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Frequently Asked Questions
Please contact a staff member if you have any suggestions for the F.A.Q..
SMW Hacking YI Hacking General ROM Hacking SMW Central
Question:I want to upload something. Are there any requirements?
Answer:Each section has standards which can be reviewed when you go to a section's upload page.
Question:My file has been waiting to be moderated for several days now. What's going on?
Answer:Staff members often have a lot of files and non-SMW Central obligations, so it may be a while before they get around to your stuff. You can check if your file was claimed by a moderator in its submission page. Your patience is appreciated!
Question:Why was my file deleted? It had passed moderation.
Answer:A problem may have been found later, or the standards may have changed. Check the appropriate forum here for your moderation log.
Question:Can we have a section for hacks for x game?
Answer:We generally only add new site sections for hacking new games if there is a sizable community for it. If there's no one out there who hacks New Super Mario Bros., for example, there's no point making a site section for it.