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SMW Memory Map

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ROM Address Length Type Description Details
$028008 106 bytes Subroutine (JSL) "Drop Item From Box" Subroutine. JSL to it to make the current item fall from the box. Used when SELECT is pressed or if the player takes damage without dying.

Change $028008 from DA (PHX) to 6B (RTL) to disable the item box drop routine.
$028013 is Item dropping from itembox sound effect, written to $7E1DFC. Default value is [0C].
$028042 is Sprite status ($14C8) to drop items from the item box as (default is #$08 - normal routine).
$028052 is the fixed X position of dropped item from item box (default is #$78).
$028060 is the fixed Y position of dropped item from item box (default is #$20).
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