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News: Project feature
Introducing the monthly project feature! From now on, we're going to showcase some projects here, usually ones which have been getting surprisingly low attention but are very promising. A note that those aren't restricted to SMW hacks - if there are any interesting projects from the other sections, they can also be selected.

To start, we have Munchy's Big Day by Dr. Tapeworm for the first project feature! The hack has shown not only some great design so far, but also creative and pleasing aesthetics and a nice story to boot. Check it out! A one-world demo of the hack was also released during the Winter 2014 C3, as well as some extra screenshots, but it has been noted that it might be outdated by this point.

Other than the news post, the featured project thread will be sticked until the next news post is made. Great work, Dr. Tapeworm!
Posted by: Aeon -

Comment: Niamek
Neat Idea! I really like this idea.

I'd suggest you add a small area in the menu for this.

I have a few question:
I'm curious for the criteria for being in the spotlight. :p Why this particular hack and no others?
Posted by: Niamek -
Comment: MarioFanGamer
Why do I always read "Project Failure"? >_>

Originally posted by ersanio
Originally posted by aj6666
What the fuck is a C#?

it's a programming language >_> <_<

That was evil. #ab{:P}
Posted by:  MarioFanGamer -
Comment: Kaisaan
I hope my hack will be featured here!
Posted by: Kaisaan -
Comment: Gary
That's pretty rad idea.
Posted by: Gary -
Comment: Xyspade
What a great idea this is! Way to put the spotlight on some projects out there. I hope this tradition continues.
Posted by: Xyspade -
Comment: Aja
Originally posted by Ersanio
it's a programming language


You win!
Posted by: Aja -
Comment: Sokobansolver
So it wasn't an accident
Posted by: Sokobansolver -
Comment: UTF
aw man this is pretty cool! it's kinda like the ropebox during that one c3
Posted by: UTF -
Comment: Mogsiah
the hell
Posted by: Mogsiah -
Comment: Ersanio
Originally posted by aj6666
What the fuck is a C#?

it's a programming language

Posted by:  Ersanio -
Comment: GeminiSunfall
Not sure why we didn't think of this before. This is actually a great way to get projects out there and build up interest. It may also, hopefully, motivate hackers to actually commit to their projects as well.
Posted by: GeminiSunfall -
Comment: Aeon

(has been fixed)
Posted by: Aeon -
Comment: Aja
What the fuck is a C#?

Also, that's a good hack, probably one f the best things I tested during last C3.
Posted by: Aja -