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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry, we all need to start somewhere—if you're a beginner and still need to find your way around, chances are the F.A.Q. will answer a lot of the questions you may have. Before asking in the forums, it's wise to check this page first!

If you have suggestions for the F.A.Q., feel free to contact a staff member.


What are the rules?
Check here.
What do all the different icons mean?
means there are new posts in a forum/thread
means there are no new posts in a forum
means there are new posts in subforums of this forum
means that a thread is closed, and can no longer be posted in
means there are new posts in a thread, but it has since been closed and can no longer be posted in
means the thread has been moved to a different forum (referred to as a "ghost thread") - this is displayed in its previous forum for approximately three days
is a ghost thread with new posts
How do I insert an image or a link?
On the post toolbar on the New Reply page, click to add a hyperlink, and to insert an image. Put in the complete URL and make sure the URL is on the internet, not a file stored locally on your computer. Use your My Files space to host and share general files, or any other internet service you find reliable. imgur is currently the best for images. links, obtained by sending a file on Discord and copying the link, work pretty well too.
My thread isn't there - where'd it go?
It may have been moved to a more fitting forum. For example, if you posted a thread about a game in General Discussion, it might likely have ended up in Gaming. If the thread content was poor, the thread may have been moved to the Trash Can. When a thread is moved, a "ghost thread" will appear in its place for a couple of days, indicating that it has been moved.
Someone is harassing me - what should I do?
Send a PM to one of the Forum Moderators. A list of each forum's primary moderators are listed under each forum's description.
What does "Disable ninja protection" do?
Ninja protection allows you to review your message if somebody posts while you were typing, so that you don't end up posting the same thing. Disabling ninja protection will skip this step and create your post regardless.
What does "Notifications" mean on the menu?
You can watch threads and files so you receive notifications when they're updated with new posts, comments etc. A watched thread is marked with a bell icon. Threads you create and resources you submit are set to "watched" by default.
I've found a bug - how do I report it?
Post it in our Issue Tracker forum and one of our Developers will assist as soon as they can.
What board software does SMW Central use?
SMW Central does not use any pre-existing board software. It's made from scratch using PHP.
What do I do if I forget my password?
DM an Admin on Discord to request a password reset. Alternatively, E-mail a Userbase Administrator instead. Their E-mail addresses are listed in their profiles. You will need to have your E-mail address in your profile for us to be able to prove it's you requesting the reset.