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Brutal Mario

Super Mario World Hacks → Brutal Mario

This file contains content (such as flashing imagery) that may be harmful to people with photosensitive epilepsy or similar conditions. Discretion is advised.

Submission Details

Name: Brutal Mario
Author: carol
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 98 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: An iconic hack made by carol. It features various ASM hacks like HDMA, custom bosses and more!

Definitely worth to be played. :D

Included are both the original Japanese version and the English translation of demo 7.
Tags: asm bosses crossover epilepsy warning exgfx hdma japanese music
Comments: 58 (jump to comments)
4.5 (102 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (58)

NoelviSLopeZ Link
Muy bueno el hack
crocodileman94 Link
The ROM hack that got me into smw ROM hacks, and many of the bosses and gimmicks still hold up today.

Something that hasn't held up however, is the below avarage level design that makes some of the stages boring to play through once the wow factor is gone, which is something that happens quite frequently during the first half of the game, since many of the lesser gimmicks and are easily available on SMW Central by now.

Another thing that hasn't aged well is that some of the bosses, while impressive, are heavily rng dependent due to them only being vulnerable during a certain selection of attacks.

Something more subjective is that there's also no custom music, but at the same time the age of the hack would mean that the music would be too dated to work on accurate emulators, as shown in the Cheep Demo.

However, since the wow factor of the latter half has remained intact after all these years, and since it is responsible for me getting into the medium that is ROM hacks, I can't give it a lower score than 5 Stars depite its many flaws.
Vegetto 577.02 Link
muy bueno el hack room aunque sea de 2014 me gusto bastante lo e pasado como 5 veces porcierto este hack tiene demos
CassCoyote Link
Watching videos of this as a kid legit created the deepest passion for visual/game created storytelling, absoluty incredible hack
HippieRy96 Link
wont work for me.... i load it in the snes9x and says corrupt. really want to play this mod, cause i seen a youtuber play it over a decade ago. any tips
NappaBoi Link
Did you patch it?

Second, some of these older hacks require a different rom than Super Mario World (USA).
girino Link
i love this game but why not have the complete version? #smrpg{sad}
sergvazq Link
Very good hack, nice npc's, sprites, backgrounds, levels and bosses
Boshi171 Link
I think it's one of the best SMW hacks I've tried I love you Carol do a second part please!
thekiller678 Link
Originally posted by Lespna1
It's a really fun game, but where is the version with the custom music, may I ask? These versions do not have it.

You can find them on the brutal mario wiki page, but they are only available in IPS files. It's been a while since it's been updated.
Aikner Link
Streches the boundaries of what a hack can be. As diversified as i can imagine.
AnkisethTheMonk Link
One of my favorite hacks. I really wish it was finished. This might have been the first SMW hack I played. Very ambitious, unique, super fun.
DekuSlate Link
Without this ROM hack, I wouldn't even be here right now. This is the hack that introduced me not only to ROM Hacking, but to what Super Mario World even was. God bless this fantastic hack and what carol did in their day.
Gammed Z Link
Originally posted by tmkgames12
Esta en español?#tb{:?}

tmkgames12 Link
Esta en español?#tb{:?}
BigBastard Link
One of the greatest hacks of all time
Lespna1 Link
It's a really fun game, but where is the version with the custom music, may I ask? These versions do not have it.
Chwee Link
aaa Link
it's 2020 and still not a single person made a better hack than this
GlitchyR-01 Link
Im looking for this hack rom for much time... I LOVE IT!!!#wario{<3}
Azuwu Link
#smw{<3} Iconical Rom hack, one of the bests
Mr. Chamanca Link
Darknubs Link
Its THE hack!#smw{>:)}
idealiter Link
Originally posted by Synergic
this hack aged like wine

