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SMW Memory Map

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RAM Address Length Type Description Details
$7E0200 544 bytes I/O OAM table. Used to handle all sprite tile data, with 0x80 (128) slots for tiles. Generally, the table is indexed from either $0200 or $0300, with $0300 being used for normal sprites (and Mario) and $0200 being used for various other sprite types. Tiles are drawn to the screen from top to bottom of the table; that is, a sprite in slot 0 will always appear visually in front of a sprite in slot 1.

The table actually consists of two sub-tables:

  • $0200-$03FF (512 bytes): Each slot gets four bytes in the order of: X position, Y position, tile number, YXPPCCCT. Unused tiles are generally marked by giving them a Y position of #$F0 (which is offscreen).
  • $0400-$041F (32 bytes): Each slot gets 2 bits %SX, with the X bit used to handle a 9th bit of the X position (for handling sprite tiles that go past the left edge of the screen) and the S bit acting as a "size bit" which (generally) controls whether the tile is 8x8 (0) or 16x16 (1). Since each tile only requires 2 bits, each byte of this table actually handles four separate tiles; see the details table for more information. It is not recommended that you write to this table directly, though, and you should use the table at $0420-$049F instead. The routine at $008494 is responsible for then packing the data from that table back into $0400.

Various tiles are documented here. Note that:

$7E0310-$7E0313 is for the player's upper half
$7E0314-$7E0317 for the player's lower half
$7E0318-$7E031B is for the player's hand.
$0400 layout
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