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News: Exciting news
Since there is nothing overly exciting to note, I'll simply mention that the overworld contest has been judged, and the results are here.

Also, remember that the next C3 is only a month and a half away. It will occur on the first weekend in May, which happens to be May 2 and May 3. Make sure you're preparing your awesome hacking related stuff for it!

Kieran's edit: Actually, it will most likely be postponed. Stay tuned.

Broozer's edit: I would like to thank everyone who has recently contributed to the site by submitting ExGFX files to it - we have OVER 990 ExGFX files available in the nearest ExGFX section now, and we will hopefully have a thousand soon!
Posted by:  S.N.N. -

Comment: I8Strudel
Wow, I just looked and it's at 999 (with 9 to be moderated). That's just darn lucky!
Posted by: I8Strudel -
Comment: PyroSphere
What happens if we reach 1,000,000 ExGFX? (aka Kieran) and Smalls will require monthly payments for the use of the site in order to pay for the web hosting.
Posted by: PyroSphere -
Comment: Ultimaximus
OVER 128512 What? Who edited the news? EDIT: Ah, fixed, but we hope to have over a million?! EDIT: Who keeps changing it?!
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: Rock
I think pretty soon we will have to classify the ExGFX in categories to make the searches easier. It's already way better than before with the sprite, OW, BG, FG info though. Would be nice to see them in different pages and mabe when you click a link you could see all ExGFX by the same author if you liked his work. I am aware that its already possible but I mean it would be cool that way if they were separated in different categories. I like the way it is now though.
Posted by: Rock -
Comment: leictreon
Sadly, no FG ExGFX, because the tool only rips BG.
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: imamelia
But what shall we do about foreground ExGFX???
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: Ultimaximus
If all the ExGFX waiting to be moderated now passes, we'll have 999!
Posted by:  Ultimaximus -
Comment: leictreon
Lol seriously, over 900 ExGFX, that ripping tool is a ExGFX generator.
Posted by: leictreon -
Comment: Ersanio
Posted by:  Ersanio -
Comment: Buu
Iceguy: Way too much being submitted. D:
As if I'm not busy enough with other stuff, I have to moderate most of these ExGFX files. Actually, I have never anything to do besides idling on.. IRC... /me runs
Posted by: Buu -
Comment: Iceguy
Wow, only 21 more to go till there's 1000!

There's been about 80 ExGFX submissions in the last three days. Edit's tool must be really awesome ;)
Posted by: Iceguy -
Comment: HyperHacker
An00bis: Arbe will try to wipe it and fail.
Posted by: HyperHacker -
Comment: WhiteYoshiEgg
Less then one day since Broozer announced there were 900 ExGFX, and now there are 946 ot them, not counting the 8 ones waiting to be moderated... That must be one great tool. I have yet to try it though (read: I have yet to get it to work). :/

Also, I'm surprised nobody said something containg "OVER 9000" in their comments... (No, don't start doing it now.)
Posted by: WhiteYoshiEgg -
Comment: An00bis
@T.I.M.G: I'm betting the moment we reach 1,000,000, Arbe will wipe it :X
Posted by:  An00bis -
Comment: Mippish
What happens if we reach 1,000,000 ExGFX?
Posted by:  Mippish -
Comment: Luigi-San
I suppose that edit1754's BG Ripper is to blame for the recent spike in ExGFX submissions. ;)
Posted by:  Luigi-San -
Comment: Mippish
My Mickey Mania Font was the 900th ExGFX. =) Yea!
Posted by:  Mippish -
Comment: X-King
I think I should rip some BG's and work on my hack,but I've also real life,so I have not more so much time to submit something.:/
Posted by: X-King -
Comment: blue leader
I will submit something that was always missing in trains, and you will be interested (Maybe XD).
Posted by: blue leader -
Comment: Iceguy
yeah congrats to all those who won the contest ;)

*starts working on stuff for C3*
Posted by: Iceguy -
Comment: I8Strudel
Darn, C3 came too quick.

I had an idea for what I was going to do, but now I won't have the time. Oh well, I should have something to submit, I'm just not sure what...
Posted by: I8Strudel -
Comment: imamelia
I have some blocks that I'm planning to release at C3. I think they may be interesting...I just hope they don't screw up my game like the one I'm trying to debug right now does.
Posted by:  imamelia -
Comment: YoshiFan501
Im already ready for C3.
Posted by: YoshiFan501 -
Comment: yoshicookiezeus
Hopefully I can finish the improvements to my old levels before C3, so I can release a new demo...
Posted by: yoshicookiezeus -
Comment: sfuller
c3 already? how often is this going to be?
i wont have anything ready for c3., or maybe one thing...
i can't wait to see what we have this year!
Posted by:  sfuller -
Comment: Kurt91
I wish my hack was ready for C3. I don't want to show it until I'm ready to begin level design, but I've been hand-drawing all the ExGFX and making an attempt at porting music for it. By the time I finish, it should have everything from custom music and graphics to custom bosses, if I ever get around to learning ASM.

Oh well, maybe the next time C3 comes around I'll be ready. I didn't expect the time to fly by so quickly.
Posted by: Kurt91 -
Comment: Daboys121
Heh, I might have a port to show, but beyond that, I need to do more SMW hacking.

We'll see in a month or so. I can't wait for other people's things though; the last C3 was enjoyable, and I expect this one to as well.
Posted by: Daboys121 -
Comment: PyroSphere
C3? I might have made some decent progress on REX IDE by then, so a little snapshot binary might be in order.

Likely the hex editor component will be usable by then.
Posted by: PyroSphere -
Comment: Uncle_Bones
Meh, I'm not even going to try for C3. I might make some graphics or something, but that will more than likely be it, no way I can compete with the ASM wizards around here when all I can make with ASM is a 32x32 jumping sprite <.<
Posted by:  Uncle_Bones -
Comment: Aiedaiil
I haven't really showed anybody anything about my hack. I might show some things at C3
Posted by: Aiedaiil -
Comment: Im_Da_HiTmAn
well i got to get working then !
I got alot of things to work on including my bro !
Posted by: Im_Da_HiTmAn -
Comment: Thundahack
Congratulations to everyone who won the Overworld Awards!

And, nice, C3 is nearing! I'll have to make sure EggVine works properly! :O

But anyway, I hope to have something to show off. Who knows what I can do in one month and a half?

Wait, isn't C3 overly exciting to note?
Posted by: Thundahack -
Comment: Broozer
Oh damn, I really need to work on my stuff for C3! :O

Oh, and by the way, you people, the contest winners, really deserved the place you have gotten. Congrats! ;)
Posted by: Broozer -

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