atmosphere, but I really do think Toby Fox took it a little too far and honestly I would even argue it's almost pretentious how this was executed. Sure sure, the bad run is going to be boring as hell because I don't deserve to have a fun time if I'm going to be a ruthless jerk, so then why are the two most fun boss fights in the game in this route? To make up for it or something? That just encourages more people to go for it and thus makes them slog through hours of crap just to experience everything the game has to offer. It's kind of a punch in the face to gamers who don't really care about story and just want to play the game the way they want to.

The worst part about it is that crap about not letting people ever "true" reset after finishing it. Not everyone knows how to screw around with the config files and undo it for real, so it's not very friendly to people who actually want to replay the game once more.

ActRaiser: I love everything about this game to death, but the difficulty of the final level was utterly insane and not at all called for. It didn't really feel as fair to me as everything else in the game did.

That's enough for now.

All of my imaginary friends think I have mental problems.

Crash Bandicoot 2- Adding to what Eevee said, collecting certain gems can be very aggravating for just how much they require. Cold Hard Crash is definitely the worst. To get the box gem, you have to reach the end of the death route and then turn around, without collecting the gem at the end, and backtrack through the death route, dealing with the ice physics, pits, and smashers, just to hit a few boxes near the beginning of the death route that are activated after hitting a switch near the end of the route. Of course, you also have to make at least two trips through the death route to get both gems in the level.


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is my all time favorite video game, but it certainly has its flaws.

First of all, the game was released in 2009 during the 4th generation. Newer Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games have come out since then with new and updated mechanics, such as upgrading moves, and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is starting to feel a bit outdated.

Also, one of the series's most infuriating mechanics, the hunger system, is in this game. This mechanic punishes you for exploring. At least Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky's hunger system isn't as bad as Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon's. You can go a lot farther in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky before needing to refill.

There are also Monster Houses. You can be having a really good run through a level when, all of a sudden, the game dumps, like, 15 enemies onto you at once. Cue "Game Over" and a lot of rage.


            10%               2%                 0%                 0%             0%                     0%               0%                     2%
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The authors of these 2 My Little Pony fan games have removed their games from the Internet. Download them now. Mirror 2. Spread these links!

nintendo doesn't know how to internet and sm4sh makes that very apparent

shit's laggy as fuck depending on who you play with and it took 4 years for 5mash to prevent roll spamming
Originally posted by Cascade
Crash Bandicoot 2- Adding to what Eevee said, collecting certain gems can be very aggravating for just how much they require. Cold Hard Crash is definitely the worst. To get the box gem, you have to reach the end of the death route and then turn around, without collecting the gem at the end, and backtrack through the death route, dealing with the ice physics, pits, and smashers, just to hit a few boxes near the beginning of the death route that are activated after hitting a switch near the end of the route. Of course, you also have to make at least two trips through the death route to get both gems in the level.

Not to mention the bonus in the original has a box hidden above the camera which is such a dick move!
Thankfully this is fixed in the N Sane Trilogy.
Final Fantasy Tactics - Frankly the story makes 0 sense the first time through. You have to play through it twice to understand what's going on at all. This has nothing to do with translation quality either, despite the game getting two separate and very very bad english translations.

Final Fantasy 6 - The main plot actually kinda sucks. What salvages it is strong characters.

Super Mario World - Pretty glitchy and rushed at points. Could use some more music tracks and tilesets.
Kirby: Planet Robobot - It's kind of weird that a few new powers from Kirby Triple deluxe just don't appear in this game, when it's basically the same engine. I bet they were taken away just to make the two games feel more different.
Also, this game is just way too great for the 3DS, this could have been the home console kirby game to blow everything else away, this deserves to be played in HD. It set the bar so high for star allies that HAL knew they couldn't make it as good and didn't even bother trying.

Your layout has been removed.
I'll do a few favorites, but not all of them.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Returns: The secret unlockable levels suck, every single freaking one of them. Some of them could have been fun if they had only had checkpoints (3-K in Tropical Freeze comes to mind), but as they are, they're just...ugh. And the boring, homogeneous music and graphics do not help matters. I also hate the underwater levels in Tropical Freeze because of the controls and the air meter (and 4-B can go straight to the pit of shame). To a lesser extent, Returns really should have been playable with the Classic Controller, because the motion controls added absolutely nothing; the bonus rooms (in both games) feel really bland compared to the ones in the original trilogy (which never reused layouts and had different time limits and challenges); and why was Rambi the only animal buddy?

