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News: C3 poster results!
The winners of the C3 poster contest have been announced here.

Speaking of C3... Just over a day left. Do you have your projects ready yet? No? Then get to work already!

My armies of floating munchers have been strategically positioned around the globe, ready to attack anyone who doesn't submit anything.

Posted by:  Smallhacker -

Comment: Mister Karma
SmaIIhacker your munchers nom'd my legs off! That's not fair, man! :<
Posted by:  Mister Karma -
Comment: Chikane
Where's C3 :<
Posted by:  Chikane -
Comment: iRhyiku

Cool where is it? xD
I woke up early ON A SATURDAY! For this :<
Posted by:  iRhyiku -
Comment: Chdata
Arg wake up Smallhacker.
Posted by: Chdata -
Comment: Jimmy
Good thing I'm not going to be omnomnom'd :)
Posted by: Jimmy -
Comment: scepile
... 0 days left (not 0.0, but 0) and the C3 thread still isn't up... -_- Those munchers from last (1/2) year still didn't wilt? Oh well. *disapears in a puff of smoke*
Posted by: scepile -
Comment: blue leader
Oh no, no, no, no, i didn`t got out of New mombasa (On legendary) to get OMNOMNOMNED, Vergil, raise the shields!!
Posted by: blue leader -
Comment: RedToonLink
0.0 days left.
Posted by: RedToonLink -
Comment: PowerStrike
Good thing I gots myself a Muncher proof battleship.
Not to mention it flies! No munchers can reach me!
Too bad I couldn't get my demo out in time.
Posted by: PowerStrike -
Comment: 5544
Damn, I can only submit a one level hack... And that level is really short...

Good thing there's other things to show of in the hack. Like graphics and physics.
Posted by:  5544 -
Comment: ZMann
This time, I'll actually make a thread about my hack instead of just quietly submitting a one-world demo not worthy of a thread. And I just might include something extra on the second day...
Posted by:  ZMann -
Comment: FrozenHydra
im running behind schedual.. *Hears the bells of muncher death* o boy..
Posted by: FrozenHydra -
Comment: pieguy1372
/me still has his Anti-Muncher shield
Posted by: pieguy1372 -
Comment: Ddoomm10
I've got my anti-OMNOMNOM spray tucked away in my pocket, and I have my C3 entry ready. ^_^" Hope it'll get some attention this time!
Posted by: Ddoomm10 -
Comment: Aposke
I'm ready to submit a demo of my first real hack, although I'm sure it's gonna get rejected...

Well, at least I won't have to fear the munchers!
Posted by: Aposke -
Comment: Master S
Yeah, I remember last C3 (didn't post anything there either, >_<), SNN said that Smallhacker was gonna find us and glue, nail a sign or something like that to our backs. He's obviously got a back log cos he hasn't found me yet. Lol.
Posted by: Master S -
Comment: GoldenSonic15
In one of the past C3s, he threatened to throw people into a pit of floating munchers. XD
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: Master S
I shall put on mah hover boots so I won't get OMNOMNOM'ed as munchers must have roots. :p

Edit: For extra safety, I'll flip into 3d.
Posted by: Master S -
Comment: GoldenSonic15
Puts OMNOMNOM-shield around self.
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 -
Comment: RivalNightmare
Yay i wont get OMNOMNOM'D!!!!!
Posted by: RivalNightmare -
Comment: Medic
me's hack will come
Posted by: Medic -
Comment: imamelia
imamelia uses $14AE Rain!

I don't have anything, unfortunately, but I am looking forward to see what other people have made. I wonder where Iceguy disappeared to? His stuff was my favorite last C3. Anyway, this one probably won't disappoint either. Only half a day left!...
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: A-l-e-x-99
Unfortunately, I don't have much to show this year. But I still have something to show off, so it looks like I avoid the wrath of the floating Munchers! =P

By the way, I have a lot of gray P-Switches at my house...anybody want one? :D
Posted by: A-l-e-x-99 -
Comment: Tahixham
I'm ready to get omnomnom'd! :D
Posted by:  Tahixham -
Comment: Demonsul
*deploys 4-day muncher repellent
Posted by: Demonsul -
Comment: Skewer
Umm... does this count for those that can't submit anything due to events?

I'd submit, but I've stressed ALL week that I won't be here. Can C3 stay open until Monday or something?
Posted by: Skewer -
Comment: JeRRy86
agreed. i have nothing to show-off at C3 D:

Posted by:  JeRRy86 -
Comment: Pureblade
Sorry, floating munchers aren't allowed in Holland. If I only had my 2 world demo ready.
Posted by: Pureblade -
Comment: 5544
I might actually survive this years muncher wave. Yay!
Posted by:  5544 -
Comment: Darky
Yay, I'm going to get OMNOMNOM'D D:
Posted by: Darky -
Comment: Ersanio
Smallhacker making a muncher joke? holy shit.
Posted by:  Ersanio -
Comment: MarioFan22
There will be a forum for this year's C3. I got my hack ready. The IPS has been created. It will be submitted tomorrow and will be my first submitted hack to SMWC! :D

No Munchers are gonna OMNOMNOM me! :P
Posted by: MarioFan22 -
Comment: Senjan
And if so, where do you post stuff for C3? Will a specific thread come up tomorrow?
Posted by:  Senjan -
Comment: Senjan
I have made a trailer for my almostly-finished Hack on YouTube. Am I allowed to post it here on SMWCenral?
Posted by:  Senjan -
Comment: blank the blank
I have a hack planned for the moment!
Posted by:  blank the blank -
Comment: anonimato
the place where i live its too dry for any plant, including the omnomnomnomunchers.

So i'm safe since i don't have anything this time...
Posted by:  anonimato -
Comment: FrozenHydra
i hear munching.. im scared for my life

maybe ill be movitvated to finish my hack in one day.

though in reality it would take a month of non stop work.... *hears more munching* AHHHH *goes back to work*
Posted by: FrozenHydra -
Comment: Scrydan
I got something ready...but it was placed in my site which is now

Well, I better get ready for my site's fate.
Posted by:  Scrydan -
Comment: Awsomest 14
Don't worry, you don't need to OMNOMNOM me! I have 2 Projects ready and Now I'm just Impatiently waiting for that little count down clock to say 0.0! :)
Posted by: Awsomest 14 -
Comment: SubconsciousEye
*Kills munchers with a mega mushroom* Oh wait...

Anyways, I got some of my project done but not all of it... So I might think about it...
Posted by: SubconsciousEye -
Comment: pieguy1372

/me hides in anti-Muncher shelter
Posted by: pieguy1372 -
Comment: Chdata
Generic non-omnomnom post here.
Posted by: Chdata -

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