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Submission Guidelines

The pages here detail all of SMW Central's submission guidelines for all resource sections and for submitting hacks. They contain information on quality expectations and important points regarding the site's core values.

Main Page

Submission Guidelines

SMW Central hosts a significant number of resources and tools available to Super Mario World hackers for use in their ROM hacking projects. These resources are hosted in various sections here on the site each with their own guidelines and core values for what is acceptable. If you are looking to contribute to these sections, please review the guidelines for each section as well as the general guidelines that cover all submissions.

General Guidelines
These pages are for site policies or rules that apply to all submissions, or guidelines that are common to every section.

Hack Guidelines
If you're looking to submit a hack to the Hacks section, review the page for all hacks as well has for the type of hack you wish to submit.

Resource Guidelines
If you are going to submit a resource, review the guidelines for each section here.

ASM Guidelines
The guidelines that govern all submissions to all the ASM resource sections.

Information Guidelines
Guidelines for submissions to the information sources on SMW Central, which include Documents or the ROM and RAM maps.

Tag Guidelines
Pages that have a detailed overview of all the tags relevant to each of the resources sections.