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News: Newer news
I would say that I am about 15% done at this point, meaning that this will take a bit longer than I thought.

In other news, error messages are a sign of progress.
Posted by: Kieran Menor -

Comment: Master S
*looks at the news*

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you sayin' that you could be like a month? Fu--------------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, time to go back to what I was doing. =D

Mind you, it's a bit convenient for me cos it's a day after I break up this happens. Hmm...
Posted by: Master S -
Comment: Demonsul
If it's gonna take a month, it's gonna take a month.

Now what do you say about my crazy Kuribo conspiracy, eh?

In addition, this would be wise:
Posted by: Demonsul -
Comment: Yoshi 4000
15%!? will take 26.66666666666667 Days! Oh noes!
Posted by: Yoshi 4000 -
Comment: imamelia
Is there a tutorial anywhere besides the forums that covers Carol's MORE.bin? I'd like to find out what limitations it has, what can and cannot be done with it, and the like. I'd still use Romi's Addmusic, but I've heard that you can use Carol's MORE.bin with Romi's Addmusic, so if I decide to use samples in, for example, my hack, I'd like to use it. And another music there a way to overwrite the default sample bank? I can't figure out where Sample Tool determines which bank to use in any given level, and no way am I going to go through the entire list and change each level one by one.
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: mockingod
I actually finished my port =D

Download link is in the "Waiting to be moderated" section in the music section. BusterBeetle helped me on last checks.

Its my first, though, I have been reading about how to port. =D

I hope its accepted.
Posted by:  mockingod -
Comment: pkhaxor
luckily for me this happened just after i got my birthday presents, otherwise i would be so bored =P
Posted by: pkhaxor -
Comment: Cameron
SMB 1-3 Glitchery
Posted by: Cameron -
Comment: Tailsko
Mario Edit: Crystal King FTW. I wonder what it will be like finished?
Posted by: Tailsko -
Comment: leod
I and Hobz were just playing so fucking awesome, no one will ever reach us.
We played 2 hours and got to 1-4 in SMB1!!!

Only 3 game overs!
And the best: He was recording it!
But you won't see it. It's too good.
Posted by: leod -
Comment: Spinjumper
"I am about 15% done"
Posted by: Spinjumper -
Comment: mockingod
lolmoltensnows banned. Also, I have been porting "Cave Story: Hero's End" And so far, I think its going good =D
Posted by:  mockingod -
Comment: Jayfeather
two_headed_yushi itz suposed 2 lok like scoby scoby dooooooo
Posted by: Jayfeather -
Comment: Truxton
Mr. Mystery and his Mystery-mobile

Posted by: Truxton -
Comment: ZMann
Only 15% done... Well, it's still progress!

Besides, I actually have a reason to visit the IRC now, so it's no big deal.
Posted by:  ZMann -
Comment: IsoFrieze
My vacation got canceled this year. D:
Posted by:  IsoFrieze -
Comment: Medic
Originally posted by Dotsarecool
Puh-lease. Why don't you guys find something productive to do that doesn't include whining about forums/people.
hehehe, i'm going on a vacation for 3 weeks from now ^_^
Posted by: Medic -
Comment: RussRox
alright good night guys!:O
Posted by: RussRox -
Comment: RussRox
moltensnow: not to be rude but you really need to shut up!!!

Atma Edit: Don't use the super huge text. You have been warned.
Posted by: RussRox -
Comment: RussRox
@exor5445: oh ik i'm just making a point

and i feel bad for kieran you guys need to stop putting him under pressure
Posted by: RussRox -
Comment: E-Man
Well something is better than nothing, is it not? Take your time Kieran, I'm sure (for the most part) everyone is waiting patiently to see the updated forums. Yes, I realize it is more efficient, but that's beside the point.
Posted by:  E-Man -
Comment: Fyord
I think, perhaps, a few things need to be straightened out.

When I say 'blind', I mean 'legally blind'. I have NLP (no light perception) in my right eye, which basically means that it could be carved out of my head and I wouldn't really care. My left eye--the one I use--has a sight level of 20/800, which means that what I can see 20 feet away, a person with normal sight can see 800 feet away. Well, that's what the doctors told me, but I think it's bull.

The formal name of my 'condition' is Septo-Optic Dysplasia. I also have some other eye rarities, most of which are harmless, and I can't spell them, so we'll just pretend they don't exist.

So, yes, I can use a computer and edit graphics...though my poor eyesight makes the latter a challenge.

I hope my rant hasn't been offensive....

One last thing: I have never been on IRC.
Posted by:  Fyord -
Comment: MolSno
Ok. How about you make a new SMWC news.
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: IsoFrieze
Puh-lease. Why don't you guys find something productive to do that doesn't include whining about forums/people.
Posted by:  IsoFrieze -
Comment: MolSno
@exor5445 I can't read it because of the poor grammar. I'll fix it.

