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News: PSA from excavator about minecraft
We're reviving the Caffie Minecraft survival server. Soon we will be running Spigot and have the Dynmap plugin, which allows users to access a real time map of the world. We'd like the opinion of the players on whether or not we should reset the world and start fresh, or keep the current one that has been running for a few months. Also, for those of you who want to have a new world, we also need to know whether people would like if we changed the worldgen so that it no longer groups similar biomes together based on temperature. We've had a number of complaints that this recent worldgen feature makes it too difficult to find certain biomes, particularly desert and ice biomes.
Posted by: p4plus2 -

Comment: Devann
I'd like to play minecraft again, and I'm in favor of a reset; however I lack a decent enough computer.

Anyone wanna play the xbox 360 version?
Posted by:  Devann -
Comment: Ninja Boy
Posted by:  Ninja Boy -
Comment: Ersanio
I'm in for anything as long as people don't go living on their own.

e: there were some talks about a world border which slowly expands, maybe we could implement that. It sounds like a cool idea.
Posted by:  Ersanio -
Comment: IanBoy
I should like to join in!

Reset please :D
Posted by: IanBoy -
Comment: Dakras Hayashi
Resetti and i'll maybe join but, change the worldgen too please
Posted by: Dakras Hayashi -
Comment: Lazy

As for the worldgen, I really don't care. Personally, I like the flow the new worldgen creates, but if the other want it to be that way, sure, change it.

Will Prism and Rollback be back too?
Posted by:  Lazy -
Comment: Kagami Hiiragi
Sure. Let's go for a reset.
Posted by: Kagami Hiiragi -
Comment: Falconpunch
Let's piss off Mr. Resetti! (Yes)
Posted by:  Falconpunch -
Comment: MolSno
if we're gonna start over can we like, not rush to the ender dragon this time? interest died as soon as we beat it
Posted by: MolSno -
Comment: Prizm

maybe i'll actually play this time around. And i won't just make a cobble tower in the middle of the ocean!

it'll be all birch wood
Posted by: Prizm -
Comment: Sayuri
I'm all good with a reset. The worldgen change would be great, too. In the current map I've been frustrated for a while trying to find the few biomes I haven't yet seen, and this would make it a lot easier.
Posted by:  Sayuri -
Comment: Mogsiah
I'm all for a resetti.
Posted by: Mogsiah -