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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry, we all need to start somewhere—if you're a beginner and still need to find your way around, chances are the F.A.Q. will answer a lot of the questions you may have. Before asking in the forums, it's wise to check this page first!

If you have suggestions for the F.A.Q., feel free to contact a staff member.

Getting Started

What is SMW Hacking?
"SMW Hacking" is the process of modifying the content of a Super Mario World ROM file. Refer to the Emulators and ROMs section for more information.
Isn't hacking illegal?
Hacking refers to editing a ROM's content. This action is not illegal; however, downloading a commercial ROM is.
How do I hack Super Mario World?
Many tools can be used in conjunction with each other to create a SMW ROM hack. However, Lunar Magic is usually where you will spend most of your time and is the most versatile and user-friendly tool for hacking SMW.
What is Lunar Magic?
Lunar Magic is a hacking suite with an interface for modifying levels, the graphics they use and how they use them, the overworld maps, the title screen, and much more. You can download Lunar Magic here.
Which games are supported by Lunar Magic?
Super Mario World (U) [!] is fully supported. Super Mario World (J) [!] and Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (U) [!] are also supported (except for use of the integrated FastROM patch - this option is disabled in Lunar Magic when editing these ROMs). You can not edit any other game with Lunar Magic, and only (U) is compatible with the rest of our tools.
How do I know if my SMW ROM is unmodified?
Check your SMW ROM with this tool. It also checks that it's the US ROM.