I agree. It's still very impressive and absolutely amazing what carol made back in the days.
Eduard Link
Originally posted by RobertoGS
This hack remember me of Geometry Dash, because Geometry Dash have 3 years with no update.
mish1 Link
this hack aged like wine
chaielssi Link
no se puede descargar
RobertoGS Link
This hack remember me of Geometry Dash, because Geometry Dash have 3 years with no update.
Diegpe Link
Pitchin' Luigi Link
This aged good as wine, there are rom hacks better than brutal mario, but to me, no rom hack can compare with brutal mario
ancodia10 Link
Iconic and a lot of variety.
Z3N3K_ Link
randomboy55 Link
amazing,but i wish this was finished#tb{:(}
Chwee Link
Brutapode89 Link
Awesome hack! Bosses are perfect! Levels are perfect! Congratulations carol!
edwinmusic Link
Awesome!! Wowww!
kaitri Link
this hack will never be finished but i just replayed it again.
it does become quite a hard hack, but it is famous and that for a good reason.
i assume since james and mike (cinemassacre) played it, more people will (re)play this hack now and i can only recommend it. its a piece of art.
trying to describe this beautiful hack is not possible. it is just variety at its finest.
go play it.

small ps: i didnt test it yet but besides the star world theres also a "moon world" with levels. but it seems like you cant enter this world yet. i will test to lunar magic myself into it and see if i can play a couple of levels that are in there but not playable :D
eduardo18 Link
este juego es un gran hack , que esperas pruebalo ahora
eduardo18 Link
este juego es un gran hack , que esperas pruebalo ahora Link
This hack blew me away even though it seems very rough around the edges and glitchy at times. Hats off to the creator for the effort with the amount of changes and surprises put into this! Thoroughly enjoyed this one!! :D
meenahpeixes Link
ever since years ago, i've never known, is brutal mario cancelled, put on hiatus or just updated not very often?

still, this hack is one of the best.
kaitri Link
just call the hack "five nights at freddys" because it will never end and never have a full finished storyline.

still one of the greatest hacks ever, i like a good vanilla hack, but everytime i play this hack im sad that its 1 out of 1000 on smw that really uses its full potencial.
pleasehelpme Link
One of my favorite childhood hacks!
BlacKnight94 Link
My first hack...a masterpiece but an insane level difficulty
IanBoy Link
Originally posted by Jar of Roms
To 2020 for the finished version of this hack! (^w^)

 Sayuri Link
lmao @ comment below this one
Jar of Roms Link
This is my favorite hack of all time. NOTHING CAN TOP IT. The plot is a nice dark romantic twist, the presentation is awesome, the ASM gameplay is beautiful. And other than SMW, this game has the best difficulty curve amongst my hacks. And considering as well this got me into SMW hacks, it's a perfect score.

Also for anyone interested, there is a Brutal Mario Wiki, come look around or help out, it's grown a lot.

Also my fellow wikian Thirteen1335 has the (mostly) full version of this hack. the last world was taken from another hack and the custom overworld isn't put in due to crashing, But this is the best rendition of Brutal Mario. If you want it go to the wiki and ask him.

To 2020 for the finished version of this hack! (^w^)
Dragonogon Link
Hey, is this the newest official version? I really want to know, because I'm curious.
29339 Link
best hack ever... :)
IanBoy Link
v There's no development on the final boss yet (as far as we know) however, plans have been made for what it will be.
danwaleby Link
@Zoura I don't believe you
Green Jerry Link
Translation of the description to Japanese:
再生される確かに価値があります。 : D

@msbborges: carol's account is disabled, so you will never get a reply.
@Zoura: This hack is a demo.
Zoura Link
this hack - boss final complete? or incomplete?

my english is suck. sorry i am spanish
Megakoopax Link
This rom hack is very nostalgic for me too, this is my favorite SMW rom hack. 10/10.
bwal Link
yes it is a demo
CurrencyMiracles Link
Is this a demo?
 luigi1995 Link
I remember that hack so well! I loved the concept of custom bosses! :D
DairyOrange Link
This hack is so nostalgic for me <3