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Super Mario World: Return To Dinosaur Land

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario World: Return To Dinosaur Land

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World: Return To Dinosaur Land
Author: RAGB
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 59 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is a complete hack of Super Mario World. Don't expect any new graphics here; this game is all about the level design. All the levels and worlds are new, and some of the worlds have themes not present in the original game, such as a water world and an ice world.
Tags: traditional vanilla
Comments: 61 (jump to comments)
4.6 (64 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (61)

SirMystic Link
As many have already stated, this is an excellent "unofficial sequel" to the original SMW. Level design feels very similar to the original game but adds enough of a unique touch to stand out while delivering fun levels for the most part. Only a handful of very minor complaints relating to some level lengths and mechanics towards the end of the hack, but keeps a consistent enough difficulty curve that they don't impact the quality of the hack overall. 5/5, this hack is a must play #smw{<3}
DunkelGotik Link
Great hack, 5/5.
fart Link
so good
MattTheRogue Link
I enjoyed this as an extension of vanilla SMW.
AnkisethTheMonk Link
This hack shows up on every YouTube "best romhacks for SNES" video. 100% vanilla as far as I can tell. Bosses are all vanilla including Bowser. Don't have much to say about the level design, it's Mario but differenter. Levels went by very quickly. One complaint was towards the back half of the hack a decent amount of levels started requiring item babysitting, carrying a p-switch or key from one end of a level segment to the other.

If nothing else, this hack's worth playing because so many people feel like it's an unofficial sequel to SMW. For me personally there are better hacks for the "SMW sequel" feeling. It's only 59 exits so it's not a huge time vampire even if you don't end up loving it.

2 and a half hours to finish. Video of playthrough:
Lotica Link
I saw this hack on lists of some of the best SMW hacks of all time in 2022, and I always wondered why this one? What makes this a standout after years of advances in the community? Simple. It feels like something Nintendo made. The level design is fun, there are some gimmicks I'm surprised I don't see often in newer hacks, and overall, it accomplishes its goal of being a continuation of the original game... mostly. My only gripe with the game is that it is too linear. The reason why SMW was so great was there were so many ways to get around the map and so many secrets to find. Yes, you do have the two secret areas, but that's all you get in terms of special content to find. There isn't even a special world as far as I can tell.

Regardless, this was a fun blast to the past, and I recommend it for anyone who is just starting out their adventure in the world of SMW hacking.
dark zero x Link
loved the game only question i have is does it save your coin count im driving myself mad going back and collecting coins on stages i know i have gotten all 5 already but yea great game to sit around with the family and play
 AmperSam Link
It took me too long to play this hack and I can see why it's among many folks' recommendations. The level design is very reminiscent of the original game but pushes its ideas a bit further. So if you're a fan traditional, vanilla level design this is a must play.
thunder-hammer Link
Great hack, Excellent level design. Great time searching for secrets
SolaireParaguaio Link
The real Super Mario World 2 in all its glory #smw{B)}
xTye Link
Seems to be a broken blue switch level. No matter what, the blue switch doesn't appear at all. No info online, so appears to be something recent. Shame, this rom hack was awesome to play. This makes me stop since I cannot fully progress...

3/5, great rom, game breaking bug was a buzzkill.
Brener Saraiva Link
Excelente Hack. Não achei nenhum bug. Nível muito bom. Unico detalhe é que é bem simples as fases.
jBL00D Link
This is a vanilla hack and traditional platforming. This could even pass for an actual SMW sequel. Overall I had a great time with it but only managed to find 58/59 exits. Found all the red dot levels and some ghost houses but not sure where this last one is.

I found a softlock in Green Switch Palace. Once you swim to the top and enter the pipe to the bonus room, after hitting the 8 tic tac toe boxes and get your 1ups it doesn't auto exit the level and you cannot go back through the pipe.
Diebstahl Link
I just started again playing SMW. I didn't play it since my childhood.
And this a great start!
Retro_games428 Link
Legendary SMW hack I recommend everyone to go through it, especially those who are just starting to play Super Mario World hacks. My rating is 5/5#smw{:TUP:}#smrpg{y} Link
it took me a long time to finish this hack rom the first time, but after the second it became much easier
the ice world takes the most
Foxy_9000_ Link
This hack is a successful alternative to the original game because the levels are designed very authentically! From time to time, however, there're unfair parts and the levels sometimes have somewhat boring passages! 4/5 #smw{^_^}#smw{:TUP:}
Italiano_3000 Link
That Hack ROM Senciasonal, in moral congratulations to the creators of the level
 NikSik1 Link
More hacks nowadays need to be like this. This is the perfect example that a romhack does not need to have huge amounts of custom things to stand out, and that all you need is a fun game that captures the essence of the original.
Troupe Master Brandon Link
this was a great hack to play through and I 100% it to
RedSphinx113 Link
Originally posted by nhicolasgo
What is the emulator for this? SNES?

lmarod2020 Link
Originally posted by pillgobbler
Wiggler Ghost House is absolute cancer.

