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Welcome to SMW Central!

SMW Central is the largest ROM hacking community on the internet, and the gathering place for all the resources you need to create your own ROM hack. We offer a large selection of completed hacks as well, ready for you to play! Traditionally SMW Central focuses on hacking Super Mario World, but over the years we've collected a ton of resources and hacks involving other games, too. Our community is ever-growing — sign up now and be part of it!


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Recent News

Super Famicompo 5

Super Famicompo #5 has now begun! Check out the details, including the return of the Challenge category, here:

R.I.P. SMWCentral Twitter Account (2012-2023)

Announcements will only be posted on our Discord server and the front page from now on.

Results of the 2023 Overworld Design Contest

The results of this year's OWDC are in, check out who won right over here!

Latest Content

Single Sprite 5 Eeries

Screenshot This is a version of the "Group of 5 Eeries, Wave Motion" sprite that consolidates all 5 Eeries into a single sprite. This allows many more to be onscreen at one time, and also gives a performance… (read more…)

Action on Enemy Defeat

Screenshot This UberASM will run an action whenever Mario defeats an enemy (killed by jumping on them, with cape, shells, star, sliding etc.). You can choose between some premade options (switch ON/OFF, hurt… (read more…)

One File, One Player

Screenshot This patch functions similarly as Noobish Noobsicle's patch, limiting the game to one save file and one player, making it so on a fresh start the game is started as soon as pressing a button on the… (read more…)

Modified @7 as Organ

A modified version of @7 (SMW's Steel Drum sample) where the beginning is cut off, making the sample sound like an organ.

Mario's Grand Adventure

Screenshot All 34 Exits, Because AppleBoy54321 Not Saved Prompt In Special Level 6 - Goombania Ruins, Saved at "6-F Junior's Castle".