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Submission Guidelines

The pages here detail all of SMW Central's submission guidelines for all resource sections and for submitting hacks. They contain information on quality expectations and important points regarding the site's core values.

Hacks Tags

Tag Guidelines for the Hacks Section

This page contains the tags you can use on your submission form. Please make sure to use only the proper tags, any other tags will be removed during moderation. Don't put tags such as your or other people's names, game titles, jokes/memes, or anything else irrelevant.

If you find a submission is missing a tag that isn't shown here, please send a message to one of the Hack moderators, so that they can add the missing tag.

Graphics Related
custom characterThe hack has a character made up by the author
enemyYou play as a Mario series enemy. The specific character will be listed in the tag as well.
exgfxSubstantial amount of graphics changes
less exgfxOften combining mostly original SMW graphics with rips or custom graphics
non-marioThe hack does not carry a Mario appearance
original graphicsAll self-drawn items. requires "exgfx" tag to be paired with it.
vanillaPredominantly original SMW graphics. No, this will not be changed to mean no ASM/music either. Stop asking.

Music Related
musicUses ports or compositions
no audioHack has no music and usually no sound effects either
original soundtrackAll self-made music. requires the regular "music" tag to be paired with it.

Special Code Considerations
asmUses programming to create new sprites, blocks, status bars, etc. All other tags in this category should be paired with this except the "hdma" tag.
bossesIncludes bosses not from SMW
hdmaUses hdma writes to create special effects.
healthUses a health meter instead of the standard Mario system
powersAdds completely new powerups to the game.

Level Design Styles and Quirks
explorationLevel design that involves a lot of searching
gimmickThe hack revolves around weird or unusual ideas
glitchLevel design involves use of gameplay techniques that were not intended by the programmer for the player to use
huge levelExtremely long level(s)
no bossHack does not have any bosses
non-platformerHack is not a platformer
puzzleLevel design that focuses more on using your mind
traditionalLevel design that is more action-oriented
varietyUses different types of design styles. does not require other tags from this category except "glitch" if applicable, unless one style is predominant.

Hack Themes
creepypastaHack's story is based on a creepypasta
crossoverCombines two or more games in an intentionally intersecting way apart from just being used for tilesets
downportA remake of a hack from a post-SNES system. This tag must be paired with the "remake" tag.
holidayRelated to a special day of the year (e.g. Christmas)
horrorHack intends to spook the player
jokeThe hack is made for humor value
remakeThe hack is a remake of another game
storyHack has heavy focus on a storyline

Mature content and other potential sensitive areas
suggestive dialogueThe hack contains a notable amount of dialogues that hints at suggestive/sexual/mature content. This tag will trigger a warning in the details page of the hack
epilepsy warningThe hack contains content that may be harmful to people with photosensitive epilepsy or similar conditions (such as flashing imagery). This tag will trigger a warning in the details page of the hack.
crude languageThe hack contains a notable amount of profanity and bad language. This tag will trigger a warning in the details page of the hack
crude contentThe hack contains a notable amount of crude visual content which is not violent or sexual in nature (for which other tags exist). This tag will trigger a warning in the details page of the hack.
sexual contentThe hack contains a notable amount of nudity and sexual content. This tag will trigger an age gate upon trying to enter the hacks submission page.
violenceThe hack contains a notable amount of gore and/or violence. This tag will trigger an age gate upon trying to enter the hacks submission page.

Other Tags
collabThe hack is made by a group of authors. The minimum for a collaboration hack is 2 authors.
sa-1The hack uses the SA-1 enhancement pack.

Other Considerations

  • Specific characters like Yoshi or Wario, if playable, will be included in tags. Characters outside the Mario universe will be tagged by the game series they are from or the entertainment/career source (e.g. anime, sports, politics.)
  • If the hack's environment all takes place in a specific realm, such as desert or space, the hack will have that as a tag.
  • Specific series will have their own tags to be easier to find (e.g. Eevee's "Assassins" series includes "Sicari" and "K-16 - Story of Steel")
  • If the hack is not in English, then the language will be tagged in its English nomenclature (e.g. for español search "spanish")