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SMW Memory Map

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RAM Address Length Type Description Details
$7E13E0 1 byte Player This address controls the "main" poses of Mario and Luigi. Adjusting it will adjust the player's image as such.

Of note are the following poses. Poses #$40 and #$41 are blank - the player is "invisible". These are indicated with a large red cross in the diagram. Poses #$2A through #$2F absolutely require the player to have a cape powerup, otherwise they aren't shown correctly. Pose #$42 (inflated, small) can be shown regardless of powerup. It is obviously not recommended to be used as such. The same can be said about pose #$43 (inflated, big). Poses #$00, #$3D and #$46 are all used in the powerup animation. Poses #$14, #$20, #$21, #$27, #$28 and #$29 are all used during Yoshi riding. Any pose beyond #$46 is not recommended to use, as they can be glitchy.
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