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News: Hello!
Please enjoy this friendly news announcement that is a mere one/two/three lines long! Have an awesome day!
Also, if you are interested in a tentative Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon tournament, please check here!
In other words: Ersanio is a loser.

Also, it's come to our attention that a number of users are changing their name colours (colors) with HTML. Any users caught doing this will get a short ban. Those who are doing this have until March 20th to change this before any punishments take place.

Buu-Huu: Let's revel a bit in nostalgia. ;3
Posted by:  S.N.N. -

Comment: PyroSphere
I smelled a rat when only half of the sentence "Ersanio is a loser" was underlined on hover.
Posted by: PyroSphere -
Comment: Luigi-San
This version of the DK Rap is Sooooooo much better :)
Posted by:  Luigi-San -
Comment: LocoRoo
Ersan is a cool guy. eh kills spamers and doesn't afraid of anything.
Posted by: LocoRoo -
Comment: Alcaro
So <div> tags to get colors are now forbidden...
Okay, I'll remove it (I think I'm the one who started it).
(Also, I hope this will make Kip's color when his layout isn't nearby non-black, it's annoying.)

Edit: I don't know who added the Ersan is a loser comment, but Ersan is the one who made it a link.

Edit2: It's two links now? Who did that?
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: Player 1
Well, since people want to change their colors so damn bad, learn a little CSS, get a Mozilla-based browser (Firefox being the most popular of them) and make a style for yourself using Stylish.

Then, install DOM Inspector, and browse the pages, clicking on elements and learning how to overwrite them. You can change just about everything and keep those changes to yourself. Or you can save the stylesheet, and ask people to download and add your style to view your profile as intended.

...Or, you can donate and not have to go through that BS just to change the color of your name.

CSS can do a shitload of things. Just keep changes you normally can't do to yourself.
Posted by: Player 1 -
Comment: Scrydan
Yea, I know usually when not to trust a link. This one just smells, especially since a lie is used with the link.

Only time I get RRed (In any other kind of RR) is when I just want to hear the song :P

Ersanio is awesome; the announcement is a lie and very unfriendly!

Using part of the address in links (In this case the: iw2eV0a_Sqo) and putting it in a YT search ususally works to see what it is. (Most of the time)

SNN, I entertained your link by clicking it. Hope your happy...

Have a nice day.
Posted by:  Scrydan -
Comment: runnerbelow
Is there no where that is safe from the terror of the Rick Roll, or rather the Tay Roll? I must go exile myself from the internet.
Posted by: runnerbelow -
Comment: Broozer


But seriously, SNN, I totally agree with Supertails; you kinda offended Ersanio. Apologize your buddy NOW.
Posted by: Broozer -
Comment: Supertails
Loser? Doesn't sound like a very friendly news announcement to me. :P
Posted by: Supertails -
Comment: An00bis
ersan is a cool guy who and he doesnt afraid of anything
Posted by:  An00bis -
Comment: Baphomet Junior
*rick rolled*


*exploded the Anti-Stress Button*
Posted by: Baphomet Junior -
Comment: leictreon
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: Luigi-San
*Gets RickRolled*

*Shoots SNN in the stomach repeatedly*
Posted by:  Luigi-San -
Comment: X-King
GENO'S unbanned!
/me hides his Anti-Geno T-Shirt's.
/me is pressing the Anti-Stress Button 1.000.000 times.
Posted by: X-King -
Comment: 3311

Posted by: 3311 -
Comment: Alcaro
Posted by: Alcaro -
Comment: X-King
Originally posted by SNN
In other words: Ersanio is a loser.


Ersanio is win!
Posted by: X-King -
Comment: Ultimaximus
I don't wanna enjoy this friendly news announcement! <_<
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Superyoshi
Hello too ^^
Posted by: Superyoshi -
Comment: Red Chameleon
Sure thing, SNN. :/

Although someone edited it to be one line instead of about 10 like before.
Posted by: Red Chameleon -
Comment: Tormentor2
Posted by: Tormentor2 -
Comment: Demonsul
Attempting to have awesome day...
Posted by: Demonsul -
Comment: Buster Beetle
Posted by:  Buster Beetle -
Comment: Kristian
I will have an awesome day, because it's spring break!

Posted by:  Kristian -
Comment: Pyro X
This post isn't even a line long. Nope.
Posted by: Pyro X -
Comment: Shadow Yoshi
Posted by: Shadow Yoshi -
Comment: Foursword4
Awww...we almost had a full roll call :(
Posted by: Foursword4 -
Comment: HyperHacker
1/2/3? I think it's a little more than 0.16666667 lines. *shot*
Posted by: HyperHacker -