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News: Release of Lunar Magic 1.64
What better moderator to deliver this news than me, a YI hacker. >.>

Anyway, for all you SMW hackers, this is the news for you. For all you users that don't give a crap about SMW, this probably won't interest you at all.

FuSoYa, today, has released Lunar Magic 1.64. Although the new build mostly contains bug fixes, it also has some added features, such as (in FuSoYa's words) "support for customizing the display of custom sprites in the editor". That's probably the only update most of you will care about though.

You can download the new version here.


(Oh, and today is also Lunar Magic's birthday! Happy 9th birthday, LM!)
Posted by:  Blumiere -

Comment: lolcats439
Did not see this coming. AWEOMSE!
Posted by: lolcats439 -
Comment: Atomik Bo0
Wow, my Birthday is on LM's! :D Anyways this was completely unexpected.
Still Downloaded.
Posted by: Atomik Bo0 -
Comment: LinksPetYoshi
@Ultimaximus: Yeah, I know. But some people are too lazy to do that. (Including myself. XD)

P.S: I'm talking about the level 24 hex edit thing.
Posted by: LinksPetYoshi -
Comment: Buster Beetle
I thought the custom sprite insertion stuff was pretty cool. There's no more need to insert them using the manual sprite insert, and its simple to make their graphics be shown.

That's pretty much it though.
Posted by:  Buster Beetle -
Comment: Ultimaximus
Yes, some bug fixes, RATS tag for MAP16 data, and some type of new block interaction thing. But for the average hacker, that's it. I think some palette editing things were changed, but I'm not sure.

btw, you do know that level 24 was always easily normalized via hex edit, right?

SpikyRat, then I say stick with 1.63. The updates are for convienancy and bug fix sake's (?). It won't do too much harm to stick with 1.63
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: LinksPetYoshi
Holy...fucking...christ...(ZOMG, I SWORE! AND I DIDN'T CENSOR IT! *epic gasp*)

He's still into SMW Hacking...words have been...vacuummed away...

Anywho, good to know FuSoYa's still at it. And now I'm acually glad that this has happened, as I was going to start adding levels to my hack tomorrow. (Why couldn't this have happened while I was still doing the OW? BLARGH!) And the new features are going to make SMW Hacking so much easier for me, and the entire SMW Hacking community. FuSoYa, SMWC thanks you. No...THE WORLD THANKS YOU! You have made my day.[/gay speech thingy]

Let me get this straight, the new functions are...

A) You are now able to connect OW exits so much easier.

B) You can acually see what the Custom Sprites look like in LM. (Obviously the best new feature.)

C) You can make level 24 a normal level. (YES!)

D) You can import/export palettes from YY-CHR. (Not sure how that's going to affect anything.)

E) And finally, you can change the level that makes the 'Big Boo Boss' activate the secret exit.

Anything I missed?
Posted by: LinksPetYoshi -
Comment: Ludus
happy 9th birthday lunar magic, nice update. Thanks FuSoYa.
Posted by: Ludus -
Comment: Z. Raffle tikt
Holy crap!! I thought he gave up editing it! I was wrong XD
I tried it and in the OW editor linking exits without all that crap of constantly fixing it is great! I wanted that to happen for a while! My mind's been read...Finally!
Posted by: Z. Raffle tikt -
Comment: GoldenSonic15
Why does my Windows emulator hate me so?! Now it won't use the new LM! D:
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: xman0444
Good for you, Ersanio. May the OMNOMNOM be with you.

Posted by: xman0444 -
Comment: Ersanio
added a feature that allows LM to add a copier header to the ROM for you if it's missing, plus an option to do it silently.

fuck yes
Posted by:  Ersanio -
Comment: Khastvrokg
So, this version only fixes the left over bugs from 1.63? No other features are added at all? Like, a much easy way to import ExGFX or better yet everything that makes a completely better super mario world hack. I gave up on hacking so, ehhh....Still I should download that shit. Happy birthday LM, thanks FuSoYa!!! Blah.....
Posted by:  Khastvrokg -
Comment: Quizler
cool. I'll remember the next time I feel like hacking... which should be.... in a loooong time.

EDIT: oh what the heck, I'll begin Tomorrow!
Posted by:  Quizler -
Comment: Uncle_Bones
Amazing, to say the least. All I need to know now is this .ssc sorcery, and I'll be happy :D

Also, the level 24 fix in-editor is possibly my favorite new feature, along with palette updates and easy star linking.
Posted by:  Uncle_Bones -
Comment: Ladida
Happy Birthday Lunar Magic! And Thank You FuSoYa!

