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News: Trophy contest voting
The trophy contest voting has closed. Results will be posted within the week.


I remind all users to remember what we announced in this thread. Please do not delete the original thread title, or the first post at that, if you want a thread you created closed or trashed.

love blumiere
Posted by: Supertails -

Comment: PyroSphere
Contrast fail. Bright would be fine, but there is too little contrast between the background and the text. A major problem, though, is that 99% of layouts assume that text and link colours will be bright, so if you make the text darker, it will break layouts.

Unfortunately cannot use the new layout myself, as it strains my eyes. I'm not really the winter-loving type anyways.

As for voting, 16, 4, and 10 are all quite nice.
Posted by: PyroSphere -
Comment: Tahixham
So guys. 3 days to go until the voting is closed for the trophie contest. Will the winner be anounced on the 15th?
Posted by:  Tahixham -
Comment: Counterfeit
The scheme will be available for as long as SMWC is up as far as I know. (On a side note, I sent a slightly darker background image to Kieran, so when he gets that up, it will make it significantly less bright for those of you who find it a bit painful on the eyes, but it will not become a dreary, dark, gloomy scheme.)
Posted by:  Counterfeit -
Comment: Mister Karma
decent little background, it's in the season, but is it only for Christmas or all winter?
Posted by:  Mister Karma -
Comment: iRhyiku
I like it.
Posted by:  iRhyiku -
Comment: K3Blue64
Originally posted by Freezing Sonic
It's too bright, even for somebody who likes the Doomsday scheme.

Posted by: K3Blue64 -
Comment: Chdata
Its ok but I prefer hex
Posted by: Chdata -
Comment: Thane
Is is quite nice, but too bright for me.
Most everything on my computer is dark. (or darker themed)
Posted by: Thane -
Comment: SubconsciousEye
Eh, I used it before the update of this! I also like the Winter Scheme.
Posted by: SubconsciousEye -
Comment: Ultimaximus
I love it! Only problem is that the colors are wonky on the Wii so I can't read green or red names, but that's minor. It's worth it!
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: GoldenSonic15
It's too bright, even for somebody who likes the Doomsday scheme.
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: Sinister Pixel
Its ok but I prefer hex :)
Posted by:  Sinister Pixel -
Comment: Chikane
Pretty cool sweet layout :D
Is it gonna stay forever? If so I want to keep it!
Posted by:  Chikane -
Comment: Jeorge535
I'm using it now, it's pretty cool, but a little bright, but other than that, it's not bad.
Posted by:  Jeorge535 -
Comment: Blumiere
Originally posted by user
The layout's too bright.

Of course it's bright, it's a Christmas theme. Kyoseron wouldn't code the scheme to have dark gloomy colours just because you can't handle looking at bright colours for more than 3 seconds.

It's a great theme. You get used to it. If not, turn down your brightness if that's seriously the reason why you insist on not using it.
Posted by:  Blumiere -
Comment: Master S
I noriced the banner, but thats pretty much it.
Posted by: Master S -
Comment: Scrydan
I used the layout for awhile...then I switched back. I am too used to the old style. Heh.
Posted by:  Scrydan -
Comment: Mippish
The layout's too bright.
Posted by:  Mippish -
Comment: Luigi-San
Or made it a forced scheme like at Halloween.
Posted by:  Luigi-San -
Comment: 3781
I never noticed there was a winter scheme option. :<>:

Could have reminded us earlier ya know.
Posted by: 3781 -
Comment: Z. Raffle tikt
Its really tough to choose which ones since theyre all awesome, but i've made my vote! I don't remember what right now, and i delete my PM's twice a week...16, 6 and something else is all i remember.
Posted by: Z. Raffle tikt -
Comment: imamelia
Hmmm, dang...first place was an easy choice for me, but I'm not sure about second and third...
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: randoguy101
Welp! Better get a last screenshot of the old trophies, before they're gone!

Also, kudos the the designer of the Floating Munchers trophy. XD
Posted by: randoguy101 -
Comment: Airbourne Bubblun
3, 4, B and 10 are the ones that I like.
Posted by: Airbourne Bubblun -
Comment: DragonFire6780
entrance 19 is what i vote.
Posted by: DragonFire6780 -
Comment: Ultimaximus
16, 1A, and 02... Though I never liked the idea of new trophies, I must say, these are really impressive! Everyone's done such a fantastic job on them!
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: K3fka
I voted for 9, 6, and 4. :D
Posted by:  K3fka -
Comment: yoshicookiezeus
I like how the entries are numbered in hexadecimal.

Also, voted for C, 16, and 6.
Posted by: yoshicookiezeus -
Comment: Darky
I liked numbers E, 8, 6, 4
Those were the one I definitely wanted to see :D I already voted since I'm sure those are that awesome :D
Posted by: Darky -
Comment: fomelogo
Wow... they're pretty good. All of them, and i might be too late to vote i guess, but i really like entries 9 and 19
Awesome stuff
Posted by: fomelogo -