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SMW Central is the largest ROM hacking community on the internet, and the gathering place for all the resources you need to create your own ROM hack. We offer a large selection of completed hacks as well, ready for you to play! Traditionally SMW Central focuses on hacking Super Mario World, but over the years we've collected a ton of resources and hacks involving other games, too. Our community is ever-growing — sign up now and be part of it!


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Latest Content

Play To Win

Screenshot "Play To Win" is a hack that i started creating in the last months of 2021 with the idea of being polished, traditional, gimmicky, fun and creative. Updates: - Fixed a softlock in the midway… (read more…)

Super Koopa Sound Effect When Spawning

Screenshot This patch adds a sound effect to super koopas when spawning similar to bullets so its easier to react to them especially in fast paced levels. You can seperately edit the sound effect for the… (read more…)

China Warrior - Game Over

Did an port of the Death Jingle from China Warrior (aka The Kung Fu in Japan) for the TurboGrafx-16 / PC-Engine. Really fitting for any eastern themed romhacks. Important: There's an option to… (read more…)

Popful Mail (SEGA CD) - Mine (Outside)

Screenshot The background seen in the exterior of the Mine, from the SEGA CD version of Popful Mail. A great fit for mountain levels in general. It has a mustard-like palette due to the mines being located… (read more…)

Wave Muncher Launcher + Jumping Muncher

Screenshot FOREWARNING: - Sprite Memory is recommended to be put on 10. JumpingMuncher.asm is an enemy sprite that replaces the tile it is set on as it spawns, then jumps up, falls back down, and becomes a… (read more…)

SMW MultiTools Launcher v2.27s

Screenshot Improve your creativity and productivity by forgetting the annoying management of all the tools you need by centralizing all your tools and other frequently used files in one place! Link your… (read more…)

Donut Lift Block v1.2

Screenshot An updated and optimized version of the donut lift block included in Spritetool. This custom block spawns a custom sprite when touched from above or the corners. Details in the… (read more…)