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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry, we all need to start somewhere—if you're a beginner and still need to find your way around, chances are the F.A.Q. will answer a lot of the questions you may have. Before asking in the forums, it's wise to check this page first!

If you have suggestions for the F.A.Q., feel free to contact a staff member.

Layouts and Profiles

What's with the picture below my name?
That's a rank, and you can change it by editing the Rank Set option in Edit Profile.
How do I get a personalized picture?
Select a picture no bigger than 100KB and no larger than 150x150 pixels, and upload it to your My Files or another image sharing website. Then, set the link of that picture as your Avatar URL in Edit Profile.
I don't understand the post header and post footer part of my profile.
That's for a "layout", which is a custom post style with pictures and colors. The footer can also be used as a signature.
Cool, how do I get a layout?
You use HTML and CSS. You can request one here, automatically generate one here, or learn to make one here. Make sure your layout is self-contained and doesn't affect the rest of the site.
What are trophies, and how do I get some?
They're special icons in your profile earned by participating in special events, winning various contests, contributing numerous resources or submitting a quality hack, among other things. A list of trophies, as well as instructions for how to obtain them can be found here.
Can I hide trophies on my profile that I don't want other users to see?
Yes, you can! If you PM one of our Trophy Moderators, they will happily hide it away for you. You can always change your mind down the line and ask for it to be displayed again, and you'll still be able to see trophies on your own profile that you have asked to be hidden.
I've submitted enough resources in a section to qualify for a submission contribution trophy, but I haven't received it. How do I get it?
These trophies should be automatically awarded. If you haven't received it, however, it's likely your submissions pre-date the automatic reward system. Try visiting this page to receive it.

If you still haven't received it, please contact one of the Trophy Moderators or Administrators.
Why was my avatar/layout removed?
Your layout/avatar violated one of our rules. You'll receive an Infraction from a staff member with additional information when this happens. You can also see this page for further info about the rules.
I'm not too keen on having a list of all my posts easily viewable from my profile. Is there a way to hide this?
You can hide your post history by checking the "hide post history" box in Edit Profile. This will prevent users from seeing all of your posts in one place, but they will still be visible in threads from the forums. Note that all Staff will still be able to view your post history for moderation purposes.
I share this computer with a friend/sibling - may I make another account?
Yes - but please inform a Staff Member before doing so, as you risk punishment for reregistering otherwise.