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What is Discord?

Discord is a multi-platform text and voice chat program geared specifically towards gaming. Using Discord, you can hang out and talk to a bunch of other SMWC users by joining the SMW Central server.

Discord works as a program you can download and run on your computer, as well as inside the browser itself or as a mobile app. For some more information about Discord, you can read our F.A.Q. entry over here about it!

If you don't know how to use Discord yet, head on over to the short introduction at the bottom of this page before reading on.

If you have Discord set-up, you can find the SMW Central Discord Server under this link:

Please note that, in order to combat abuse, you are required to own an account here at SMW Central and enter your Discord tag (your username followed by the 4 numbers displayed in the bottom left corner of your Discord window, eg. User#9021) into the field labelled "Discord tag" through the Edit Profile page.

If you joined the SMW Central Discord Server before doing this, simply follow the instructions found in the topic of the aptly-named #verification channel to verify your SMW Central account. If you don't see that channel, but you do see ~20 other channels, you're already verified; go ahead and say hello!

The SMW Central Discord Server

The SMW Central guild has a series of rules for which to follow to ensure a fun experience for everyone on the server. The four encompassing rules of our Discord guild are:

  1. Users are not to flame or project hate onto any other user or group of people.
  2. Users are not allowed to post NSFW content under any circumstances.
  3. Users are not to spam, flood, or misuse the chat.
  4. Users are not to upload copyrighted material onto the server. If you want to upload a hack, create a BPS file and upload that.

A full list of our rules can be found on #welcome-and-rules, all of which need to be adhered to. If you need the attention of a moderator, feel free to notify an online moderator. If the situation is urgent or you can't think of any currently active moderators, feel free to notify the entire @Discord Moderators role by typing "@Discord Moderators" into the chat. Additionally, moderators reserve the right to remove anyone from the server, including for reasons not stated above, should they believe the situation calls for it.

While most of our rules are elaborated upon in #welcome-and-rules, there are rules applying to certain situations that would clutter up the channel, and so they have been listed here in their entirety. Specifically, these rules concern spoilers and advertisement. Make sure to read over them!

In addition to our Discord rules, users are reminded all site-wide rules apply to our Discord server as well.

Spoiler Rules

Recently Released Games, Movies, and Other Media
Spoilers for new video games, movies, books, or other forms of media, especially plot-heavy ones, and any other associated discussion, should be kept to #leaks-and-spoilers for two months following its initial release. Notably, keep these things out of #general, #media, and #gaming. After that, it's fair game to discuss it anywhere else. However, the use of spoiler tags past this point would still be appreciated. The policy also extends to #world-of-insanity: if you've got memes relating to a spoiler-y section of a recently-released bit of media, use Discord's spoiler function to cover it.

Any form of leak, confirmed or not, believable or not, should be contained to #leaks-and-spoilers. This includes things like blurry screenshots, textual leaks, datamines, and so on. Even if you have strong doubts about the veracity of a leak but still want to spark discussion, post it in #leaks-and-spoilers anyway. Better safe than sorry!

However, "leaks" that are very obviously jokes, and intended to be treated as such, should still be posted in #world-of-insanity, since #leaks-and-spoilers isn't a meme channel. This also applies to any other kind of off-topic content only intended to get a laugh, including statements that are technically true through ambiguity, such as "Nintendo will release a new video game in the future". These can be posted in #world-of-insanity with a spoiler tag to achieve the same effect.

Video Game Press Conferences
Video game conferences such as E3 or Nintendo Directs are a grey area since they are official releases of information, but a lot of people wish to experience them firsthand with no prior knowledge. To keep things fair for everyone and centralize things as best as possible, discussion during the stream should be contained to #gaming and #gaming only, and in the 24 hours following the end of the presentation as well. Do not post about it in #general or #media, and memes relating to it should be spoilered if posted in #world-of-insanity. However, if there are potential leaks about the content of a Nintendo Direct or other stream, these should be contained to #leaks-and-spoilers.

To summarize:
Before the presentation: #leaks-and-spoilers only
During the presentation: #gaming only
24 hours following the presentation: #gaming only

Advertising Rules

Discord Server Links - Ask a Moderator
Using SMWC as grounds to advertise your own servers can disrupt the flow of conversation and come off as spammy. Links may be allowed in special circumstances under explicit permission from a moderator.

Hack Resource Commissions - Not Allowed
Exchanging money for any form of resource creation, including graphics, music, or ASM, falls into a questionable legal area, which we do not want to be associated with. This also includes platforms such as Patreon. Please take it elsewhere.

Fundraisers and/or Petitions - Ask a Moderator
Fundraisers and petitions encompass a wide range of possible topics, and so it'd be preferable to consult with a moderator to make sure whatever you want to link is considered appropriate for the server.

Hack Team Formation - Within Reason
If you're looking to form a team for a hack, great, but make sure you're being reasonable in your requests. One message in the appropriate channel doesn't hurt, but don't go around sending tons of DMs. As well, make sure you're respecting the other guidelines here; this means no server invite links, no commissions, etc.

Social Media Self-Promotion - Within Reason
Dropping an occasional link to your Twitter or Twitch is perfectly fine, as long as you do it in the appropriate channels. However, make sure you're respecting the other rules in doing so: don't constantly spam links, don't disrupt conversations to do so, don't link to NSFW things, etc.

If you have even the slightest doubt about something, don't be shy to ask one of the Discord Moderators!
The SMW Central Discord Server consists of a sizable list of channels for different topics of discussion.

These include general discussion channels (such as #general and #gaming), hacking and resource-related channels (including #help, #graphics, #music, #asm, and more), and discussion channels for contests and events that are held on the site.

Protip: If you aren't interested in certain topics, you can right-click the channel in your Discord client and hit "Mute #channel-name". Once you've muted 4 or more channels, an option to hide them completely becomes available, helping you avoid a cluttered up channel list!

In addition to the text channels, we've got voice channels set up as well so that you can speak with your fellow users, for those who prefer vocal communication. Server rules still apply, but there are also some rules specific to voice chat due to the nature of the medium:

  1. Do not be disruptive while in voice chat: keep your voice at a reasonable volume and don't interrupt ongoing conversations. Split up different conversations between 🔊 VOICE and 🔊 VOICE 2 to prevent monopolizing the chat.
  2. Do not use any slurs or offensive language while in voice chat.
  3. Do not spam music bot commands.
  4. Do not use the bot to play obnoxious content.

How to Setup Discord

To get started using Discord, head on over to the Discord website at to register an account by either downloading the app or opening Discord directly in the browser:

Download Discord image

Once you have reached the Discord log-in menu either in your browser or in the downloaded app, click on the little Register link below the big Login button to create an account:

Register button

Fill out the information they ask for, then wait for them to send you a verification e-mail, click the link inside and voilà, you are now ready to jump into the SMW Central Discord Server!

Return to the instructions at the top of the page to continue.