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News: Staff changes
We've recently been making a few changes to the staff, and we'd like to congratulate Iceguy, who has just joined the staff team. Everybody give him a warm welcome!

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Posted by: Jimmy -

Comment: Ultimaximus
Because not everywhere does it display the Donated coin. Note that the same occurs to others.
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: leictreon
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: Chdata
So then uhh how do you lose it? And I remember reading in the FAQ or something that it said if you get confused about font colors of names that's how you determine it.

(In some places I see his name without it.)
Posted by: Chdata -
Comment: Roy
The yoshi coin simply implies he donated. Everyone who donates gets that
Posted by: Roy -
Comment: Chdata
How come SNN still appears as a mod in half the site and not a mod in the other half? The yoshi coin.
Posted by: Chdata -
Comment: Jumpluff_999
Congrats Iceguy! You really deserved that position.
Posted by:  Jumpluff_999 -
Comment: Sinister Pixel
Congrats IceGuy. This welcome is so warm you're melting. Oops, someone spilt something on the floor. SOMEBODY GET A MOP! :P
Posted by:  Sinister Pixel -
Comment: Jeorge535
Mriohony, Lucas became a Local Mod at the end of November, IIRC.
Posted by:  Jeorge535 -
Comment: Mriohony
And lucas becomed local moderator
Posted by: Mriohony -
Comment: GoldenSonic15

... Yeah.
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: Master S
WHAT?!!!!!!!! SNN GONE?!!!!!!!!!! At least Iceguy has been promoted. Well Done!

Posted by: Master S -
Comment: pieguy1372
Oh hey, SNN is gone. Now it's time for me to regain my spot as top poster. :O


Anyway, congrats Iceguy. :D
Posted by: pieguy1372 -
Comment: DragonFire6780
Congrats, iceguy. I guess the mods recognized you and gave you this present. :D be good at modding.
Posted by: DragonFire6780 -
Comment: leictreon
Oh, congratulations Iceyoshi!
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: Iceguy
Thanks everyone ^-^

I'll try to do a good job as a mod though it might take me some time to get acquainted to staff :P

Also, hope you enjoy your break and return soon, SNN.
Posted by: Iceguy -
Comment: 2technogeeks
Congratulations Iceguy! You had so many good custom sprites posted that for a while I actually thought you were a staff member! I know you'll do well!
Posted by: 2technogeeks -
Comment: Tahixham
NOOOO! SNN. I can't ait 'till you come back. And welcome Iceguy! :D
Posted by:  Tahixham -
Comment: Red Chameleon
Originally posted by mariofan1000
Now all the good hackers are staff


Anyways, congrats on getting onto the staff team, Iceyoshi. As far as I've seen you you seem like a really nice guy, and I'm sure the staff team is glad to have you as part of it.
Posted by: Red Chameleon -
Comment: SubconsciousEye
I think we should make a cake for Iceguy! Congratulations to you Iceguy!
Posted by: SubconsciousEye -
Comment: tatanga
Wow, a lot of changes lately. Congratulations, Iceguy.
Posted by: tatanga -
Comment: Ultimaximus
mariofan1000, that implies that those who aren't staff are bad hackers. :\

Congratulations Iceguy
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: YoshiNextGen
Congrats Iceguy!
Posted by: YoshiNextGen -
Comment: SafeDesire
wasn't it obvious he'd be mod...
Anyways congrats Iceguy :)
Posted by:  SafeDesire -
Comment: Oo-yoshi-oO
Congratulations Iceguy.
But... What ? SNN isn't more administrator ?
Posted by: Oo-yoshi-oO -
Comment: exit1337
Greetings, Iceguy! Nice to see you as a staff member!
Posted by:  exit1337 -
Comment: Jeorge535
Congratulations Iceguy! Have fun as a moderator!
Posted by:  Jeorge535 -
Comment: Chikane
Congratulations Iceguy :D
Posted by:  Chikane -
Comment: iRhyiku
...I thought he was already staff o.O
Posted by:  iRhyiku -
Comment: blank the blank
Now all the good hackers are staff :O
Posted by:  blank the blank -
Comment: Ixtab
Cool. I knew Iceguy and Maxx would be staff by the end of the year-- and I was right :3
Posted by:  Ixtab -
Comment: Jarimii
Congratulations Iceguy! I hope you enjoy your time as a staff member! :)
Posted by: Jarimii -