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$7E1DF9 - $1DF9 Values

01Hit head
02Contact (spin jump on a spiky enemy)
03Kick shell
04Go in pipe / Get hurt
05Midway point
06Yoshi gulp
07Dry bones collapse
08Kill enemy with a spin jump
09Fly with cape
0AGet powerup
0BON/OFF switch
0CCarry item past the goal
0DGet cape
0FHurt while flying / Net panel rotates
10Magikoopa shoot magic
11Pause (stops music)
12Unpause (resumes music)
13Enemy stomp 1
14Enemy stomp 2
15Enemy stomp 3
16Enemy stomp 4
17Enemy stomp 5
18Enemy stomp 6
19Enemy stomp 7
1AGrinder (slightly louder than the one in $1DFA)
1BGrinder (slightly louder than the one in $1DFA)
1CDragon/Yoshi coin
1DRunning out of time (combine with the one in $1DFC, does not speed up tempo)
1FKoopaling shrinking/defeated
20Yoshi spit ("OW!")
21Valley of Bowser appears (a low, looping, rumbling noise)
23Lemmy/Wendy fall
25Blargg roar
26Firework whistle 1
27Firework bang 1
28Firework whistle 2 (louder than #1)
29Firework bang 2 (louder than #1)
2APeach pops up from the Clown car
80+Time is running out (includes tempo hike)