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Submission Guidelines

The pages here detail all of SMW Central's submission guidelines for all resource sections and for submitting hacks. They contain information on quality expectations and important points regarding the site's core values.


Screenshot Guidelines for Submissions

Most sections will accept screenshots as part of the submission process, both static images or animated, to showcase a resource or as part of a hack submissions.

  1. Keep Screenshots Focused
    Only include details relevant to your submission in the screenshot. Do not include additional resources or custom graphics in your images that would make it unclear what resource is being previewed. Exceptions include CPU meters to show off an optimization or text that shows a clear "Before" and "After" state.

  2. Don't Submit Blurry Screenshots
    If an image needs to be scaled to fit the required dimensions be sure to resize it without interpolation (a.k.a. "none" in some scaling utilities) or with "nearest neighbor" scaling so the game capture remains crisp. Other scaling methods will interpolate in ways that will blur the captured game image if it is scaled down.

  3. Don't Crop a Screenshot
    Screenshots should not be cropped to fit into the required dimensions, instead resize an image to fit (following the advice above).

  4. Disable Emulator Filters
    When capturing from your emulator disable any video filters or effects you may have enabled so a clean capture can be provided.

Hack-Specific Guidelineslink

  • Capture Only the Game
    Only include screenshots that are of the game, avoid including letterboxing or other material in the image.

  • Show the Title Screen First
    It is always recommended to include a screenshot of your titlescreen as this is the first thing that players will see when they boot your hack, so it should be the first thing they see on the hack page.

  • Include a variety of additional screenshots
    This is an opportunity to show off your hack! Use screenshots that are from different levels in the game (but not too many), or include part of the overworld.


Screenshots must be captured from a SNES emulator at the default resolution of the game: 256x224 pixels without any filters, artifacts or cropping done to the image. Supported file formats are .png for static screenshots, and .gif and .apng for animated.

Screenshot Details
Formats.png, .gif, .apng
Resolution256x224 pixels
Max File Size1.0 MB


The following is a screenshot that meets all the requirements.

  • Good quality screenshot.

    Properly sized and does not have any filters or unneccesary components.

The following are examples of bad screenshots and things you should avoid when creating or gathering screenshots for your submission.

  • Screenshot with improper downscalings

    Did not use nearest-neighbour scaling when resizing the image to fit resulting in a blurry screenshot.
  • Screenshot with letterboxing and in a non-standard aspect ratio

    Is using a non-standard aspect ratio and has letter boxing around the game capture.
  • Screenshot from a video capture

    An external video capture with visual artifacts and not a screenshot of the game from an emulator.
  • Screenshot from Lunar Magic

    Not a capture of the game from an emulator but of the level editor in Lunar Magic.
  • Screenshot that is cropped to fit

    Cropped to fit the required dimensions and not a resized image.

A small utility for resizing a source screenshot to appropriate size is available here:

Taking Screenshotslink

If you are unfamiliar with how to take screenshots here are some guidelines to help:

Application Capture

Emulator Capture

  • Snes9x (1.62): while the game is running, use the "File → Save Other → Save Screenshot" action from the menu, or press the F12 hotkey.
  • bsnes (v115): while the game is running, use the "Tools → Capture Screenshot" action from the menu; bsnes does not have a pre-set hotkey.
  • Other Emulators: screenshot capturing varies between emulators, so try looking through their settings or menus, but F12 tends to be a common shortcut.