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SMW Memory Map - Waiting Addresses

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ROM Address Length Type Description Details Submitter
$02919F 77 bytes Subroutine (JSR) Subroutine which changes a tile at the current bounce sprite's position.

It can be jumped to the following addresses:
  • $02919F: The code which loads the currently assigned block the bounce sprite should turn into ($9C format) but also handles on whether a multiple coins block should turn into a used block. This is called when a bounce sprite terminates and becomes a solid block again.
  • $0291B8: Spawns an invisible solid block. This is called when a bounce sprite has just spawned but also when the bounce sprite collects a coin, leading to the solid air tile glitch.
  • $0291BA: Spawns a tile in the $9C format with A as the parameter at the bounce sprite's position. This is called from spinning turn blocks when they become solid.
Additional Data MarioFanGamer
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