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SM64 Memory Map

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RAM Address Length Type Context Description Details
$80322640 100 bytes Routine Global void osViSetEvent(OSMesgQueue *mq, OSMesg msg, u32 retraceCount);


Message queue address (0x8033AF78)
Message announced when vertical retrace occurs
Retrace count

This function registers the specified message queue and message in the VI manager. The program can thus receive the message (msg) announced by the message queue (mq)) from the VI manager when a vertical retrace occurs. The send cycle for the message is changed according to the value set in the retrace count (retraceCount). For instance, while the cycle is 60Hz when this is set to 1, it becomes a low speed 30Hz when it is set to 2, decreasing the frequency at which the application receives the vertical retrace announcement (message send cycle = 60Hz/retrace count).

Return Values

Execute this function after setting the display mode (see osViSetMode).
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