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News: I have risen.
That grave sure was cramped. Curse that S.N.N. and his foul ways of sealing spirits away.

The festivities have begun. Follow the thread here for details!
Posted by:  S.N.N. -

Comment: Tama Yoshi
ARGH! MY EYES! Note that that was capitalised, but it didn't make a difference! EDIT: Hey, it's okay now.
Posted by: Tama Yoshi -
Comment: Ultimaximus
Oh, so that's why it didn't make much sense, he changed his name...
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Alcaro
September namechange was to THH, and this is back to SNN, and I doubt he'll run with that name the rest of the month...
Also, I belive that many users have already used their September namechanges.
...So Not Nice.
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: leictreon
he got a name change in september
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: Alcaro
He got another namechange? Is Halloween over already?
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: Jeorge535
I wonder if The Heavenly Haunter is SNN...

/me checks The Heavenly Haunter's profile

SNN gets a name change :(
Posted by:  Jeorge535 -
Comment: mariocool1999
well... so... um... look, this is almost halloween. Let's have it until it ends.
Posted by:  mariocool1999 -
Comment: Quizler
so does this mean SNN's body is lying around somewhere for the rest of the month?
Posted by:  Quizler -
Comment: S.N.N.
It was only a matter of time before someone QQ'ed.
Posted by:  S.N.N. -
Comment: Internoob
S.N.N. gets a name change? How crummy...
Posted by: Internoob -
Comment: Maxwell
I Love You.
Posted by: Maxwell -