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SMW Memory Map

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RAM Address Length Type Description Details
$7E007D 1 byte Player Player Y speed (8-bit, 2-complement signed), in 1/16s of a pixel per frame:

  • $80-$FF: Upwards speed, with $80 being the fastest (launches the player the highest)
  • $00: Not moving vertically.
  • $01-$7F: Downwards speed, with $7F being the fastest.

Note: $43 (when holding jump) $46 (not holding jump) is the maximum fall speed. Although $40 is the intended max speed (see at $00D7AF), the code first caps the downwards speed, and then apply the gravitational acceleration (increases Y speed by $03 or $06) afterwards.

When jumping, $B3 is the normal jump speed, and #$A4 is the jump speed when fully running.
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