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KoopaCraft is no longer online. This page is now archived. Thank you for all the fun times.

Welcome to KoopaCraft!

KoopaCraft is SMW Central's official Minecraft server (for Java Edition), providing a fun, but unique, vanilla Minecraft experience for SMW Central's members. We have two maps to play on: survival, and creative. The server has a few quality of life plugins installed too, but it is of course up to yourself whether you wish to utilise these!

Server Address:

(Don't forget the port!)

You can chat with players in-game on the survival and creative maps, and vice-versa via our Discord channel: #koopacraft. Additionally, we have a voice chat channel too called 🔊 KoopaCraft

Our current server administrators are: NinCollin and Tahixham
Our server moderators are: Losoall, Hazel, Slash Man, and Telinc1

Server Status


How to Play

To play on our server, you need to be verified on SMW Central's Discord server. Follow the step-by-step guide below; it's very easy!

  1. Connect to the KoopaCraft Minecraft server in your game, find your way to the portal to the Survival server from the Hub, and you will be given a four-digit code.
  2. Send this four-digit code via DM to the KC Survival bot (Survival#6718), who can be found in #koopacraft on the Discord server.
  3. The bot should then confirm the code you provided is correct, so enter the Survival portal again, and you're good to start playing!

It's as easy as that. You're then given the @KoopaCraft Players role on the Discord server so you can be notified of server announcements, etc.

Server Rules

Our server rules are very simple, and are there to ensure the playing experience is fun for everyone. The rules apply to all levels of staff on the server. Failure to follow the rules will result in action being taken by one of the server moderators. Below are rules that apply globally across the server, as well as map-specfic rules.

Global Rules
  1. Do not share your Minecraft account with others.
    The KoopaCraft server is for members of SMW Central only, so do not allow others you know outside of SMW Central to play on the server. You are responsible for your own account security.
  2. No cheating, x-ray texture packs, or hacking.
    Play fair, or don't play at all is the message here. We will know if any attempts are made to cheat on the server.
  3. Do not build constructions that will cause any unnecessary server strain.
    You are welcome to build automatic farms and other redstone machines, but be reasonable. We have not got the resources to allow users to build large machines on our server, and by building something that uses too many resources will inhibit other players' experiences. If we find something is taking up an unnecessary amount of server resources, we will remove it.
  4. No exploiting bugs or oversights.
    If you find a bug or an oversight, report it to the @KoopaCraft Admins. We can monitor who uses what commands in the game in real-time, so any exploitation will be noticed.

Survival Map-Specific Rules
  1. Do not grief or steal from other players.
    We have investigation methods in place ready to deal with these kind of incidents, and should you break this rule you will be caught and action will be taken.
  2. Build at least 64 blocks (4 chunks) away from the spawn.
    The spawn area and this surrounding area is protected, so you can't build there anyway.
  3. No PvP unless it is consensual by all parties involved.
    We have no issues with users playing "war games", but users who engage in PvP fights must have all agreed it is okay to do so. If you're harassing users, action will be taken. To PvP, users must have PvP enabled with the command /pvp [on/off].

  • PvPToggle - allows players to toggle whether they wish to take part in PvP'ing or not
  • CommandBook - responsible for the MOTD, but also allows you to play MIDI files using noteblock sounds! A list of MIDIs will be available later.
  • FastLeafDecay - waiting for trees to decay is annoying, so this makes that wait a lot easier
  • DeadChest - your items will be secure in a chest only accessible by you if you die.
  • ViaVersion/ViaBackwards/ViaRewind - allows you to connect with older clients if you desire; may be buggy!

Below is a further overview of commands available with the plugins above. If you require further information, you can type /help in-game:

  • /dc list - lists the locations of your DeadChests and their locations
  • /pvp [on/off] - enables you to PvP with other players or not. Off by default. Turn it on if you wish to PvP with others, but this still must be agreed with each other before fighting
  • /time - shows the current game time
  • /help - shows help for in-game commands