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News: Tomorrow

C3 will start SATURDAY at approximately 10 AM UTC / 11 AM UTC+1 / 10 AM GMT / 11 AM GMT+1 / 11 AM CET / 5 AM EST / 4 AM CST / 3 AM MST / 2 AM PST get your stuff done.

Yet again, I'd like to remind you that C3 is two days long, so please flip a coin to decide which day to post it on to evenly spread the projects out over the two days.

Remember: If you don't post anything for C3, we will unleash an army of floating munchers* to consume you.

*) We can't actually afford an army of floating munchers, so if you don't post anything, please cause yourself to be eaten in some way.
Posted by:  Smallhacker -

Comment: Scrydan
I would post something but I just don't have enough time. Things like work and stuff. Yea...

At least I get to see everyone else do stuff.

Also, my work is chewing on me. So I hope you are happy.
Posted by:  Scrydan -
Comment: mariocool1999
O: Awesome! It's C3! Just please visit my hack called mario's visit on C3 island? You don't need to. This... AH! *Trips and breaks leg*
Posted by:  mariocool1999 -
Comment: Jeorge535
At last, my entry is ready!
Posted by:  Jeorge535 -
Comment: Lemonade
Hours before C3 : A very little.
Posted by:  Lemonade -
Comment: x-treme
I'm not near done my ports. :(
But I still have something better! =D

I hope it helps at least. =P
Posted by:  x-treme -
Comment: RedToonLink
I just want to let it all go right now so badly, urgh.
I've been up all night, shrugging off all my homework and other assignments.
Was it worth it?
Posted by: RedToonLink -
Comment: Blumiere
Originally posted by Fakescaper
What's a C3 lol?
Posted by:  Blumiere -
Comment: Chdata
What's a C3 lol? Also my levelASM prevents me from dying so too bad for your munchers.
Posted by: Chdata -
Comment: The Thunder
Muncher army?! Please, spare me! The only reason I don't have anything to show off is because I procrastinated! I'll punish myself for being lazy, but no munchers!
Posted by: The Thunder -
Comment: MetalKirby4
I'll participate in the discussions, but otherwise I have nothing to show. And no, the Munchers aren't going to work on me. Right now I have the Kaizo-immune shield on, because I'm doing Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, plus the teeth aren't sharp enough to cut through my skin. :P
Posted by: MetalKirby4 -
Comment: Kristian
Oh, that's cool. 2am.

I'll DEFINITELY be up for C3 that early...

Posted by:  Kristian -
Comment: SubconsciousEye
The evil huge cheep-cheeps army is gonna eat the munchers! (Smallhacker would have failed too)
Posted by: SubconsciousEye -
Comment: xman0444
Posted by: xman0444 -
Comment: Ultimaximus
...wait a minute, can't afford an army of munchers? We need more donations then
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: mariocool1999
Sure. Great. 1 Problem. HAVEN'T STARTED! Will start now.
Posted by:  mariocool1999 -
Comment: LinksPetYoshi
I'm going to be showing parts of my hack on Saturday, so I don't have to worry.

But just incase...

*starts pouring Soy Sauce on self while grabbing a lance* lol.

Anyway, can't wait to see the amazing projects tomorrow, I'm positive it'll be better than the Spring 09 C3. Even though that was very fun. :)

Can't wait! XD
Posted by: LinksPetYoshi -
Comment: GoldenSonic15
(Starts eating myself) D:
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: Red Chameleon

