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News: Reminder: Do NOT submit someone else's hack!
Please read this thread again. Do not do this or you may find yourself banned! This really shouldn't be a problem for anyone.
That is all.
Posted by:  Techokami -

Comment: Chikane
I think this should just be something that's just common sence, you don't steal things...
Posted by:  Chikane -
Comment: Alcaro
If I see any more offtopic garbage here, I will 48h ban the offending user and remove all of this garbage.
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: Darky
That's right!
I mean:
If the maker of the hack wants the hack on smwc he'll just upload it!
But only if you have premision you may upload one.
Posted by: Darky -
Comment: Z. Raffle tikt
Great idea, less removals. Its gonna be funny in the hack removal log. Banned, Banned, BANNED!
Posted by: Z. Raffle tikt -
Comment: An00bis
I guess some newcomers get confused since a large portion of our hacks are submitted by people besides the author (b/c of Arbe's wipe...)
Posted by:  An00bis -