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SM64 Memory Map
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ROM Address Length Type Description Details
$903E6A00 3248 bytes Level Data Hazy Maze Cave level layout script
$903FB990 2336 bytes Level Data Shifting Sand Land level layout script
$90405A60 1360 bytes Level Data Bob-Omb's Battlefield level layout script
$9040E840 1328 bytes Level Data Snow Man's land level layout script
$90419F90 2000 bytes Level Data Wet Dry World level layout script
$90423B20 2992 bytes Level Data Jolly Roger Bay level layout script
$9042C6E0 2112 bytes Level Data Tiny Huge Island level layout script
$90437400 1136 bytes Level Data Tick Tock Clock level layout script
$9044A140 2688 bytes Level Data Rainbow Road level layout script
$904545E0 2080 bytes Level Data Castle Grounds level layout script
$9045BF60 1696 bytes Level Data Bowser 1 Course level layout script
$90461220 688 bytes Level Data Vanish Cap level layout script
$9046A840 2128 bytes Level Data Bowser's Fire Sea level layout script
$9046C1A0 512 bytes Level Data Secret Aquarium level layout script
$90477D00 1952 bytes Level Data Bowser 3 Course level layout script
$9048C9B0 3968 bytes Level Data Lethal Lava Land level layout script
$90495A60 1584 bytes Level Data Dire Dire Docks level layout script
$9049DA50 3264 bytes Level Data Whomp's Fortress level layout script
$904AC4B0 192 bytes Level Data Thank You cake picture at the end level layout script
$904AF670 704 bytes Level Data Castle Courtyard level layout script
$904B7F10 448 bytes Level Data Peach's Secret Slide level layout script
$904BE9E0 592 bytes Level Data Metal Cap level layout script
$904C2700 544 bytes Level Data Wing Cap level layout script
$904C41C0 352 bytes Level Data Bowser 1 Battle Platform level layout script
$904CD930 672 bytes Level Data Rainbow Clouds Bonus level layout script
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