(man, everything happens when I'm at school >.< oh well, time to try this out!)
Posted by:  Ladida -
Comment: SafeDesire
Happy Birthday LM!
Posted by:  SafeDesire -
Comment: A-l-e-x-99
THAT was unexpected! Just like with Super Mario Bros. think someone's abandoned his pride and joy due to artist disillusionment, and then BAM!!! He's back! :D

I especially like how we no longer need Translhextion to disable Level 0x24's weirdness; we can now do it with the Overworld Editor. I also like how the 16x16 editor reminds us to "press F9 to save". And as much as I like the fact that we can now finally make our custom sprites look right in LM, that means I have to redo a bunch of things to account for the change!!! >_< Oh well; that's a minor annoyance, I guess... ._.

Oh, and...
Originally posted by Lunar Magic's help file
adjusted a slope object in LM to emulate a game bug that causes the slope to break up on screen boundaries in some cases. Thanks goes out to Alex99 for noticing this.

ZOMG FuSoYa noticed me! (fangirlish squee)

I wish he didn't misspell my name, though. People do this shit to me in real life all the time, and I don't think my name is that particularly hard to spell correctly... </rant>

Same-Day UPDATE: You can also change which level Sprite 0xC5 (the Boss Boo) activates the secret exit on! And, if you press Ctrl+Shift+Page Down on the 8x8 and 16x16 editors, you'll find more pages!
Posted by: A-l-e-x-99 -
Comment: Jimmy
I must say that this was extremely unexpected!
I thought FuSoYa was done with SMW hacking forever! I can't wait to try this out! :D

EDIT: Holy shit! I am mentioned in the readme! :D
Posted by: Jimmy -
Comment: Wiimeiser
FuSoYa has a life, and he's probably working on other projects too. He'll possibly update LM again by... oh, say 2012? I mean, he didn't seem to add sprite EC...
Posted by: Wiimeiser -
Comment: BZM
I kind of knew that FuSoYa was bound to release 1.64 sometime this year when I read a post from December 2008 on his site saying:
Originally posted by FuSoYa
although I did fix some minor issues discovered in an older one... enough to justify a maintenance release at some point. Would like to add a few small updates to it as well while I'm at it, but we'll see how next year turns out.

Still I'm very surprised and happy to see a new release!
Posted by:  BZM -
Comment: SubconsciousEye
YAY! New LM version! I am happy.
Posted by: SubconsciousEye -
Comment: Carsr4carpeople1
Sweet! Happy Birthday, LM!
Posted by: Carsr4carpeople1 -
Comment: Counterfeit
Holy wowzers, Batman! I just heard about this on IRC and it's a really pleasant surprise, like having a second birthday in a year... so excited to try the new features.
Posted by:  Counterfeit -
Comment: SyStemkraSh
Holy crap; FuSoYa released another version of Lunar Magic? I thought that he stopped developing Lunar Magic..
Posted by: SyStemkraSh -
Comment: Ultimaximus
It essentially works the same way, but I recently got a glitch when transferring a level file from one rom to another, where the ExGFX and ExAnimation settings were fucked up. Changing the values back to normal was fine, but I have to wonder what caused the issue. (I was transferring my level to the newest SMWCP rom)
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Spade
Oh, wow. Wouldn't have seen this coming in a million years.

I'm interested in trying it. Does it work the same way? Will I get some difficulties in any way if I switch to the new one mid-hack?
Posted by: Spade -
Comment: Reading
Well, this was certainly unexpected. I haven't checked out all the new features yet, but I'm sure some of them will be beneficial to my hack. Thanks, FuSoYa!
Posted by: Reading -
Comment: GoldenSonic15
HOLY JESUS HELL. Fusoya made a new version of LM?! I heard that he doesn't hack SMW anymore!

... I just remembered I need to start my first hack sometime. >.>
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: Marioman
OMFG This was VEEEEEERY unexpected... I cant believe FuSoYa actually worked on another LM!
Posted by: Marioman -
Comment: Alcaro
Ulti: Let's just wait for Ersanio to nuke Chelf's one of them.
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: imamelia
I actually already knew about this. He told me. I just didn't know it would happen so soon.

FuSoYa, if you read this, thank you.

Edit: That's odd...I can't open the help menu. It just says "Navigation to the webpage was canceled."
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: Ultimaximus
Oh my fucking lord, amazing! To think that I have witnessed an update, a great one at that! FuSoYa, I've always considered you to be legendary, and this update really shows that you care as well. After 4 years, an update has really shocked us all.

EDIT: lol, two Lunar Magics in the Tools Waiting to be Moderated
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: anonimato
what a surprise...
the custom sprite thingy its useful, i´m using it right now.
Posted by:  anonimato -
Comment: Yan
Wow! I did not expect a new version of Lunar Magic would be made! I got to solve a big problem with this support about RATS tag in Ma16 FG Data!
And congratulations FuSoYa by 9 years of Lunar Magic!!!You were the person who opened the doors to the SMW hacking into our lives!!!
Posted by: Yan -
Comment: Incognito
oh fuck you gotta be kidding me

Really, this made my day.
Its even better than the math test today and stuff :D :D :D
Posted by: Incognito -
Comment: Pikachu32
(Regarding to the help file)

Vista does still support the old help system. That is if you install a special (official) add-on that allows .hlp files to be viewed.

