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Welcome to SMW Central!

SMW Central is the largest ROM hacking community on the internet, and the gathering place for all the resources you need to create your own ROM hack. We offer a large selection of completed hacks as well, ready for you to play! Traditionally SMW Central focuses on hacking Super Mario World, but over the years we've collected a ton of resources and hacks involving other games, too. Our community is ever-growing — sign up now and be part of it!

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Non-Fool April VGM Guessing Contest Results!

The results for the April VGM Guessing Contest are out! See who guessed the most songs, listen to the unclipped versions of all the songs here!

if smwc2 is so good why isn't there an smwc3?

Hello! Did you know that C3 begins in less than a week? You do now, especially with that giant timer on every page. If you're like me, and thought "oh God C3 is this weekend" and it's actually not until next Friday, consider yourself relieved. So with that, C3 will begin at 5pm UTC+1, which I think is like Noon EST, on Friday July 8th, and run for 96 hours.

Now, I'm gonna level with you here SMW Central, we've had some big C3s the past few years. All that Smash Bros fighting; Slurp Bandit stealing all the colours; Boshi being an ass; Chuck Quizmo asking a bunch of random questions; Mr. Switchy turning the place into a Switch Palace, and then being put on trial for no reason whatsoever. We've had a lot of fun. This time, we've toned things down. You'll notice our friend Telinc1 has been putting a load of work into SMWC2; and instead of slowing things down on that front and having Telinc code a silly little gimmick which will only be used for a few days, we figured SMWC2 where the efforts were best placed. Instead, this C3, the Star of the Show is you, you and your amazing creations! Hope you're not too disappointed, and I'm sure some of you will appreciate the a toned down C3 too.

See you on Friday for C3!

SMWC Non-VGM Music Tourney 2023 #4 Is Here!

And this time it's hosted by JupiHornet! Wow! Also I thought it was gonna be VGM-included so now I have to redo my nominations #smrpg{sad}

View the thread here! Remember, nomination deadline is next Sunday, June 26th, 7:00 PM EST.


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Disable ducking while climbing

Screenshot This is a small patch that fixes a glitch where if Mario ducks and climbs a fence or vine, he will stay ducked even if you release the key and jump.

It is so small that no credits are required.

Super Mario 200

Screenshot My 200 subs special hack for YouTube.
It's amazing...

Nameless Kaizo World

Screenshot - English - This kaizo I started creating in 2021, but due to other projects, I took a break. I decided to finish it, and the intention was really to be a short kaizo, with few exits. I believe it… (read more…)