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News: Dotsarecool
I would like to officially welcome Mr. Dots back to the staff Team. He will be helping with the moderation of hacks along with a few other things.
Posted by: Lightvayne -

Comment: squiggly
Welcome back Dots!
Posted by: squiggly -
Comment: Ladida
Posted by:  Ladida -
Comment: AlCaPwN
kinda new here but welcome back to adminhood.
Posted by: AlCaPwN -
Comment: blank the blank
I remember you being a cool dude.
Posted by:  blank the blank -
Comment: GvS
eh good luck I guess

and now to hope something happens
Posted by:  GvS -
Comment: Blind Devil
Back... huh?

Then start working already, bro. The hack moderation is still slow.

Why they didn't hire me as well? *cry*

...eh, glad to see you back.
Posted by:  Blind Devil -
Comment: BlackMageMario
Hey, welcome back dots! I haven't really seen you here before, so this will be sorta interesting.
Posted by: BlackMageMario -
Comment: Tahixham
Ooooooh. Hi Dots.
Posted by:  Tahixham -
Comment: IsoFrieze
Thanks, everyone! I'm glad to be back on the team. :D
Posted by:  IsoFrieze -
Comment: ToonLinktheFairy
Now THAT'S a cool mod we need.
Posted by: ToonLinktheFairy -
Comment: mariocool1999
Dotsarsuperdupermegafuckingawesome's back! Yay. I actually saw him un-modded today.
Posted by:  mariocool1999 -
Comment: Prizm
Dots are not cool.

They are ubercool.

Welcome back dotsareuber.
Posted by: Prizm -
Comment: zero-x
You were a good staff member, so I'm glad to see this. Best of luck!
Posted by: zero-x -
Comment: NEXandGBX
Cool. Nice to meet you Dots.

Posted by: NEXandGBX -
Comment: Katerpie
Welcome back, Dotsarecool.
Posted by:  Katerpie -
Comment: DragonFire6780
Posted by: DragonFire6780 -
Comment: Lui
You probably don't know me, but I remember you being staff back in the times when I had just joined. Welcome back anyway!
Posted by: Lui -
Comment: Moose
Welcome back. That is all.
Posted by: Moose -
Comment: Koopster
Yay! Ex-staff members being promoted again! :D

EDIT: his sample post username on his profile has a different font is it just me or lolwut.
Posted by:  Koopster -
Comment: Ersanio
It's Dotsaresuperduper! He's back!
Posted by:  Ersanio -
Comment: Sinister Pixel
Welcome back, Periodsarechilled.
Posted by:  Sinister Pixel -
Comment: Zildjian
Posted by:  Zildjian -