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News: oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO + Community IRC Event: SMILE Workshop
Two pieces of news today SMWCentral! First, The Heavenly Haunter's old message about the Halloween Level Contest:

"The Haunted Ghost House Level Challenge is now live, and we want YOU to join our legion of undead. While you're joining our legion of undead or something, you can participate in the contest here
oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo -The Heavenly Haunter"

Second, I'll be hosting a community IRC event on Saturday the 18th if anyone is interested in learning the basics of hacking Super Metroid. You can check this thread for more information. - Mistress Viarra

Update: This event is this Saturday at 8:30 EST. If you would like to try a bit of Super Metroid hacking, please join us on the IRC channel!
Posted by:  FPzero -

Comment: Hach
Well, I enjoyed this workshop, even though I only drew graphics and missed 2/3rds of it.
Eagerly awaiting the YI one! I wonder if I could help with a SMK(d) shop later on...
Posted by: Hach -
Comment: Ersanio
Baw our graffitied stuff is gone.
* Ersanio is still hiding behind his wall of stacked munchers.
Posted by:  Ersanio -
Comment: Roy
I have been using the Halloween SMWC layout since July or August. I think it's pretty awesome, so I'm probably going to keep it.

Baww... didn't have enough time for yet another contest D:. I hope another contest takes place when I'm back, because I'll surely join.
Posted by: Roy -
Comment: goomba
Posted by: goomba -
Comment: the bad hacker
aaaaw only if i did know how to do layer two and using events in overworld then i could make a room with scrolling boos
Posted by: the bad hacker -
Comment: sfuller
wow, mattan, should have waited to upload mario wakes up.....
Posted by:  sfuller -
Comment: FPzero
Ah so it was just a misunderstanding with the abbreviations. Yeah, I've confused a couple of people before with them... Glad we got this resolved.
Posted by:  FPzero -
Comment: PyroSphere
Ouch. I feel like a total idiot now.
*ChaosBall* Puts a gun to his head, pulls the trigger, dies, and becomes a zombie!

Brains.... Brains.....
Posted by: PyroSphere -
Comment: FPzero
I...didn't mention anything about SMW hacking at all... <_<;;

Again, I fail to see your point. I'm not talking about SMW Hacking at all. I'm talking about the limitations of Super Metroid hacking. Nothing about SMW anywhere.

If you're talking about how I mentioned ASM as something we can do with SM, I guess you'd be right in saying that it can be used in any game, but I still didn't say anything about SMW.
Posted by:  FPzero -
Comment: PyroSphere
An00bis: Actually, SM Hacking isn't limited at all. There are plenty of things you can do with it. We can change graphics, change music (though THAT is still very tough), add ASM hacks, etc. etc. Basically what makes a good SM hack is how well the rooms are designed.

Posted by: PyroSphere -
Comment: FPzero
I...didn't mention anything about SMW hacking at all... <_<;;
Posted by:  FPzero -
Comment: PyroSphere
SMW Hacking limitations depend on what you plan on doing with it. Your average level hack with ExGFX and prebuilt custom blocks would be easy as hell to do, but say you wanted to make custom bosses that use SNES mode 7. That's a biggie right there.

Also, Mistress Viarra (FirePhoenix), you mentioned ASM hacks in your explanation of why SMW hacking isn't limited. Technically, you can use ASM on any game for any console( or computer) there is an assembler and emulator (or way to get patched ROMs to run natively on the console) for. The available ROM and RAM map data for SMW helps dramatically, but the way you worded it makes your point about ASM invalid.
Posted by: PyroSphere -
Comment: Hach
What is it with the :bandwagon: in the news? {:(
Posted by: Hach -
Comment: 188
The only thing that is limited with hacking at all is the consol hardware. -.-;

And that we can even pass with emulation in some cases.
Posted by: 188 -
Comment: FPzero
An00bis: Actually, SM Hacking isn't limited at all. There are plenty of things you can do with it. We can change graphics, change music (though THAT is still very tough), add ASM hacks, etc. etc. Basically what makes a good SM hack is how well the rooms are designed.

Also, just think of the linking rooms thing as using the entrances/exits dialog in Lunar Magic, though a little harder. Essentially it's the same thing.
Posted by:  FPzero -
Comment: Spade
Arc reminds me of that faggot we learned about in history class who only knew that he exists, lol what a retard
Posted by: Spade -
Comment: PyroSphere
oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO's are part of this nutritious breakfast.

Anyways, I think I'll decline this too. I'm going to stick to SMW.
Posted by: PyroSphere -
Comment: An00bis
Bah, SM hacking is, from the little I know about it from ProtonJon's LP's, still extremely limited (something about linking rooms...).

Also, totally off topic, SMWC should have a way to transfer comments from an old news post...
Posted by:  An00bis -

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