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[Serious] Would you kill somebody close to you if it meant ending their suffering
Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - [Serious] Would you kill somebody close to you if it meant ending their suffering
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If a family member or friend that is very close to you was afflicted with an illness or injury that left them in agony, do you think you would have it in you to pull the plug and end their suffering?

I dont know if I personally have the strength to do such a thing, but I'd definitely try to discuss it with medical professionals or other members of my/their family to see what should be done. It would hurt a lot being part of the decision-making process if it was somebody i deeply cared about, but I would have to get over that selfishness and do the right thing.

ok now you go

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I am very reluctant to do it. Id rather exhaust my chances in the hope of being able to find a cure for their affliction than to consider terminating their lives. If they however, do request that they end their lives within this context, it is their choice and their request should be honored.


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Absolutely. Like StrikeForcer said, I would try everything in my power to make things better for them first, but if that didn't work then I know in my heart that it would be the right thing to do. Sure, it would definitely haunt me for a while after no matter how much I tried to rationalize it. But if it meant that somebody I loved didn't have to deal with a constant existence of misery with no way of improving it, then it would be worth it.
Probably not, since euthanasia is illegal here. Of course it would pain me to see, though, but then again losing someone I love would pain me just as much.

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Very much pro-euthanasia here. Though there are the standard concerns of people being coerced into it.
Honestly, I dunno; normally I'd be completely reluctant of putting someone I loved down like that myself, but before my mother and grandma died they were suffering a lot and were in a state where their brains were already giving up, and IMO seeing that is equally as painful. So, I'm really not sure.

I dunno if I'd had the courage to do it tho, and I dunno if I'd have the strength to do it either...

Also, weirdly enough someone actually told me that same question at school, and I'm honestly not sure if it means anything, but well, it is quite weird that this thread would be talking about this as well #wario{-_-?}
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This is the one issue that I always have extremely heated internal arguments with myself over because no matter how much I toss it over in my mind I really have no idea what I would do if I needed to make that choice.

On the one hand, it seems obvious to most people that you should just end it to solve their suffering, but my problem with this is that if it were me that needed to be killed then I'm not sure I would want the same thing done to me. Uunless it's 1000% guaranteed that the victim/I'm going to die anyway (in which case I might take it up) then the fighter in me would want to keep going regardless. I've seen too much good and happiness in the world to want to give it all up over even the most intense of physical pain, so I would never really want to take away that chance for another person as well.

So yeah, it just depends on the circumstances. If they're definitely gonna die then go for it I guess, if not then I'm leaning toward no.
This would be a very difficult and emotionally painful situation for me to deal with. If I knew they were terminally ill, and they were clearly suffering, then I would, although reluctantly, end their life if it meant that their pain and suffering was over. Otherwise, I would try to find all sorts of cures and treatments for their illness. I would do as much as I can to keep a loved one alive.

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While I'm sort of neutral about euthanasia, I probably won't do it because I'd not be confident enough to do it, also I probably would feel extremely bad that way. I'd rather wait until there's a second chance for their lives or not.
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If the person truly wanted it and I knew I wouldn't get in trouble for it, I would do it. I hate the idea of chronic pain and/or dementia and if I were to end up in that sort of state there's a high chance I would want to die by my own or someone else's hands if I couldn't arrange it myself anymore.
Nope, not unless they're Christan.

I'm of Christan faith, so I'm not interested in sending anyone to hell. I'd rather give them a chance to be saved. Suffering on Earth is nothing in comparison to hell, and hell is eternal. It'd be worth it.
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IMO I'd rather help them or recommend a therapist if it's a mental illness. But if they really, really wanted it, and if it was legal I'd do it.

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hell no. I would try to help them
The thought of killing someone kinda makes me sick, I wouldn't have the guts to do it even if I wanted
Seems like a no-brainer. If it came to it, the situation should empower you to let it happen.

The last I saw of one of my family members alive, they were no longer appearing compos mentis; so dosed up on morphine that they were unconscious, but when they were conscious they were in so much pain that they wanted to get dosed up as quickly as possible again.

It's kind of fortunate that their physical state only enabled them 24 hours of being almost completely incapacitated before they died, otherwise we would have had to put up with them being unconscious for a long time and thinking about when to put an end to their suffering.

Euthanasia should be legal so families and doctors can come to that conclusion. It's not like putting down a pet.
Honestly, if you feel any sympathy or empathy at all for anybody, the obvious answer should be yes.

As long as the ailing person, if conscious and cognizant of their surroundings and situation, is the one who asks for it and wants it, and it is legal to do so... Which honestly it should be everywhere in the world.

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