Dimelo a mi q no soy capaz de pasar de ahi
 Pokemon Hacker Link
I downloaded it, because I wanted it ... and I saw the download button
WoahNoah Link
Amazing level design! Really felt like a genuine Nintendo game! #tb{:DD}
Steve Eric Jordan Link
Feels like a straight up sequel to Super Mario World, very good.
nhicolasgo Link
What is the emulator for this? SNES?
NicoTheKaizoer Link
Gracias or Ponerlo En Español #smw{:TUP:}
samusRX Link
Softlock in castle 3? (
rafaelfutbal Link
I finished it in one day. Awesome hack! 👍
But I got 58 exit. What I miss? 😢

Edit: I found it! \o/
I miss the normal exit on "Bowser Ghost House".
I finally got all 59 exits! 😉
gregdoh1 Link
My favorite hacks are ones that use the same graphics as the original SMW, and this one definitely meets that. It's like a true sequel, as others have said, and I'd give it a 5/5. I enjoyed the majority of the levels but some are a just a little too empty, and I wish it was a little longer of a game. I would love to see an update of this one someday with a few added levels and something similar to Star Road + Special World which was one of my favorite things about the original. Excellent work!
SpeedKey Link
It feels like a real sequel to the original game. I only played a little before getting tired a take a break, but other than that its really good!!! 5/5☆
Holy Shinx Link
Its like smw 2 so 5/5 from me
StacheAttack Link
Classic sequel to Vanilla SMW. Highly recommended!
videogamer939 Link
interesting. fun love it.
videogamer939 Link
interesting. fun love it.
Dutch_Meatbal Link
Played this after having completed "learn to kaizo". Nice hack, fun to play!
Neijx Link
This hack was the first romhack that I played and loved it so much that I bought repro of it. Even after a year of playing various hacks, I come back to this one to play through yet again. This is definitely one of my first recommendations for those getting into romhacks. The level design isn’t overbearing. It’s very clean with few glitches.
Neijx Link
This hack was the first romhack that I played and loved it so much that I bought repro of it. Even after a year of playing various hacks, I come back to this one to play through yet again. This is definitely one of my first recommendations for those getting into romhacks. The level design isn’t overbearing. It’s very clean with few glitches.
the only thing I can object (comparing with original SMW) is the difficulty curve; arriving world 7, the difficulty triggers mucho. And many levels are so empty, yes.

Then, Nintendo masterpiece. 9/10 (4stars and a little more, you understand me <3)
TheSpeedyJay Link
A really nice and fun to play hack. I have just started playing this today, and what would probably get me frustrated later as I play is the ghost houses, as I see complaints about it.
bandicoot Link
This is the best fully-vanilla hack I ever played, it really feels like a game that nintendo would have made if they decided to do a sequel reusing smw engine.
There were some very cool and clever ideas using the smw elements, and the hack really brings the nostalgia that the vanilla smw did.
I give this 5/5 stars!
Cosmic_Pizza Link
gambit1dy Link
is this working for Android GBA emulator??
William Kazama Link
É muito boa essa hack,parece Super Mario World 2 real kkk ^.^
JetWing34 Link
This is one of the greatest, if not the only hack made by RAGB. Even though the hack was created some period of time back in 2006, this hack has been very fun and very creative. For this traditional vanilla-based hack, I liked the challenges in which casual and hardcore gamers alike can conquer.

Sometimes, there are some reviewers who often complain about secret exits or even ghost houses for that matter. I actually did not really complain about the ghost houses, mostly because it's easy and straightforward to know that all of them have secret exits to no surprise.

Everything used for the vanilla hack was well put together into an action-packed 59-exit adventure. I loved everything that was assembled into one hack. So far, nothing went wrong with the hack besides some confusion with secret exits and ghost houses.

