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SMW Memory Map

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RAM Address Length Type Description Details
$7E1419 1 byte Sprites How sprites enter pipes with the player. This handles carried sprites and riding yoshi, and is always set regardless whether or not the player is carrying a sprite and whether or not is riding yoshi. When this RAM is set to any non-zero and the sprite is being carried and/or yoshi is being ridden on, they're placed behind layer 1 and yoshi's tongue is not shown (when licking).
  • $01 = Horizontal pipes (duck a little on yoshi and carrying sprites facing left or right).
  • $02 = Vertical pipes (face the screen).
  • $FF = Don't change image, only go behind layer (shooting out of slanted pipe). Note that this will probably work with all values #$03-#$FF.

Note: Yoshi always show his pipe animation pose regardless if the player is mounted on Yoshi or not, consider using this patch to fix it.
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