i forgot to work on my ports :<>:
Posted by: Red Chameleon -
Comment: Skewer
I would post something for C3... but my hack isn't complete... sigh. I would post a demo of it... however, most would say "Why post a demo when it is almost complete"
Posted by: Skewer -
Comment: blue leader
Well, at least i have something to show, if it wasn´t for that virus, i could have more.|-O
Anyway, this C3 will be good :)
Posted by: blue leader -
Comment: SubconsciousEye
Don't worry everyone, my friend, THE EVIL CHEEPO!!!!!, have his own army of evil cheeps-cheeps and they are huge. They can just eat the munchers. (Smallhacker sould think of a better way to eat us if he doesn't want the army of evil cheeps-cheeps that are huge to eat them...)
Posted by: SubconsciousEye -
Comment: Ultimaximus
eh, perhaps I can ask NovaYoshi on how I should be eaten
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Sonikku
I think if anything, I'll only release one or two things, really wish I had a bit more to show off.
Posted by:  Sonikku -
Comment: Master S
Wow, it's C3 already and I haven't done squat yet. Oh and no thank you Smallhacker, I prefer being alive than being eaten by some floating muncher.
Posted by: Master S -
Comment: zkip
* Finds big muncher plush doll.

I have a empty folder on my desktop called 'For C3'. It's yet empty. Wont be tonight!
Posted by: zkip -
Comment: imamelia
I'm excited! I look forward to seeing everybody else's stuff, and I actually have something decent to show off this time, too. (Last C3, nobody even posted in my showoff thread.) I've already uploaded the videos to YouTube, so I'm ready to go.

(Unrelated note: Smallhacker got promoted back?)
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: Jeorge535
You can expect a little something from me...

This C3's gonna be great!
Posted by:  Jeorge535 -
Comment: Luigi-San
No worries, I can avoid being eaten by your munchers.

*goes to get a Silver P-Switch*
Posted by:  Luigi-San -
Comment: Tahixham
Oh. Yeah. C3. S***!!

I have 2 hacks to release and. Mario! A New Era! Which say if you've heard of. And Super Mario AQTT. Mario! A New Era is way better than the old one, and Super Mario AQTT is the fixed version of the rejected one. With custom music!

Anyway. Welcome back Smalls! Is this just for C3 or 4EVER!
Posted by:  Tahixham -
Comment: Alcaro
Nomnomnom, not until the Munchers rule the world.
Then they'll joke about us instead.
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: Buu
These boring muncher jokes never stop, will they?
Anyways, good luck to everyone who participates in the C3.
Posted by: Buu -
Comment: reghrhre
I probably won't be able to do it on Saturday but I'll try on Sunday.
Posted by: reghrhre -
Comment: 5544
I could have something for C3. But I'd rather keep it until the next one. Cause it's not that finished. (Like just one world with very short levels.)
Posted by:  5544 -
Comment: Taven
OMG, i don't have nothing for C3, last C3 i promisse my self i would do something this C3, but nothing until now, well, when i learn ASM Advanced, i cando something, a power-up or patche,but for now, i'll just see what the others can do, i hope it be like the last, i see a lot of nice thinks, this is the SMW Hackers showing their power, rsrsrs.
Posted by: Taven -
Comment: Chikane
Hmmm... This year's gonna be great!
I just know it :3

Random Smiley thing because I'm out of things to say:

Posted by:  Chikane -
Comment: SubconsciousEye
@Alcaro: LOL Floating munchers for the win!

Plus Smallhacker, my friend, THE EVIL CHEEPO!!!!!, he have his own army of evil cheeps-cheeps and they are huge! Beware!
Posted by: SubconsciousEye -
Comment: iRhyiku
One day to post a demo.. And I have done nothing for the hack only the basics..

/me slowly starts to eat himself

Posted by:  iRhyiku -
Comment: Alcaro
I think I've got enough floating munchers for your evil plot to succeed:

I hope the stacked ones won't disturb too much.
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: Uncle_Bones
Alright, Smalls is back :O
I better start arranging all my stuff...
Posted by:  Uncle_Bones -
Comment: Hadron
Great! I'm done with my stuff, can't wait to show it for you. :)
Posted by:  Hadron -
Comment: Lemonade
*Drinks himself*
I was wondering : Do I taste good ? Seems yes ^^

C3, c3, c3.... =O----
Posted by:  Lemonade -
Comment: Giga
*Giga eats parts of himself.

Mm. Tasty! The flavour doesn't last long, though, and the hair could be done without...
Posted by:  Giga -

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