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News: FAQ Addition
I went and added a section to the site's FAQ that most people will find useful, entitled "Technical Fixes, and Helpful Tips." This section is intended to compile all of those 'bugs' in SMW, and their fixes - such as a silver P-Switch acting blue when bringing it through a pipe. It also contains information you may find useful, like a list of all the boss levels in SMW. Credit goes to andy_k_250 for compiling these tips, and the original posters.

If you feel that something should be added, please send me a private message. Thank you.

Finally, the results of C3 should be posted later today. Stay tuned.

Update: The C3 results can be found here!
Posted by:  S.N.N. -

Comment: X-King
Good work Andy K!.
I want to know who won the C3!
Posted by: X-King -
Comment: Quizler
Yay! now I don't need to constantly try out different FG/BG coordinates.
thanks Andy K and SNN!
Posted by:  Quizler -
Comment: Broozer
Nice job once again, SNN. I never knew that there are chances of a blue P-Switch turn into a grey one when carried through a pipe. XD

Also, can't wait to check out the results! :D
Posted by: Broozer -
Comment: ItsSnowyTime
Cool, I've always hated having to look through all of the castle's exits just to find boss rooms.

I'm also excited to see who won the C3 voting :0
Posted by: ItsSnowyTime -