What would be the point of this site without forums if Kieran doesn't finish fixing them? How would people who want to make hacks learn things that don't have a tutorial without the forums? The main page says, "SMW Central aims to be THE Super Mario World hacking site." I mean think about it. Why would Kieran not finish fixing the forums?

I took some of it out because I didn't understand what the shit he was talking about.
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: saturos
moltensnow, you have got to be pretty damn stupid if you can't understand what he said.

@russerox: I already told you, the forums will come back when they come back, just be patient.
Posted by: saturos -
Comment: Riot898
Well, all error messages are gone from my sight. But I will choke myself to death without the forums....

Posted by: Riot898 -
Comment: MolSno
Originally posted by russsrox11
what would be the point of this site without forums if kieran doesn't finish them? how would people who want to make hacks learn stuff that isn't a tutorial if u get what i'm saying? the main page says Quote: Our goal is to be the primary SMW Hacking resourse i mean every one would have to join the board and that's obsolete. i mean think about it. why would kieran not finish the forums?

Say it with better grammar and I might understand you. Because as of now, I didn't understand a word you said.

Also, people. Please check out this water level I made.
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: RussRox
what would be the point of this site without forums if kieran doesn't finish them? how would people who want to make hacks learn stuff that isn't a tutorial if u get what i'm saying? the main page says Quote: SMW Central aims to be THE Super Mario World hacking site i mean every one would have to join the board and that's obsolete. i mean think about it. why would kieran not finish the forums?
Posted by: RussRox -
Comment: Ladida
cool progress.

Also, i have a new layout. As is my tradition, I make myself a new layout after every anime i watch
Posted by:  Ladida -
Comment: MolSno
Tell me what you think of this water level I made. I'm not going to make more water levels until I'm done with the sewer world.
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: Midna
In other words, about 18-19 more days until we can expect the forums to be back up if Kieran continues to make progress at a steady rate.

Great, more waiting for something we'll barely notice.
Posted by: Midna -
Comment: RussRox
what is SNN talking about?8>
Posted by: RussRox -
Comment: Mario's Personal Agent
Very true, Ulti.
Posted by: Mario's Personal Agent -
Comment: Ultimaximus
Originally posted by moltensnow

And for once, the fact that people submit tutorials as threads rather than to the Tutorials section is a bad thing. I swear, that section is horribly horribly neglected.
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Impetus
Silly SNN, he is obviously wanking to World of Warcraft.

Also I was wondering if I should change my username to Eve L. Duehr
Posted by: Impetus -
Comment: MolSno
Oh. That would explain it.
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: mockingod
moltensnow, I asked Camerine Neede on the IRC, how, and he said he is only blind in one eye. IIRC.
Posted by:  mockingod -
Comment: Cameron
Originally posted by moltensnow

Shit, that's what I'VE been doing this whole time.
Posted by: Cameron -
Comment: MolSno
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: S.N.N.
Maybe you should stop wanking to Starcraft II and actually work on this some more.

Posted by:  S.N.N. -
Comment: RussRox
Originally posted by Me
Originally posted by Me
Originally posted by stripeydope
10. Add to the list

your mom

your Memories Of Mario

it's a game i made up; you have to name all of the mario games/hacks you can and who ever names the most wins! c'mon it's a good pass time, everybody play!

Meh, lets switch the rules to name your favorite mario game/hack
Posted by: RussRox -
Comment: Zephyr
I have nothing to do except draw, which I'm getting much better at. (I've conquered my fear of drawing anime hair, though I'm still bad at it) I'd hack but... you know... Oh, and eventually I'll be writing a story and posting it on Hatena as something like a manga. Only got one character kinda thought through. (my character, Zephyr the ninja)
Posted by:  Zephyr -
Comment: Cameron
Check out my Wiki page.

@Pureblade: And 18-9 = Tetris. 2*4= Lugia.

@GN: Very nice! Also, I like that Pokey idea.
Posted by: Cameron -
Comment: Incognito

Changed fake HDMA after I made this pic, it's much smoother.

What do you think? The pokey is standing in quicksand, and it's exanimated. Woo.
Posted by: Incognito -
Comment: DarkMark
...It could just be an exaggeration, or an expression.

Buzz killing for the win!
Posted by: DarkMark -
Comment: imamelia
That too.
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: MolSno
@Camerin Neede How can you use the computer if your blind?
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: imamelia
Camerin Neede: I thought you were only partly blind. And sorry, I don't know anything about the Disable Death patch.
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: Pureblade
Oh wait, my friends are here. I'm going outside, something you guys should do.
(well, it's actually almost 3:00 here so it's time to sleep, but you get my point, right?)