Super Mario 3D World: The super special level was an insult. I also found the running physics weird and unintuitive. And this is a pretty minor nitpick, but all the world "numbers" in the game that are in fact not a number or letter sound patently ridiculous. I just call them World 7 and so on because it's a lot more sensible.

Yoshi's Island: Lousy secret levels again. I can't really think of anything else, though.

Radiant Historia: Some of the sidequests are extremely obscure and almost impossible to find without a guide.

Super Mario RPG: It could stand to be longer. Also, who thought giving bosses access to attacks that can completely prevent your party from being able to do anything was a good idea?

Crash Bandicoot 2: I think everyone has basically mentioned my issues with this game already. I guess some of the secret warp room entrances are unreasonably hard to find, though.

The Trails series: There are too many occasions where you beat a boss only for them to kick your butt anyway in the subsequent cutscene. Trails of Cold Steel 2 is particularly bad about this. Also on the subject of Trails of Cold Steel 2, there are WAY too many bosses in that game with a move that heals and buffs them. And the only way to avoid it is to spam your most powerful attacks in a row once they reach about 1/2 or 2/3 HP (and even then, that doesn't always work). Also, getting full completion in these is a fool's endeavor without a guide, because there are a lot of sidequests hidden in places that you'd never think to check, as well as bonus points for existing sidequests with the same problem.
Final Fantasy 9: There is an achievement for killing 10,000 enemies. TEN FUCKING THOUSAND! I've put 53 hours into the game and I've only just passed the 1,500 mark. Because of there being a max of 4 enemies per battle, it'll take forever to get anywhere near 10,000. And as if that wasn't bad enough, on the PS4 this is only a BRONZE trophy!

EDIT: I forgot to mention this achievement is also in the PC version of FF8.
I don't play many of these games anymore but there are some games I really enjoyed and I spent a lot of time with them in the past (I still sometimes play games like Terraria for example).

Terraria: as a game it's really fun and the mod community is great in there, but there are a few weapons that aren't very balanced and the recent update has some small optimization issues. I hope they will be fixed in the new update.

Super Mario World: I think that the game is too easy. I am a person who likes challenges (that's why I used to play ROM hacks, huh) but in SMW there are barely any challenging levels. The cape power-up can be overused in the majority of levels to skip a giant portion of them. I think the leaf from SMB3 was a lot more balanced, because it allowed to fly only for a short amount of time. Extra lives are also really easy to farm.

Minecraft: it's a game which I've played for a very long time and from time to time I come back to it to see what new stuff has been added (even though usually I leave after 2-3 days). These times the game feels a bit stale, because there aren't much active servers and I have much more performance issues than I had in earlier updates. I may play some older versions though for the nostalgia.

Undertale: I may not have played it a lot, because I beat it only twice (normal and pacifist, was too lazy to go genocide, but I watched a video). The game overall is cool and unique but I wish it had more replay value. The story is interesting indeed, but I think the only thing that keeps the community alive are fanmade games. The original game pretty much just stopped being developed I think. Also I agree with the genocide thing: while the story is great, I think Toby Fox went a bit overboard with the gameplay. It's WAY too boring (the bossfights are good though).

Geometry Dash: it's a challenging mobile game that was later released on Steam. It's fun and some people are insanely creative with their custom levels, however the main problem is that the game is run by a single developer, and I think he didn't expect this game to blow up after the PC release. Even though I don't think the developer is lazy, I think he's trying too hard to satisfy everyone, what often results with updates being delayed. I think he also should hire some helpers at this point, because he doesn't tell enough stuff about new content or updates.

Worms Armageddon: if someone's an "oldie" gamer like me, they probably might have known about the "Worms" series. These days they aren't very known anymore, but that one game is what blew up back then. I had a lot of fun with this game, and the multiplayer offered a lot of variety with fanmade gamemodes, however the main problem is that the game isn't as popular as it was, and there weren't that much people to play with anymore. There were also occasional server issues which could end up with random disconnections during multiplayer battles.

There are a few more games that I've played for a long time but I couldn't think about any major issues they had.
Super Meat Boy:

I love both the PC and Console releases as they each bring different features be it different soundtracks or co-op in some cases.

However in all versions I honestly dislike both the Hell & Rapture worlds.
I feel once you get past the Salt Factory the game sorta just begins to feel less and less fun with some of the later levels been more of a chore to play through.

If these later worlds were shorter I feel they would be easier to tackle.
I think this idea of length/difficulty was addressed in the other game by Edmund McMillen which was The End Is Nigh.
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