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News: Hey!
What the heck are you doing here? It's not Christmas!

Even if it's not Christmas you should still spend time with your families. Where's the love? <3
Posted by:  S.N.N. -

Comment: Delta
Hah. No way am I staying with my familly. Then i'd never get done my hack!
Posted by: Delta -
Comment: Scrydan
Oh, I just noticed that.
Ahaha, how funny.
[/late comment]
Posted by:  Scrydan -
Comment: mariomaker6
what if coming to this website makes the family come closer together?
Posted by: mariomaker6 -
Comment: GoldenSonic15
Ahahaha no.
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: blank the blank
I'm the nostalgia christmas. I christmas so christmas christmas. CHRISTMAS!
Posted by:  blank the blank -
Comment: Ultimaximus
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Thomas
Anybody else notice it now says, "Its NOT Christmas!"?
Posted by:  Thomas -
Comment: King Boo
Yeah, I think I posted this somewhere else.
Posted by: King Boo -
Comment: mariomaker6
Why are trying to get people to not come to this website???
Posted by: mariomaker6 -
Comment: Black Crystal Wisher
*Writing Vocaloid fanfiction*
Posted by:  Black Crystal Wisher -
Comment: M w c
I find love very attracting.
Posted by:  M w c -
Comment: leictreon
Well, today isn't xmas :P
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: PrincessEmilu
Posted by: PrincessEmilu -
Comment: Deeke
Phooey. There goes another perfectly good Christmas.
Posted by:  Deeke -
Comment: Pureblade
Merry Christmas! My family is still asleep right now. (Yes, here in Holland, we have a 2nd Christmas day!)
Posted by: Pureblade -
Comment: iRhyiku
no it couldnt, its more important than my family /sarcasm?
Posted by:  iRhyiku -
Comment: Mue
Well what about people like us Australians. Christmas past a day ago so...
Posted by:  Mue -
Comment: Vivian Darkbloom
merry christmas bro

i'm hacking but that's 'cause everyone else is asleep and i'm talking to my friend from texas
Posted by: Vivian Darkbloom -
Comment: Spade
My family is now asleep, so I came here.


Posted by: Spade -
Comment: Midna
How subtle.
Posted by: Midna -
Comment: ancientpower
Christmas is over already :(
Posted by: ancientpower -
Comment: Scrydan
I am a multitasker. I can post here and do Christmas stuff. Yep
Besides, who would greet everyone in my place? Wait- don't answer that. I am staying here.
Posted by:  Scrydan -
Comment: Atma
Posted by: Atma -
Comment: blue leader
Already done that, how do you ask?, by finshing New Super Mario Bros Wii, and enjoying my new cellphone and sweater XD
Posted by: blue leader -
Comment: Zerio
I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so I will continue working on Talikuu Quest. :P
Posted by: Zerio -
Comment: Mister Karma
been there, done that SNN :P

a'sides, my dad's at work, and we had our Christmas last night XD -is enjoying the new 1TB external hard drive-
Posted by:  Mister Karma -
Comment: Chikane
You really think so?
Posted by:  Chikane -
Comment: Rainbowslime
We are having 'OODLES of fun with our new XBox 360 Elite! First XBox I ever owned. (and probably ever will)
Posted by: Rainbowslime -
Comment: boredman
That was fun playing on my new black wii. And using dazzle.
Posted by: boredman -
Comment: Red Chameleon
The hilarious part is that I'm not even hacking SMW.

SNN always jumps to the gun.

EDIT: Oh, wait, nevermind. I am hacking SMW.
Posted by: Red Chameleon -
Comment: x-treme
Originally posted by Christmas Raffle tikt
Eh, my house caught fire yesterday, so we've already had "christmas". *sigh*
Ah, half of the house isn't destroyed (at least the half i use)

Poor you. Burnt house for christmas eve. That's really sad. :(
Posted by:  x-treme -
Comment: Darky
Originally posted by Electron
Originally posted by Electron
wut?, we celebrate it on Christmas Eve.

This (Yes same as Hadron)
Posted by: Darky -
Comment: blank the blank
Posted by:  blank the blank -
Comment: GoldenSonic15
Ha. I'm testing my new DSi's internet.
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: abc123
egg nog, dont end up like my dad laying on the floor nude 5 years ago. I have that feeling all over again wathcing "Bad Santa" and wathc people eat yellow snow. goooooood tiiiimes... :)
Posted by: abc123 -
Comment: Martin9172
Awesome news.

I'm done already.
Posted by: Martin9172 -
Comment: MarioMaker789
in night i'm gonna have a party, but now all have drunk and chat.

Merry Christmas to Everyone
Posted by: MarioMaker789 -
Comment: reghrhre
I'm gonna have a Christmas party with my cousins, it'll be great. :)
I gotta wait for at least 50 minutes then I'll be gone.(I got internet access at this hotel)
Posted by: reghrhre -
Comment: Nocturne
I do spend time with my family. I just like to check up every once and a while here. Besides, my family wants to try out their presents as well. I'm trying out my new mousepad and headphones.
Posted by:  Nocturne -
Comment: Hadron
Originally posted by Electron
wut?, we celebrate it on Christmas Eve.

Posted by:  Hadron -
Comment: leictreon
wut?, we celebrate it on Christmas Eve.
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: zkip
Family? Christmas? Pphfft

Actually we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so "been there, done that."
Posted by: zkip -
Comment: Z. Raffle tikt
Eh, my house caught fire yesterday, so we've already had "christmas". *sigh*
Ah, half of the house isn't destroyed (at least the half i use)
Posted by: Z. Raffle tikt -
Comment: DragonFire6780
i go tomarrow lulz. (i never sign out :\)
Posted by: DragonFire6780 -
Comment: Alcaro
Which Mario hack?
I don't consider this OW garbage fix patch a "hack"...
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: Rayman Man
No it can't.
Posted by: Rayman Man -
Comment: Ultimaximus
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Jolteon386
My family is still asleep at the time of posting this.
Posted by: Jolteon386 -