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SMW Central is the largest ROM hacking community on the internet, and the gathering place for all the resources you need to create your own ROM hack. We offer a large selection of completed hacks as well, ready for you to play! Traditionally SMW Central focuses on hacking Super Mario World, but over the years we've collected a ton of resources and hacks involving other games, too. Our community is ever-growing — sign up now and be part of it!


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C3 Voting time!

You have until 18:00 UTC on March 4 to cast your votes for your favorite stuff from C3. After that, results and trophies and cake!


c3 gone

So now the C3 forum is closed for new threads. But you can still post for the next 72 hours. Then we will start the voting.

DON'T FORGET! You can still give your berries to people right up until the forum closes. There are like 470 berries still left to give, so be nice, give a berry to people who deserve it 🙂

c3 starts now

C3 starts now!

Click the berry to go to the C3 forum:

Latest Content

Coin Stream

Screenshot Originally made way back for Summer C3 2018 (when there was a patch for misc. sprite types), finally made available for new PIXI versions and submitted to the section (PIXI 1.40 and above… (read more…)

Sixth Grade Kaizo

Screenshot Yoshi's sixth grade teacher has been kidnapped. He set off on his own to save her, but he'll need Mario's help to succeed. This is a 9 exit Kaizo: Beginner hack I made for my sixth grade… (read more…)

Final Fantasy VI

A collection of all the samples from Final Fantasy VI. Contains 70 samples total.

Kill Player on Button Press v1.3.0

Screenshot Kill the player after a button of your choice has been pressed a given amount of times. This UberASM allows to configure which button(s) to detect, how many times you need to press them, if you… (read more…)

Shop Items and Power Ups

Screenshot Highly customizable shop blocks for buying items and power ups, with different kinds of currencies. Commissioned by Anas. Features: You can buy items for the item box (mushroom, feather,… (read more…)

AddmusicK 1.0.10

A tool used to insert custom music into Super Mario World. This tool is completely hardware compatible and is designed with ease-of-use in mind. This tool supports both songs made for Addmusic 4.05… (read more…)