5 stars out of 5
John37fold Link
Fun game. Little challenging at time for the casual player, but a fun casual play for anyone who wants to take a break from the chaos known as kaizo... Def recommend to people who like the original SMW!
Gamma V Link
I just finished playing this hack on my Twitch stream after Pixel-Gon Gamer recommended it to me. I had played it before, but got stumped for years on the Wiggler Ghost House. I only now figured out what you're supposed to do there. Beyond that, some secret exits stumped me to the point of having to look them up after questioning whether or not they even existed. Still, what I appreciate most about this hack is its difficulty, which isn't as overbearing as that of most other top-tier hacks. I also love how creatively RAGB used the vanilla assets, such as having a moving Layer 2 in a water level. Beyond the occasionally obtuse secret exits, my only real complaint would probably be the use of 1-block-wide platforms in some of the ice levels, as single-block platforming and ice physics don't exactly mix.
LordLuigi Link
The complaints here are valid especially with the secret exits and ghost houses most are just straight up not fun. Otherwise some elements are really nice and pretty fun overall 3 out of 5 for me maybe 3.5
pillgobbler Link
Wiggler Ghost House is absolute cancer.
Dan314 Link
Only just got into playing ROM hacks (SNES Classic mini) and I'm so glad I did! Super Mario World is my favourite game of all time and I was always sad that they never brought a sequel out with the same style and gameplay (Could never get into Yoshi's Island).
This was the first hack I played and I loved it! This is much more what SMW2 should have been like! Only downside for me was the lack of a starworld.
Thanks for a great hack!
ScottyTheCube42 Link
Great work! I can tell you worked hard on this. My only complaint is that there are too many lives and some puzzles can't be reset. Keep it up! 7/10
NBKevin98 Link
This Hack feels very much like the Original Super Mario World (except for the linear Overworld). Other than that, i had quite a lot of fun Playing this Hack.

I also spend much time in Choco Peninsula 6. I tried to finish the Level without using the Platforms - which works! It's just a little Hard. But it was a lot of fun to attempt a challenge like this.

Thanks for this cool Hack! I rate it at a 4/5!
If SMW had DLC expansions back in the day, this hack ostensibly could have been one of them.
• Overall good level design
• Good warp pipe areas/rewards
• A little short with no Star World or Special World. Pretty linear too
• Odd choice always putting checkpoints right next to boss doors in castles
• Takes 5-10 hours to beat 100%
• Specific highlights include:
- Ludwig's Castle
- Frozen Valley 4 (a very vertical level)
- Choco Peninsula 6; Dastardly good design
- Bowserland levels and Bowser's Castle
- Yoshi's Secret Isle
- Some of the secret exits
- A few repetitive, uninspired levels like Wiggler's Woods 2
- Wiggler's Ghost House is dumb
- Urchin Ocean (the water levels) drags on too long
- Some secret exits aren't fun. Will make you backtrack the whole level or do the same tricks as previous secrets

Marcy65 Link
I've almost finished this one, and I've liked it so much... till now. The hack is a great vanilla one, and I would suggest it to anyone who likes vanilla, however, I'm not a very skilled Mario player and I can only handle no more than normal difficulty, but I have to say that Bowserland is really too hard respect all other levels. But not a reason to not download this, seriously, it's just me and my lack of skill
MercuryPenny Link
this hack is very good at emulating super mario world's level design. it's rather slow-paced but it's mildly entertaining enough to keep you interested.

however, the overworld design is disgustingly linear. there are no sidepaths or forks in the road, almost no secret levels and very few things that are optional. while the author demonstrates skill at imitating the original game with the levels, the overworld does about the exact opposite and is about as open-ended as one of the nsmb games, maybe even less so.

probably the biggest issue i have with the overworld is that there are at least 4 spots in the game where you have to find the secret exit to progress via the normal exit takes you in a circle. the secret exits themselves are well-hidden and more well-designed than most secret exits i've had to deal with, which makes it all the more disappointing that they're not optional. even if they just took you on an alternate route i would be fine with it. but they are mandatory to advance on a linear path and it bothers me so much.

that said, the levels themselves are satisfactory and enjoyable in their own right. i was bored to death of the water world, but overall as a package these were some nice levels. but the overworld disappointed me greatly and i wish so much that it was more non-linear.

it's good, but it's held back from being great. 3/5
Lodettinho Link
What a good hack!! The levels are completely awesome,fun and good!
Rate:5 Stars (Play it now!)
MarioFan61 Link
This is the first hack I have played and the one that got me inspired into hacking. Overall, the game is good and the levels are fun, but there are some hard parts like World 4. It really feels like a true sequel to Super Mario World.
bandicoot Link
Darkslayer just fly to the goal...
qantuum Link
I can't manage to find Yoshi's Island 3 secret exit... I'm stuck.
Since RAGB is gone, maybe someone can help?
NatsuFireball Link
Hello RAGB,

A really pleasant to play vanilla hack, levels and overworld are very interesting. It is an easy one (compared to others tagged "Normal" in difficulty), and it was no problem to find all 59 exits without using savestates.

I really enjoyed playing it, it could really have been the sequel to Super Mario World, and the idea to add water and ice world is very pleasant =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you =]

AdrianGamer23 Link
This hack is sooooo good, I totally recommend it.
But I would want it to be longer, like adding an another world (It could be a Desert World), Star Road and Special. But besides that it's really good, totally recommend it! (Sorry for my bad english)