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News: LM & C3
It has been a week since the first new Lunar Magic version in forever, and it's already time for another version: 1.65. This version fixes some bugs related to saving to MWL files (as well as emulating the midway point bar splitting up at screen boundaries). Download it at FuSoYa's site.

Also, it's now just a little over a month until the third biannual C3. If you're new to the site, Super Mario World Central Creativity Convention, also known as C3, is a forum event where a lot of people release their latest work: hacks, demos, trailers, graphics, sprites, ASM hacks, you name it. If you have anything to show, show it at C3. Like always, there will be trophies to win for the best entries in various categories. So, if you don't have anything to show off, get to work already. If you don't post anything at C3, Smallhacker will personally find you and glue a "kick me" sign to the back of your head. All those flight tickets will be expensive as heck, so please think of Smallhacker's economy and prepare something for C3.

Oh yeah, the date. C3 of fall 2009 starts on November 7 and goes on for 48 hours. As usual, we don't want everything posted on the first day, so we urge you to flip a coin or something to decide what day to post your entry on.

Let's make sure this C3 becomes even more awesome than the previous two!
Posted by: Kieran Menor -

Comment: Sinister Pixel
Too bad there's not going to be a halloween contest... I had a good game. I might run one over on youtube! But yeah C3 will be good :P
Posted by:  Sinister Pixel -
Comment: Ultimaximus
There isn't an actual Halloween contest this year, but a Creativity Contest. It's because the chocolate level contest was so recently finished.
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Sinister Pixel
This year (my first year :P) I have some EXGFX and a small demo to show off! Once I get a certain custom sprite the demo will be complete but the GFX aren't without it's flaws. Does anyone have any info on the Halloween comp this year BTW?
Posted by:  Sinister Pixel -
Comment: Red Chameleon
Feh. All I'll have to show is music ports since that's the only SMW hacking related thing I do now.

Eh. Hopefully I can make the ports sound really well done in time for C3. I've got quite a few in mind to do (and I'm even working on one as I'm typing this).
Posted by: Red Chameleon -
Comment: leictreon
Electron starts to draw graphics to the C3.
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: The Thunder
wonderful... simply wonderful...
Posted by: The Thunder -
Comment: Majora252
Horray! I didn't notice any problems with v 1.64, but oh well. And at least I have something for C3.
Posted by: Majora252 -
Comment: Mippish
It would be cool if you can ADD 16x16 pages and 8x8 pages in the next version. Too bad it won't happen, though. =(
Posted by:  Mippish -
Comment: Supertails
Too bad I won't have anything for C3 this year. Looking forward to all the entries though.
Posted by: Supertails -
Comment: YoshiDDR
/me sticks glue to my back of my head
/me sticks a "kick me" sign and a "do not ban me" sign

Unless I want to do an SMK hack. I'd be safe for this time. If that is Legal to the admins
Posted by: YoshiDDR -
Comment: SubconsciousEye
Dear Smallhacker,

Beware of cheepo's attack because they can all attack you!
Posted by: SubconsciousEye -
Comment: Yoshi Master
I really did flip a coin, a 2009 American penny to be exact.

I'll be setting up my thread on Day 1... my head is safe once more.
Posted by:  Yoshi Master -
Comment: Arvious
Find me if you dare, Smallhacker! Only if you dare...
Uhh, yeah, I'll submit something.
Posted by: Arvious -
Comment: MetalKirby4
Smallhacker will never find me. :P

Another version of Lunar Magic, huh? All right then. And as for C3, I have no plans to set up a stand, but I'll promise to participate in the discussions a bit more.
Posted by: MetalKirby4 -
Comment: GoldenSonic15
Bah. If version 1.64 won't work for me, then 1.65 won't either.

Also, for the C3, I don't think I'll have anything to show for a long time. :P
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: Jeorge535
I have some stuff to show this time.
Posted by:  Jeorge535 -
Comment: Hadron
Wow! That was fast!
Also, the new C3 sounds great, I think, I have something for it...:)
Posted by:  Hadron -
Comment: Noivern
Woohoo! about the midway point bar.

Posted by:  Noivern -
Comment: Thundahack
Oh what the hell I don't have anything to show this time around.

But no worries since I'll get to see Smallhacker! ^_^

... i'd best prepare the back of my head
Posted by: Thundahack -
Comment: An00bis
woo, I actually have something to show this year <3
Posted by:  An00bis -
Comment: leictreon
I love you Heavenly Haunter.
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: blue leader
Yay!, another update, i was always wondering why i couldnĀ“t transfer levels

On another note: Yay for haunted house site scheme!
Posted by: blue leader -
Comment: Ultimaximus
Oh yes, this seems to be the cause for that dreaded level issue I had when transferring roms! Thank you FuSoYaaaaaaa!

No, meeting Smallhacker in person is worth the note and him paying for the plane ride. ^_^

Looks like the 3 News on the Main page is getting it's benefits.
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Chelf
I submitted it to the Tools section, so no worries there. Updated as well.
Posted by: Chelf -
Comment: Pyro X
this already makes version 1.62 sound outdated (it's the version I have), so I'm upgrading now
Posted by: Pyro X -
Comment: Pikachu32
I already knew about the new release of Lunar Magic around 11am. That was before Kieran made this announcement.
Posted by:  Pikachu32 -
Comment: Master S
Holy cow, another one is out already!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Master S -
Comment: Ddoomm10
Wow. This sure made my day. And just out of coincidence, FuSoYa fixed a problem in LM that I wasn't even aware of. :)
Posted by: Ddoomm10 -