(About the program Lunar Magic)

I suspect that hardly anybody expected a release of Lunar Magic to happen. It caught me by surprise when I saw the post referring about this on the main page.
Posted by:  Pikachu32 -
Comment: WhiteYoshiEgg
I've always thought there was nothing more unlikely than me (a fairly new hacker) experiencing the release of a new version of LM... All I can say is wow. Even better, it proves that FuSoYa is still "alive" and cares about SMW hacking at least a bit.

And it's such a useful update, too! Automatically adding a header, disabling level 24's weirdness, protecting Map16 Data with a RAT, more OW palette features, custom sprite support... This sure feels like version 1.7 or even 2.0! I have yet to try it out, but still, all I can say is wow.

If you, FuSoYa, should be reading this for some reason... Words cannot express how grateful I am (and we probably all are).
Posted by: WhiteYoshiEgg -
Comment: MetalKirby4
Wow, this was very unexpected for me. Normally these kinds of "complete" programs stop getting updates. I'll have to check out this new version pretty soon. Congratulations on going strong for 9 years with your program, FuSoYa.
Posted by: MetalKirby4 -
Comment: MrDeePay
A quite pleasant surprise indeed, I say.
Posted by: MrDeePay -
Comment: mariocool1999
WOOHOO! IT'S OUT! LM 1.64 IS OUT! i'm thinking about lunar magic 2.00... uh... happy 9th birthday lunar magic...?
Posted by:  mariocool1999 -
Comment: Alcaro
We all did.
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: Master S
I thought V 1.63 was going to be his last.
Posted by: Master S -
Comment: Icebox
not changed much, but still I found it very nice!

Also, congratulations on the birthday of LM!
Posted by: Icebox -
Comment: Buu
Cool beans, or something.
Posted by: Buu -
Comment: FPzero
I just laughed when I read this not because this was funny but because this was just totally out of left field. Awesome.
Posted by:  FPzero -
Comment: Sonikku
Huh, so uh, I can't seem to express my feelings about this due to barely any sleep.

I can say Happy Birthday to Lunar Magic, and thanks FuSoYa for something I've awaited for too long. <3
Posted by:  Sonikku -
Comment: Caracc
This is great for me, not because I use custom sprites, but because I accidentally deleted my help file a long time ago.
Posted by:  Caracc -
Comment: S.N.N.
Posted by:  S.N.N. -
Comment: TheDutchLuigi
Who would ever have guessed this would happend?

Anyway, happy birthday Lunar Magic :D
And thanks for the update, Fusoya.
I love the little changes, like the ability to export/import palletes from YY-chr.

Posted by: TheDutchLuigi -
Comment: Hadron
Holy epic 3-Up moons, this is amazing! FuSoYa is alive in SMW hacking!
Posted by:  Hadron -
Comment: Kristian

This was so out of nowhere, you don't even know.
Posted by:  Kristian -
Comment: Raibys

Certainly a pleasant surprise to see in the news. FuSoYa, on the off chance you just happen to look at this site and you read this comment, thank you very much for doing this. :D
Posted by:  Raibys -
Comment: Captain Pissweak
@ Forty2, Indeed.
Anyways, I didn't see this coming. I thought FuSoYa said that he was completely done with Lunar Magic... Whatever.
Posted by: Captain Pissweak -
Comment: Ramon
Noo, Foursword stole my quote. D:


Well, that was unexpected. I remember Zachio in 2006 or 2007 posted a certain phrase in a forum game (!) on Acmlm's Board "Maybe in 5 years when Lunar Magi 1.64 is released"

I'm very glad to see a new version :D
Posted by: Ramon -
Comment: The Thunder
Ooh, I already "goofed" while working with the custom collection of sprites. I put in the same custom sprite twice! >_<
Posted by: The Thunder -
Comment: Iceguy
@An00bis: They're not just bug fixes. He added support for inserting custom sprites more easily and some other stuff.

Happy birthday, LM!
Posted by: Iceguy -
Comment: fomelogo
HAPPY birthday LM!!
and thank you for this link

i'll give it a try right now
Posted by: fomelogo -
Comment: Foursword4
Well...that was unexpected.
Posted by: Foursword4 -
Comment: The Kins
Posted by: The Kins -
Comment: Forty2
I am making a news comment. I feel that this news post deserves it. Because there could not have been another moderator more suitable to bring the news of an update for Lunar Magic.
Posted by: Forty2 -
Comment: An00bis
wee, my hearth skipped upon seeing this. FuSoYa is apparently still around :><: ashame it's just bug fixes...
Posted by:  An00bis -
Comment: Mue
C00l, Ima sup3r m4ri0 haXer. I'11 d0wnl0ad!

In all seriousness, this is cool, I've been meaning to get into SMW hacking.

All though, someone told me that this editor isn't being worked on anymore. Guess they were wrong eh?
Posted by:  Mue -

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