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Tip: If you place too many sprites on the same screen, it will slow the game down. You can use the SA-1 Pack to reduce this slowdown, allowing more sprites on screen if required.
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Graphics Section Tags and Guidelines
This page contains the tags you can use on your submission form, based on what you're submitting. Please make sure to place the proper tags. In case you find a tag that isn't present here, please PM one of the Graphics moderators, so that they can add the missing tag.

When tagging your own submission, please describe the actual atmosphere of the graphics. Don't put tags such as your name, the game's acronym, and anything irrelevant.
Tags for Categories: Foreground, Background, Layer 3, Overworld, Graphics Hack
  • airship - refers to a ship that moves through the sky.
  • beach - refers to the ocean or its shores.
  • block - refers to a large metal block, as seen in Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • bonus - refers to graphics commonly seen in switch palaces or bonus rooms.
  • carnival - refers to carnival or circus themed areas.
  • castle - refers to any castle or fortress.
  • cave - refers to any rocky underground area.
  • city - refers to a civilization with tall buildings.
  • desert - refers to any dry sandy area, but includes oases.
  • eastern - refers to east asian locales. Pagodas, bamboo, etc.
  • flesh - refers to insides of animals or anything gorey.
  • food - refers to anything resembling a common edible substance.
  • forest - refers to any area with lots of trees.
  • grassland - refers to any plain, meadow, or grassy area.
  • haunted - refers to spooky, scary, or depictions of mass death.
  • house - refers to the interior of a house or a sole house depicted.
  • ice - refers to an area covered in ice.
  • industrial - refers to industrial areas, like factories or laboratories.
  • jungle - refers to a more tropical kind of forest.
  • lake - refers to a non-ocean body of water.
  • mechanical - refers to a mechanical or mechanized area
  • mountain - refers to any mountain, cliff, or canyon.
  • mushroom - refers to any area with mushroom platforms.
  • night - refers to graphics with features that distinguish it as a nighttime-only graphic (e.g. stars, the moon.)
  • pipe - refers to pipes as seen in Mario games or any sort of tubulation.
  • pyramid - refers to the depiction of a pyramid or its interior.
  • ruins - refers to any deteriorated or uninhabitable building.
  • snow - refers to a snow-covered forest or grassland.
  • sewer - refers to that nasty place all your shit goes.
  • sky - refers to clouds and backgrounds that focus on high altitudes.
  • swamp - specific subtype of forest, tagged because it is highly desirable.
  • ship - refers to a ship that sails on water.
  • space - refers to things you see in outer space.
  • town - refers to areas with small houses.
  • underwater - refers to areas under the surface of a body of water.
  • volcano - refers to an area involving lava.
  • wild west - refers to western-style plateau deserts, trains, and old west towns.
  • wood - refers to logs, planks, or wooden blocks. Does not include forests.

  • retro - refers to anything styled after 8-bit era games, like the NES or GBC
  • 2bpp - refers to anything with 3 colors or less plus transparency per tile, e.g. an NES rip, or Layer 3 BG.
  • abstract - refers to something specifically 'weird' and unnatural.
  • realistic - refers to photorealistic ExGFX.
  • silhouette - refers to an all black object against a colored background.
  • texture - refers to a very small graphic that repeats often.
Tags for Category: Sprite
  • Please use the correct name for the original sprite it replaces (or the sprite it is if it's for a custom sprite).
    Examples: koopa, goomba, hammer bro, lemmy koopa, wendy o' koopa, grey platform, p-switch
Tags for Category: Player
  • Please don't put the character's name for the tag, put the character's gender instead (male, female, genderless).
Tags for Category: Font
  • title screen - refers to something that can be used for a title screen.
  • cutscene - refers to 4bpp 'fonts' that can be used in cutscenes.
  • sans serif - refers to a sans-serif font.
  • serif - refers to a serif font.
  • script - refers to a script font.
  • glyph - refers to cryptic, or ancient, or otherwise uncommon symbols and characters.
  • monospace - refers to a monospace font.
Note: We understand all fonts in SMW are actually monospace, but you can tell whether they're supposed to look serif or sans-serif or whatever.
Tags for Category: Miscellaneous
  • If it's a graphics swap/replacement, tag what it swaps: yoshi coin, coin, question block, turn block and so on.
  • If it has some form of theme like grassland/ice, use one of those tags from the longer list above.
If it's something else, use your best judgement.
Tags for Category: Any
  • patch needed - use this tag if your submission requires a third-party patch. Don't forget to specify in the Description what patch is required though!

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