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SMW Central is the largest ROM hacking community on the internet, and the gathering place for all the resources you need to create your own ROM hack. We offer a large selection of completed hacks as well, ready for you to play! Traditionally SMW Central focuses on hacking Super Mario World, but over the years we've collected a ton of resources and hacks involving other games, too. Our community is ever-growing — sign up now and be part of it!


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So after a lot of thought, I am sad to announce the retirement of KoopaCraft. ⛏️

Don't panic, it won't be immediate! We still have a good couple of months left if you want to play.

For all the info, please take a read of this post:

"Chocolate Rain" is a song by American singer Tay Zonday. It quickly became popular after the music video for the song was uploaded to YouTube on April 23, 2007, and has since been viewed more than 135 million times. "Chocolate Rain" was ranked as the hot

Oh yeah, we just started our latest Chocolate Level Design Contest!!!

View the rules thread here, and remember that you have until April 17, 2023 to make a level!!

120hoSPC #10 Has Started!

It's time for our latest 120hoSPC Contest, and we've got a brand new theme this time! I mean it'd be pretty silly if we reused a theme for a contest, so I'm not sure why I pointed that out. #wario{-_-?}

View the submission thread here. Remember, you have until Saturday, March 18, 2023 at 4:30 PM EST to submit your entry!


Latest Content

Stomp w/ Star

Screenshot A patch that allows the player to stomp on enemies and pick up objects when they have a Star. Still allows the player to Star-kill enemies by running into the side of them. This also uses a second… (read more…)

Lurn 2 Shell v1.1

Screenshot Hello! So the inspiration for this is that there are LOTS of shell hacks. BUT, there aren't any resources on how to learn to shell jump. (Other than banging your head against shell hacks that… (read more…)

Super Mario World Styled Daisy

Screenshot Here's Daisy in the Style of Super Mario World. Say hi to her! There's 3 types of GFX32: - The first is the Normal Cape from Super Mario World. - The Second is a stylized version of the first (to… (read more…)

Magic Limit

Screenshot Limits the number of spawned magikoopa magics (and sprites they turn into). If the limit is reached, the oldest sprite is despawned.

(Screenshot shows limit of 3)