@Camerin Neede: For the disable death patch, you do know that you have to set the free ram, because the name in the Patches section says "[Xkas] Disable Death Flag".
So, you should set the free ram with a generator or levelasm or whatever.
P.S. 2-2=Mario
Posted by: Pureblade -
Comment: Fyord
I'm trying to use the Disable Death Patch, but I've run into some difficulty. With Xkas GUI, I can replace the Freespaces easily enough, but the patch doesn't seem to do anything. I need to set level numbers, I think, but where?
Posted by:  Fyord -
Comment: leictreon
Well, as the song says:
"I will survive..."
Or as Principal Wartz says:
"I will Prevail"
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: Galactaknight
Well, I'll be patient even if its still a pain but,
Dear life, duck you to the maxium.
<3 Meta
Posted by:  Galactaknight -
Comment: aaa
Posted by: aaa -
Comment: Captain Pissweak
Originally posted by GN
It was a tough 15%, you said. What's the remaining tough %?

Let's assume it's 85%.
Posted by: Captain Pissweak -
Comment: Volke
Whoever said this will take a week might be right...
Posted by:  Volke -
Comment: Fyord
Well, this gives me an opportunity to work on my new hack. I hate YY-CHR and graphics-editing, but the Graphics section doesn't have what I need, so I have to make my own edits. And being blind, that's a little hard to do. I'll put up images of my progress soon.
Posted by:  Fyord -
Comment: MolSno
Alright, thanks.
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: imamelia
moltensnow: BG1 = 0D. But you need to make sure the GFX header is set to 9 or D.
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: Broozer
Moltensnow: 0D.

Also, MarioEdit, although I have never played Paper Mario (or PM:TTYD for that matter), that's a mighty nice sprite you coded there. I'm liking your spriting work so far, keep it up.
Posted by: Broozer -
Comment: Rabees
Originally posted by Noobish Noobsicle
Say, Kieran, would it be such a bad idea to let us access the unfinished forums while you work on them? Or are you doing a ground-up system remake that would make that impossible?

He's optimizing the code, meaning it's being reorganized to work better. The forums probably wouldn't even work until he's done.
Posted by: Rabees -
Comment: MarioE
<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>
Posted by: MarioE -
Comment: MolSno
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: Jimmy
e: I swear everyone is just trying to delay the summer mosts >_<
Posted by: Jimmy -
Comment: Incognito
It was a tough 15%, you said. What's the remaining tough %?
Posted by: Incognito -
Comment: Zerio
I finally have internet. ~ZERIO

Posted by: Zerio -
Comment: Ludus
Eh...? I will be working on my hack then.
Posted by: Ludus -
Comment: Link13
This gives me time to recreate my awesome Mario GFX. Hey Kieran, are you at 16% yet of the forums? lol
Posted by: Link13 -
Comment: Noobish Noobsicle
Say, Kieran, would it be such a bad idea to let us access the unfinished forums while you work on them? Or are you doing a ground-up system remake that would make that impossible?
Posted by: Noobish Noobsicle -
Comment: Rabees
Oh well. I guess I'll work on my site too.
Posted by: Rabees -
Comment: mockingod
Aw. I was looking forward to stuff. Meh, now I have even more time to learn how to port music.
Posted by:  mockingod -
Comment: Impetus
At 15% done, we probably need some more news posts for topics. Well all the addicts anyway, I have loads of other ways to kill time.
Posted by: Impetus -
Comment: Uhrix
I'm glad you updated us Kieran, although that % was a bit lower than I thought. Anyway, take your time, its your site.
Posted by:  Uhrix -
Comment: Adam
Looks as though my sense of foreboding was correct after all.
Posted by:  Adam -
Comment: Ice Man
Not to advertise, but I did. Don't.

Just take youe time, Kieran. I'm glad you're working on the forums, yet they seemed fine to me. :P


11: Continue a hack =p
Posted by: Ice Man -
Comment: I8Strudel
Meh, that probably means something needed to be fixed more than was initially thought, so I can wait.
Posted by: I8Strudel -
Comment: Zildjian
I really can't believe some of these people. You really can't survive without a forum for a week or two? Is it that much of a need for you? It's summer, school's out, at least for most of us, and other than jobs and what not, we can do whatever on our own accord. So why waste it waiting for the forums here to come back?
Posted by:  Zildjian -
Comment: Cameron
Things you can do while you're waiting for the forums to open back up:

1. Help the wiki.
2. Make a hack.
3. Go on IRC.
4. Watch this or this and figure out how the hell that's done.
5. Go outside.
6. Watch TV.
7. Play a hack.
8. Draw ExGFX
9. Read.
10. Add to this.
Posted by: Cameron -
Comment: leictreon
This news is still our backup forum right?
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: saturos
I guess I should get rid of the pics in my files then.
Posted by: saturos -
Comment: Quizler
oh, damn.
Posted by:  Quizler -
Comment: Scrydan
Haha, this is lovely. I guess I can record more videos and stuff.
Posted by:  Scrydan -
Comment: Cameron
Nice. When should we expect the forums to be up? Also, everything else still works, correct?

The server died, what's up with that?
Posted by: Cameron -
Comment: aaa
Posted by: aaa -

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